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  1. Yep. There's a lot of this going around now, unfortunately. Sometimes the employees who choose to make the move get screwed over twice -- within a year or so of relocating to accommodate their employer's consolidation they get laid off. For the PenFed folks, I guess it all depends on their circumstances. Employees with children should really take a hard look at the state of the schools in Texas. I found Dallas to be a great place for young professionals (without kids), whether married or single. A difficult decision to make, for sure.
  2. According to US Census Bureau: Median Income: $120,701 Median Value of Homes: $335,900 Median Mortgage Payment: $2,360 This was in 2010. It's much more affluent now. Lots of million dollar mcmansions. How affluent is the community? It is so affluent that when the downtown area was designated by EPA as a non-attainment area for lead pollution due to the presence of the Exide lead smelter/car battery recycling plant, the community decided to buy Exide out, demolish the plant, and remediate the property into a mixed-use live/work/play project.
  3. I spent four years in Dallas, 2011 - 2015. Liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I had an apartment in the Uptown neighborhood, which adjacent to and just north of downtown and near Highland and University Park cities. The worst aspect of it was the weather, especially the scorching temps in July -- September.
  4. Frisco is a far northern suburb of Dallas, north of Plano on the tollway. It's an extremely affluent community, and it is NOT cheap to live there. Housing is very expensive. Maybe on par with cost of living in more affluent sections of Virginia/D.C., but I would think a lot more expensive than Eugene, OR.
  5. Burdell

    Citi Visa

    I just got my Citi Costco Visa last March. They pulled EQ -and- EX. But approval was almost instant, and they gave me a nice credit limit. I shop a lot at Costco, so this card made good sense for me. My local Costco is close enough that I pass by it every day on the way to/from work, and it's very convenient to stop there to top off my tank. You get the 4% rebate at any gasoline station (except grocery store gas stations like Walmart and Kroger, I think), but I like to get my gas at the Costco when I can because it's usually about 10-15 cents per gallon cheaper than the retail gas stations in the area. I hear the lines for gas can be long at some Costco locations, but it's never been a problem at my local one. Maybe it depends a lot on time of day.
  6. I use my US Bank REI MasterCard to pay my cell phone bill every month -- if I use this card to pay my cell phone bill, they give me free insurance against theft, loss, or breakage of my phone. It's a better deal than AppleCare. I use my Citibank Costco Visa for restaurants and travel (3% rebate) and for gasoline (4% rebate) and for groceries and other items at Costco (2% rebate). Next year I will probably get another card with better travel perks. Maybe something like AMEX Platinum or Chase Sapphire. I just got the Citibank Costco Visa this year so I'm going to wait until it's a year old to open another new account. I've been thinking of setting up auto bill pay on my other utilities with my credit union Visa card.
  7. Sounds like a case of mistaken identity. Something similar happened to me about 11 years ago. Two separate CAs were trying to collect a debt that John Q Smith owed -- one was a medical /emergency room debt and the other was a cellular service debt. Because John Q Smith and I had the same first and last names and the same date of birth, the Lexis Nexis/Accurint big data service had somehow merged our files, and all the skip tracers looking for John Q Smith also got my contact info and were sending me dunning letters, etc. Since you have no record or memory of these accounts, and they don't appear on your credit reports, something like this could be happening to you.
  8. Worst new bank name ever. What is wrong with just keeping the name SunTrust? It's a cool name, easy to remember, has the word "trust" in it, and it has a nice logo. And they've built up all that name recognition sponsoring the new Atlanta Braves stadium for the past 5 years or so. The article says they don't even have a logo, typeface, or color scheme for the new name.
  9. What I like about the free tyre rotations at Costco is that I drop the car off for the rotation and then go inside, do my shopping, maybe eat lunch at the food court, and when I leave the warehouse the car is ready.
  10. My local Costco is within 2 miles of my house, so it is convenient for me to buy my gasoline there most of the time. I think I probably save enough money on the gasoline purchases alone each year to pay for my membership. I keep comparing the Costco price against that of the nearby service stations, and it's always at least 5 cents per gallon cheaper, sometimes as much as 10 cents per gallon.
  11. I bet you're right. Do you know if your POB is listed in your credit reports?
  12. I got an email message within about 30 minutes of submitting my online application, and then a follow-up letter in the mail. The credit card actually beat the official approval letter to my mailbox.
  13. I applied online this past March. Got an almost immediate approval, but this was on a weekday. They did hard pulls on EQ and EX. My FICO scores are almost identical to yours. I would expect an approval tomorrow or Monday. I use mine mostly for gasoline, restaurants, and Costco warehouse and Costco online purchases. I had the same POB issue you had -- LOL. I just went with my residential address for the application and changed it to my POB after the first statement.
  14. I'll never forget the time I checked into my resort hotel at Disney World about 9 years ago. There was an obvious Dave Ramsey couple in line ahead of me. I watched the guy pull about $10,000 in bills out of his pocket and pay cash for their hotel rooms up front in full. I think my eyes were popping out of my head. Can't imagine traveling and walking around with that much cash in my pocket. Whatever happened to travelers' checks?

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