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  1. I've seen EIS/MLA before, where MLA stands for Military Lending Act.
  2. Mine started reporting today too. I had an 11 point drop in my TU score. Isn't showing on EQ or EX yet. It usually takes about 6 months for my scores to rebound after I open a new account, but in this case my Apple Card account is already 4 months old, so I'm hoping they report the correct account opening date and my scores rebound in just 2 months or so.
  3. For $109, if the collection company is offering pay-for-delete, then you should accept their offer. It's absolutely your cheapest and quickest solution to this mess. Then, if you want, you can file a complaint with the BBB and go on every social media platform you can find and give the pest control firm lousy ratings and a detailed description of how they (mis)treated you. They may refund your money just to get you to go away.
  4. The Expanse. Amazing show -- it's like Game of Thrones in outer space.
  5. My local B&N has a nice, large Starbucks/cafe built in -- it's a great place to get a cup of coffee and relax with a book or do your homework. Much nicer and more spacious and quiet than the actual Starbucks down the road. I think it's what is keeping the store alive; it really draws people in.
  6. So true. They could've been Amazon. But they couldn't even compete with Walmart.
  7. Wow -- police tracked the assailant down by following the trail of blood. I have some friends who are peppers and other friends who are in the Society for Creative Anachronisms -- they are the last people I would recommend home invaders target.
  8. I got both of my Shingles vaccine shots at my local Costco -- first one in June and the second one in September. Insurance covered it. But let me warn you -- I had a severe reaction to this vaccine unlike any other. Not an allergic type reaction, more of a strong immune response. It felt like a severe case of flu for 36 - 48 hours after each injection. I got the first shot during my lunch hour when I went to Costco to pick up another prescription, and by mid-afternoon I had to leave work I was feeling so bad. Every one of my friends who have had the new vaccine had the same reaction, so it's not just me. But it's better than getting the shingles! Just be prepared to stay home the day after each injection in case you're feeling poorly. I also hear this new vaccine is 99% effective, whereas the previous one was only about 65% effective. If you've already had the previous vaccine and you're over 50, you should get the new vaccine too.
  9. Impeccable logic. Bonus points for using QED.
  10. Have you recently qualified for some kind of refund or reimbursement? Sometimes those are issued by these prepaid cards instead of by a check. But if not, then could be identity theft. Check your credit reports for any unusual or suspicious activity that you didn't initiate.
  11. I'm inclined to agree with you, just wasn't sure what "Consumer Rules" that AAA is referring to -- it's not a section of the contract, is it? In any event, it doesn't seem right that LVNV can avoid arbitration that is provided for in the contract simply by refusing to pay for it. That sounds like breach of contract in itself.
  12. It can take 7 years for negative items to fall off your credit reports, although you can usually get them deleted sooner than that with a little effort. Some creditors will accept pay-for-delete offers, not sure if LVNV is one of them. But if you don't mind paying and getting the item deleted from your reports is a priority, it might be worth pursuing. You probably have considerable leverage now, if it's true that they cannot force you back into court.
  13. Whether you pay it is up to you at this point. It sounds like they won't be able to compel you to pay. You should be receiving a filing fee refund from the arbitrator (AAA), if I read their letter correctly. The debt will fall off your credit reports about seven years after date of last activity, although in my experience you can usually get negative trade lines deleted after 6 to 61/2 years. ALTHOUGH... I am worried by this paragraph in AAA's letter: "Accordingly, we have administratively closed our file and will refund any payment received by the filing party. According to R-1(d) of the Consumer Rules, should the AAA decline to administer an arbitration, either party may choose to submit its dispute to the appropriate court for resolution." It sounds like they are saying that since arbitration is not an option, either you or LVNV could re-file with the court. I don't know what "Consumer Rules" they are referencing, and I don't know if those rules would over-ride the arbitration clause in your contract for this account. You might want to consult a consumer law attorney.
  14. OK, I'm assuming closed on 1/23/15 means charged-off on that date, which usually happens 6 months after DOFD if no payments are made after that. So for New York the SOL would run out 6 years from DOFD (probably around July 23, 2014) so that would be late July 2020, about 8 months from now. Likewise, the credit reporting time limit would be about a year later, late July 2021. I think you need to tread carefully until the SOL runs out, and you may just have to live with being on your credit reports for the next 19 months or so. You can probably get it deleted again about 6-8 months early from at least one or two of the CRAs, which is about a year from now.
  15. Also... KEEP ALL YOUR RECORDS OF THIS CLAIM IN A SAFE PLACE!!! It sounds like they don't plan to preserve their records of you filing this claim more than several months, so you will need to be responsible for keeping your own records. You may have to re-file if LVNV ever gets back in their good graces again before the SOL runs out.
  16. I think you've probably reached the end of what you will be able to get out of Experian. Sounds like you haven't received any correspondence from the collection firm yet -- have you considered sending them a dispute/validation letter? At the very least they should have copies of your last few statements before the charge off occurred. These statements should indicate the dates of last activity on the account.
  17. The amount of the original debt might be a big factor in how low they're willing to go in settlement negotiations. The person who got an offer of 25% may have owed less money. The fact that his debt was still within SOL and they weren't suing him makes me think the amount was too small to go to that much expense and effort to recover.
  18. Gotta day I'm impressed with this trustee. From the article, he has recovered about $14.2 of $17.5 billion. Of course this doesn't cover the lost time value of the money that's taken over a decade to recover. "In most Ponzi schemes, the trustee recovers 5% to 30% of the lost funds. Picard has recovered more than 80% so far; if the courts let him claw back the $3.2 billion from the foreign banks, he’ll be close to 100%"
  19. It sounds like they're phasing out the old card and pushing everyone onto the new Amex card. According to the info on Macy's website, the only thing that should change on your mother's credit reports is the account number -- the date the account was opened should not change, and it should not appear as a new, separate account. From the Macy's website: Upgrade to a Macy’s American Express® Account Is there a fee to upgrade? No. There is no fee to upgrade. What additional ways can I use my Macy's American Express Card? With the Macy's American Express Card, you'll get the same great benefits you get now, plus your Macy's American Express Card can be used at millions of places worldwide where American Express Cards are welcome. If I accept this upgrade offer, can I still use my current Macy's Credit Card? You may continue to use your current Macy's Credit Card until your new Macy's American Express Card arrives in your mailbox. Once you receive your new Card, your current Card will no longer be valid and should be destroyed. What happens to my Macy's Credit Card account balance and account number? Any existing account balance will be transferred to your Macy's American Express Card. You will be assigned a new account number. If you have a promotional balance, the terms of your promotion, including the expiration date, will not change. Will my Star Rewards loyalty level and points balance be transferred to my new Macy's American Express Card? Your Star Rewards loyalty level and any points earned will be transferred to your new Macy's American Express Card. What changes will be made to my Macy's Credit Card access at macys.com/credit? If you service your account online, you can continue to manage your Credit Card account, check your balance, make online payments, and set up account alerts at macys.com/credit using your existing login ID and password. How will my Macy's Credit Card account be reported to the credit bureaus? Your Macy's Credit Card account will be automatically replaced on your credit report with your new Macy's American Express Card account number. Your account history and original account open date will remain the same. Will the issuance of a Macy's American Express Card affect my credit report? Because the Macy's American Express Card replaces an existing account on your credit report, it will not change the number of open accounts on your report. However, we can't say what impacts this replacement will have because how you use and manage your credit accounts can impact your credit score. https://www.customerservice-macys.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/380/~/upgrade-to-a-macy’s-american-express®-account
  20. What's your best recollection of when/how long ago you made your last payment on this account? That will give a reasonable idea of whether it's still within SoL and/or past the CRA reporting deadline. The trick might be proving it's too old to report and/or collect on. But I'm not sure the full burden of proof should be on you. Sounds like this collection firm doesn't have any better documentation than you have. Any email or phone records that might indicate when the account went delinquent? Or maybe Fingerhut could give you the date based on your name or account number, if you called and spoke to a customer service agent on their 800 number?
  21. Yeah, if you're into counting stuff like that. But it's not like years and years. I only got mine back in March.
  22. I agree. But I think they’ll need to call Citi and get a customer service agent to help them sort this out and re-establish access to the primary account login.
  23. Sounds like Citi has you switched, or else perhaps you’ve been logging into her account by mistake. You’ll need to call Citi and clarify which account is primary and which is for the AU, and make sure they’re assigned to the right people.

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