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    Collection agencies

    Which CRA reported this trade line, or does it show up on all three? Something similar happened to me about 10 years ago. It only affected my report from one bureau, not all three. I discovered the false trade line belonged to someone with the same first and last name and exact date of birth, but we had different middle names and SSN. Should never have happened, but first one of his trade lines showed up on my credit report (it was a collection account for cellular service) and then I started getting calls from all sorts of collection agencies looking for him for medical debts, other cell phone accounts, etc. I found out it started with Lexis/Nexis, which somehow started blending our files because of the similarity of our names and our identical birth dates. Best to investigate how this happened and nip it in the bud. Don't let it ride until it drops off. I actually had to hire an attorney to send a threatening letter to the CRA and Lexis/Nexis to get my situation fixed and ended up being able to get my entire L/N file deleted permanently as part of the settlement.
  2. BE CAREFUL!!! Depending on which state's laws govern this matter, you could inadvertently restart the statute of limitations clock by confirming that you owe the debt. Be very careful what you say to PRA and how you say it. Do not acknowledge the debt as yours.
  3. Interesting. I can think of several scenarios that might produce this kind of result. Identity theft is the one that worries me most. Have you checked your credit report(s) to ensure no one has recently opened a Harris Teeter account in your name?
  4. Burdell


    So they sat on this for two years or more before disclosing it to the compromised customers?

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