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  1. Consent order executed over abusive collection practices. Link to CFPB press release: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/enforcement/actions/yorba-capital-management-llc-and-daniel-portilla-jr/
  2. I've used the tag renewal kiosk at my local Kroger for the past 3 years. Love it! I've never had to wait in line, and it takes about 5 minutes to complete your transaction. They do charge you an extra $3 or so as a convenience fee, but I consider it money well spent.
  3. "The proposal suggest building a publicly run credit reporting agency within the CFPB that would eventually, over the course of seven years, replace the current for-profit credit system in America. The Agency would be steered by consumer need rather than the bottom line, according to proposal author Amy Traub." Article here: https://fortune.com/2020/12/18/biden-public-credit-agency-economic-justice-personal-finance-racism-credit-scores-equifax-transuion-experian-cfpb/?xid=soc_socialflow_twitter_FORTUNE&utm_campaign=fortunemagazine&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=socia
  4. I usually see a difference of about 25 points between my FICO and Vantage scores. The FICO scores tend to be about 25 points higher over the past 5 years or so. I think more institutions are starting to use the Vantage scores, and it's usually easier to obtain free Vantage scores than FICO scores, so they're not totally useless. I look at my Vantage scores as an indicator for my FICO scores. If your Vantage scores are steady, then your FICO scores are likely also steady. If your Vantage scores are trending upward, then your FICO scores are likely also trending upward proportionally. And over t
  5. Using the card at the same service station or convenience store twice in one day will usually get the card locked down fast, especially if the first transaction is a small amount of $2.00 or less. I guess it's a tactic used by card thieves and cloners to test cards to see if they're still viable.
  6. If you received your tax refund by direct deposit into your bank account last year, they simply deposit your stimulus check into your account electronically. I think some banks are seizing those deposits before the account holders can access them and applying the amount to past due accounts.
  7. I would also try contacting Lead Bank/Helix Financial to inquire about their records on the status of your old loan/account. Confirm whether their records show your account paid in full and closed, or not. This could be a case of computer glitch or transposition of account numbers or something that got your identity mixed up with someone else's delinquent account.
  8. I don't know anyone personally with Apple Card limits that high. I've seen a few people on Reddit posting that their limits are 40k, and one that posted his limit was 82k, but I'm not sure I believe him. Most of my cards have limits between 20-30K, and my scores are in the low 800s with 100% on-time payment history and utilization under 10% and my initial credit line on the Apple Card was only 8500. They just bumped it up to 10,500. My accounts are all relatively young -- I think that's what hurt me on the initial credit limit.
  9. No luv button per se, but you can use the customer service messaging feature on your iPhone to request a CLI. They just gave me one without my asking for it -- about a 25% increase. I've had my Apple Card for about 18 months now.
  10. It's a MasterCard -- you can always just manually enter the card number if you still want to use your Apple Card to buy stuff on Amazon.
  11. I was just using BillPay from my primary checking account before they rolled this out.
  12. Does anyone know about or have experience with this outfit, settle4less.com? Supposedly their method is similar to that of RIPMedicalDebt.org, which uses charitable contributions to purchase defaulted medical debt and retire it permanently -- a sort of capture and kill method. Settle4Less lets a person with charged off or zombie debt make a proffer to buy the debt from the debt collector rather than pay the debt off. I've done some online research and they seem legit, but I was just wondering how effective a strategy this is. Has anyone here tried it or know of someone who has?
  13. I imagine it will work much the same way as it does at pay-at-the-pump service stations.
  14. Same here. I'm not sure you can but a passport holder that isn't RFID shielded anymore. Most wallets are too these days. I wanted to try one of those micro wallets. Had it now for several years, and I love it. I don't think I will ever go back to the traditional leather bifold or trifold models.
  15. Posting something on Twitter can be very effective too. Include @UPS and @UPSHelp in your post.
  16. My local Costco just installed contactless sensors on the gas pumps -- works really well and now I don't worry about skimmers being installed on the card slots anymore.
  17. Chase Sapphire? Keep in mind there's a limit -- I think it's 8 cards, but I can't be sure -- and your Apple Card and Apply Pay take up two of the slots. But don't sweat it -- the clerks rarely see the cards in your wallet when you use Apple Pay, especially if you use the default card.
  18. Sorry -- it's not Accenture; I meant to say Accurint. I think anyone who has a file at any of the three big CRAs also has a file at LN/Accurint. Did you order a copy of your file from this LN portal: https://consumer.risk.lexisnexis.com/consumer ?
  19. Pull your Lexis/Nexis and/or Accenture file and see if your file has been combined with someone else with similar name/SSN/DOB, etc., who has a criminal record or bad credit file. It happened to me about 12 years ago; created a lot of problems for me and took a long time to clear up. In fact, it took a long time for me to figure out what the heck was going on. Finally got a bill collector for a hospital in Paris, Texas to talk to me and tell me they used Accenture for skip tracing services. Then when I pulled my Accenture file I discovered what had happened. In my case, the person whose fil
  20. They should at least have known that Elon Musk would be aware of what they were doing the instant the car was brought to a Daimler facility. He was probably watching them run the car on their race track from the Space-X spy satellite feed in his underground volcanic lair on Mars. What kills me is they took the thing apart but couldn't put it back together properly. Really Daimler? Really?
  21. Who is this Alexa, and is she single?
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