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  1. I wish my alma mater had done something similar back when I was an undergrad -- would have been at least as useful as those core humanities classes I had to take. It wouldn't surprise me if they do require or at least offer something like this now -- I'll have to go online and see what the course catalog has in it.
  2. The FICO 9 credit scoring model includes rent payments, downplays medical debt and excludes paid collections. General FICO 9 score range is 300 - 850, but the FICO 9 auto and bankcard models have ranges from 250 to 900. Medical debt. Health care-related debt has less of an impact on the score than other types of debt. About 43 million Americans — around 1 in 5 who have credit reports — have medical debt, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. FICO’s latest scoring model gives that debt less weight than, say, credit card debt. Paid collections. Collections accounts that have been paid in full are disregarded in score calculations. Rent payments. If rent payments are reported, they are part of the score calculations. Before now, rent payments were added to credit reports but weren’t used to calculate a FICO credit score (they were, however, used for VantageScore 3.0).
  3. I wish I could give you happier news, but they wouldn't do it for me -- and boy did I try. Like Direct, my Macy's account was over 30 years old, my oldest trade line. Probably the first account I ever opened.
  4. I would go with a free service like Credit Karma if you just want to know when accounts drop off or you get hard pulls. Pro: free, weekly updates Con: only covers EQ and TU, does not provide FICO scores MyFICO will cover all three CRAs and give you true FICO scores but you have to pay. You can get quarterly or monthly updates, but it will generally alert you when there is a hard pull or a change in the status of your accounts in between the updates.
  5. While you're waiting on your hard copy credit reports to be delivered, you can sign up for a service like Credit Karma for no charge. It's not as accurate or complete as the actual hard copy credit reports, but it should indicate what accounts are still showing on your reports and whether you have any judgments or other public records.
  6. I'd say the odds of it happening are pretty high. There are number of things that could trigger it: any changes at all to your credit files, such as applying for an apartment lease or a new credit card, motor vehicle and driver's license registrations, voter registrations, etc.
  7. Something similar happened to me about 10 years ago involving a cellular phone service account. In my case, another guy with the same first and last names and same date of birth defaulted on his cell phone account and it went to collections. Never mind we had different middle names, different SS numbers and lived in different parts of the country, because our names were so similar and had the same date of birth, Lexis/Nexis/Accurint had combined our files, and the collection company was relying on that info to track him down. I was being hounded for someone else's debt because of a data file mix up at Accurint. Your problem may be solely with the collection company and not with the cable company at all.
  8. Play your cards right and they might end up owing you money.
  9. Who knew Sally Jesse Rafael had a twin in Australia? (you have to watch the clip included with the article in the link)
  10. I believe the defaulted/charged off accounts will remain on full factual reports for up to 10 years after date of first delinquency. Full factual reports are most often used to evaluate mortgage applications but can also be used for other purposes such as background investigations for jobs with salaries above $75,000 or so per year.
  11. I have the REI Rewards World Mastercard from US Bank. They rolled out the cell phone insurance benefit several months ago. I was using autopay with my online checking account, but I switched to autopay with my REI Mastercard to qualify for the insurance.
  12. I think Nerd Wallet, like Credit Karma, uses the Vantage Score 3.0 model. These scores are not official FICO scores but they can still be useful. In my experience, the Vantage scores typically run about 25-30 points lower than my corresponding official FICO scores. I think this is primarily because the Vantage scoring system deducts more points for recent hard pull inquiries, and it looks back a full two years for hard pulls, whereas with FICO the hard pulls don't count against you as much and FICO only looks back one year for scoring purposes. More importantly, the Vantage scores *track* the same as the FICO scores. So even though it may not be as accurate as your true FICO scores, if your weekly or monthly or quarterly Vantage scores are trending upward then, in all probability, your true FICO scores will be trending in the same direction at about the same rate. It's a good barometer of whether you are doing the right things to improve your credit scores. In your case I agree with a poster above -- your best line of action is probably to hold off on a new card now and see if you can do anything to remove any negative items from your credit reports. Deletions will have a much bigger impact than new accounts or higher lines of credit.
  13. I can understand the appeal. Going to the theater has become an awful experience, and it's mainly due to the audience and their poor manners and cell phone addictions. But rather than shell out thousands of dollars for a "red carpet" viewing, I just wait until the movies I want to see are available on disc or streaming. I usually don't have to wait more than 3-4 months anymore. There are still a couple of theaters in town that I like, where more serious people go to see movies. One of them is an art cinema that also shows some current hit movies. But if the movie I want to see isn't playing at one of those two theaters, I just wait it out and watch it at home.
  14. I know lots of people, myself included, that purchase airline tickets and make hotel reservations using iOS apps on their iPhones. All major airlines and hotel chains, as well as travel aggregator sites, allow you to do make reservations and purchases either with a dedicated app or a web browser on the phone. And all of this ties in to the Apple Wallet -- all you do is click Apple Pay as your method of payment, select the appropriate card or account, and you're done. Same principle applies to online purchases using a desktop or laptop computer and a web browser. No fumbling around, looking up numbers, digging cards out of real wallets, etc. People are going to stop carrying their credit cards and debit cards around with them everywhere -- all transactions will take place through their cell phones, either Apple or Android.
  15. I would repeat the advice: take your story (with documentation) to the student newspaper send a formal complaint letter to the Dean of Students with documentation send a formal complaint letter to the national headquarters of the sorority with documentation

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