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  1. I did on 2 of my Citi Cards last week. I requested them online. No forms just an instant cli!!!!!!!!!! one acct was 7 months old and the other 2 months old....
  2. I got the same response that George did on 2 of my citi accounts then I got the form to fill out on another and then I got a message saying no because one or more payments were low? What ever that means, I pay like double and even triple my payment each month. And why did I get three different responses??????????
  3. hi, I have been here since July, not alot of post but I read everyday.Because of CB I have all baddies removed but one. Many of my friends now read or have already joined the boards. Thanks CB....
  4. I signed up last night and then today created my boyfriend a user name and password and entered his info and it allowed us to see his report as well. same address but different last names.
  5. I went through the TC site. I used the report number EX gave me on the dispute report. at the bottome of the report was a "contact us" buttom and it gave me a number to call. My addys were deleted in less than 24 hours. This is how i entered my current employer also instead of having to send in a paycheck stub for proof of employment.
  6. Ending 2005 with a bang!!!!!!!!! I paid a collection in July and the CA said they would take it off my CR, but of course they did not.... this was before CB and I made this agreement over the phone so I had no proof except I had called from work and it was all on a recorded line....I tried dispute online and through the mail but the CA kept verifiying. So on Tues 27, Dec. I sent out the Nutcase Letter for pd collection. CMRR and Notorized!!!!!! Wed 28, Dec. CA left a message at the payroll dept. Asking to speak to me in regards to a Certified Letter that I had sent!!!!!!!! Well the payroll girl is a really good friend of mine and she knew what I was doing and she told the CA not to call back at my work place. Heard nothing on Thur 29, Dec Then today Fri 30, Dec... I just checked the mail and received the green card back and a letter from the CA. The letter titled " NOTIFICATIONS OF FINDINGS" stated that my account was pd in full in July!!!!!!!! and then at the end of the letter under "Action Taken" it read, " Deleted off Credit Bureaus 12/29/05 through E-Oscar"! It was still reporting this morning but it has only been one day, AND I have this neat little letter, just in case I need it! Letter signed by hand not a stamp by H Horn Vice President of CSI Group!!!!!!!!!!! This is the name of the person that called my work!!!!!! THANK YOU CB, I COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU.... this was my LAST baddie...12 baddies gone now since July... CR ALL Clean.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. LKH I asked him to send me a letter stating that it is suppose to be removed...his reply was that because it is paid he no longer has the account so he can't? So I disputed it again because I figured that it just would not be Verified.... and in a matter of 6 days it came back verified so I believe CSC DID NOT even verify the last one and probaly the one before that....
  8. Nevermind everyone but thanks for reading... I did another search and I think after reading the same thing about the nutcase letter series 4 million times, I believe I may finally understand what I need to do.. Send the nutcase letter Notorized CMRRRRRRRRRR and Pray!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays
  9. Feliz Navidad Hey everyone, Last baddie to be removed and then my CR will be sparkling clean of all baddies. In June I had 12 baddies on all reports. Everything from cc's,utility,medical to fitness contract,now I have 1 Baddie left. This one is an CA from the Apt complex that I moved from in FEB of 2005. I got a call here at work from a man that talked to my payroll dept. and gave her a message for me to call, said it was personnel. So I called.. Pre CB's.. He told me about the collection, I told him that I had been waiting on a statement from the Apt complex itemizing what they felt I owed.. I moved just end of Feb. He told me I owed 238.00$ and if I paid it, it would not go on my CR. So I paid it... That is what made me pull my cr's.. I knew I had bad credit so I never use to look at my report. Well the ca man demon had lied to me of course...It was already on my report. So I called him back and he said they he just "put a code on my account to have it removed". Said it could take up to 30 days.. So I waited and in thirty days pulled my report and YES it was still there. So I called him back and he said that he "coded the account and that was all he could do, that i would have to dispute it with EQ/CSC, that it is there fault it has not been taken off. So I disputed it as not mine because I didnt know any better, then while waiting on a reply I found CB in July.. The my dispute came back as "verified".. I had just discovered this place and had not read enough or read just enough to think I knew how to handle this, so I called the man back, he had always been very nice to me and I work in a 911 center I had him on a recorded line saying that it should be deleted as agreed. Well he said the same ol thing about it being coded and it was up to EQ/CSC to take it off. Eq is the only agency reporting this. I don't know what to do now I diputed this online and in writing using account incorrect, not mine, agreed to be deleted with CA...Like I said I had only been reading for a couple of months, and had learned just enough to be totally confused. oh all disputes came back verified and now as of November my account shows" ACCOUNT DISPUTED BY CONSUMER". CAN SOMEONE HELP ME OUT HERE? I READ ABOUT DV AND NUTCASE AND I DON'T KNOW WHICH TO SEND, NON OF THE SAMPLES SEEM TO FIT MY CONFUSION!!!!!! THANKS CB... THIS IS THE LAST ONE!!!!!
  10. I applies last night for the delta and got the same message about the technical problems and 14 days... i checked today at AMEX site and no app. status...
  11. George did they have any problems when they tried to get credit on their own ie.. car loans and such.... Did it help having the AU accounts, or did the loan company concentrate on work history and such?
  12. Thanks Pav I was not sure if he had to be a certain age before cc companies would allow me to add him... He is 13 now and has had a SSN since he was born.
  13. Good Evening everyone, I was wondering if there is any words of wisdom out there about when I should add my teenager as an AU,"and of course he will not know". I would like to start building his credit so when he is out of his "I'm a dorky teenager stage." he can be ahead of the power curve. Any suggestions?
  15. Thank you for the replies I have read about the 2 different reports/files and did not really understand them, but now I do... Thanks

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