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  1. I was afraid of developments like this. Could also happen to the transportation/distribution networks. Was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but I think I'll go online and order a year's supply of Jim Bakker's doomsday food buckets.
  2. I do the same thing. Helps me keep track of which bills are due when. Very useful.
  3. My Costco is wiping down carts between customers, as well as the checkout area. They limit the number of customers who can be in the store at one time but so far that hasn't caused me to have to wait to enter. Inside, they do a good job of maintaining distance between customers in the checkout line -- there are yellow tape markers on the floor that keep people spaced about 10 feet apart while in line to check out. They tape your receipt to the front of your cart so you don't have to take it from the cashier. It's all been very orderly and as safe as they can possibly make it. They have a white board posted at the entrance that lists all the "essential" things that are currently out of stock so you don't have to enter the store just to find out if they toilet paper, for example.
  4. I miss the Sears and JC Penney catalogs.
  5. Don't know if you're an Apple person, but I understand the next generation of Apple wireless earbuds will have noise cancellation functionality..
  6. Getting harder and harder to hide from the repo man. Most cars manufactured within the last 7 years or so have GPS systems and black boxes, and they phone home until the loan is paid off. Many even have kill switches so if you stop paying, the car won't work. In another 5-10 years, the cars will just drive themselves back to the dealer if you stop payments. But by about that time, the whole concept of car ownership will begin to change, and most people may just subscribe to autonomous car services.
  7. Found toilet paper at Costco today!!! Bought a jumbo pack of Charmin. They actually had to post an employee at the toilet paper pallets to ensure each customer only took one item.
  8. Futurama -- over-complicated Japanese toilet.
  9. The comments in the article are hysterical.
  10. Same with me. A person on my floor of the building last week and this week a person on the floor above us. Only people with direct interactions notified in person; a general email announcement to everyone else. At least the emails specify the last known dates that the people testing positive were in the office and which floors they transited.
  11. Some more scam alert evidence: https://www.scampulse.com/offices-of-taylor-and-michaels-reviews
  12. Looks like the demand letter you received could be a total scam: https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/rialto/profile/lawyers/offices-of-taylor-and-michaels-1066-850040701/customer-reviews
  13. Not good. Harbinger for a lot of other communities. I think it's going to be really dire in many parts of Florida, given the population density and the ratio of people in high-risk groups to ICU beds/ventilators.

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