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  1. So if she never wrote a check for the transaction, how did Telecheck and its collection goons get her routing and account number to trace back to her? Did she do any shopping at this Walmart? Could this be the result of some kind of computer glitch where her account number got crossed with someone else? Or could it be consumer fraud, where someone has somehow obtained her routing and account number and tried to pass a spoofed check? There's something weird going on here.
  2. Interesting. I didn't realize that Telecheck sometimes acts as a debt collector, or that TRS Recovery was a subsidiary/affiliate. They've been busted by the FTC for violations of the FCRA -- at the time it was the second largest fine that FTC imposed in a FCRA enforcement case. To settle the case, Telecheck had to agree to a consent order that requires them to revise their business practices and comply with the FCRA. I would copy the FTC and the CFPB on all future correspondence to Telecheck. Copy your US Representative and your state's senators too. https://www.insidearm.com/news/00002562-telecheck-and-collection-agency-settle-fc/
  3. Coaches' salaries and funding for athletics in general has gotten completely out of hand, especially for the football programs. Complicating this problem is the growing issue of whether athletes should be treated as employees.
  4. I still write checks too, for a variety of reasons: church offerings, paying handymen, paying some tax bills, etc.
  5. This is exactly how my attorney beat Cavalry Portfolio when they tried to sue me some years ago. It was right after the book Bad Paper was published. An excellent read on this topic, and defending against junk debt buyer lawsuits in general, is the paper Defending Against Junk Debt Buyer Lawsuits by Peter Holland: Link to Univ of Maryland School of Law. Some things have changed in the 8 years since this research paper was penned. The OCs and buyers and sellers of debt are now much more careful to document original contract terms, chains of ownership, detailed account records, etc. But the tactics in this paper are still valuable to review and apply in almost all cases where the account or debt in question originated prior to 2015.
  6. There is a federal statute of limitations on cellular carrier debt of 2 years. This is different from the reporting SOL for the credit reporting agencies.
  7. The Apple Card from Apple & Goldman Sachs/Marcus Bank pulls TU exclusively. So far they're only reporting to TU as well. If you use an iPhone this might be a good option to consider.
  8. WF has such a strong presence in Charlotte because of its Wachovia Bank acquisition. Wachovia used to be pretty strong throughout the Southeast, especially in Charlotte and Atlanta.
  9. They're closing branch offices left and right in the Atlanta market too. Chase is expanding, as well as Fifth Third Bank from Cincinnati and various credit unions, especially Navy Federal. I don't know anyone who banks with WF anymore.
  10. It will probably report in the February billing cycle. Mine still reports only to TU. Haven't seen anything show up on EQ or EX yet. I opened my account in August and have been using it each month.

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