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  1. That's it. I'm done. Retreating into my underground bunker for the duration of the pandemic.
  2. In cash. She paid in cash. And using a PO Box LLC to try to mask her identity. Because that's what foolish people think will keep them off the FBI's radar. It is interesting she chose to go to ground in the US, where DOJ and FBI were hunting her, rather than go to Europe or some other region of the world. I think she may be more of afraid of Putin than anyone else who is chasing her -- I think Epstein was running a teen sex kompromat factory for Putin at his porno island and Florida and New Mexico compounds for years. Maxwell knows way too much. BTW, it's pronounced Gee-lane, with a hard G.
  3. Actually, he started pooping his diaper about a week ago, several days before Barr tried to promote/transfer and then fire the US Attorney at SDNY. This case was kept super-secret, even within the SDNY and FBI field office. Someone must have leaked the news of impending indictments to Rudy, and then Barr stepped in to try to bury the whole thing.
  4. Houston area running out of ICU beds and ventilators; may soon be forced to resort to triage protocols.
  5. Sounds more like the work of gremlins than witches or wizards. It's OK for muggles to confuse the species of various magical creatures.
  6. My Fidelity /Elan rewards Visa expires in 10/25. It's the farthest expiration date I've got.
  7. Due to a massive enforcement action and resulting consent decrees about 8-10 years ago, Midland and several other of the larger junk debt buyers are in fact barred from re-selling certain debts it buys or claims to own, if the debt is determined to be time-barred or if the provenance of the debt cannot be documented.
  8. Wear glasses or something to protect your eyes too.
  9. A co-worker and his wife went to Vegas last week. Today they tested positive after starting to present symptoms of covid.
  10. Mine was a new 1979 Honda Prelude -- first model year for the Prelude. Still miss that car sometimes. Learned to drive a stick shift with it. It had a really cool dashboard, where the tachometer and speedometer shared the same axis. Never seen that arrangement in any other car. The radio was unique too -- instead of a dial, it was circular, a sort of cylinder that you would spin to locate your station. Saved a lot of space.
  11. I remember when the Segway was first announced. I asked out loud, to no one in particular: "Aren't we all fat enough already???"
  12. I use Evernote for some stuff, but most passwords I store in LastPass. There are several good password vault apps like LastPass available. Check out some reviews and user comments and choose the one that seems to best fit your needs.
  13. The scoring is: 1 - 44 Resilient 45 - 59 Moderate Risk 60 - 69 Sensitive (to adverse economic pressures) 70 - 99 Very Sensitive (to adverse economic pressures) It does appear to be based on the same factors used to determine credit scores: Amount of Debt (high impact) Credit Mix (high impact) Amount of New Credit (no mention of high/medium/low impact) Length of Credit History (no mention of high/medium/low impact) Payment History (no mention of high/medium/low impact) My FICO 8 scores are in the low 800s and my resilience index is 61, mainly I think due to the age of my open accounts.
  14. Yes -- now that is warmer we've been opening windows to let fresh air circulate through the house. And we've been doing everything pretty much by the book: sheltering in place, social distancing, limiting visitors, wearing masks, hand hygiene, frequent cleaning of surfaces and common touchpoints. I'm fortunate to have a job where my office has been shut down since mid-March and they're making everyone work from home, so I haven't had to leave the house at all except for infrequent shopping excursions and walks in the park, and Dad's medical appointments that can't be done over the videochat. I worry about the stories I've heard of other people who thought they were doing everything right too, yet they got infected. Where did they slip up? They don't know themselves, so we can't learn from their mistakes. A co-worker sent me this link about exposures and risk of infection. I think it's pretty good. Maybe it will be of help or comfort to others on this board: https://www.erinbromage.com/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them

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