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  1. Aren't you supposed to leave like $2 balance reporting?
  2. So let's see if the Judgement Holder wants to play ball. Let's leave the assumptions about licenses out, please.
  3. (Give mk_378 a trophy, he said this thread was bait to lure me. I have two cars now so.. I dont know.) But honestly I'm not trying to fuel any fire so I just wanted to address what seems to have wanted to be addressed but I'm moving on too. More thinking about Bankruptcy. I have my J30 on a CTEK. Anyone else use a CTEK?
  4. Pretenses? I was just not drawing attention to... but you're The Man here, so.. Marv, I'm not sure exactly what you want me to say here but I don't want you think I'm ignoring. I began 2021 with a very "I'm never messing up again" attitude and the car forum seems to not have liked my... high post count, shall we say. So I'm both care and fancy-free... I *may* actually have an opportunity to do better with the "more time" I have (due to the at least, In the short term) not posting on the site that has made me an expert on all things motor oil, I am presently using Magnatec and my car runs perfect but I'll probably switch it soon due to O.C.D. this morning I was on my way to get oil.. and I turned around and didn't. This has never happened before. H ow are you I like it here so I hope there isn't a problem.. do you have any idea how hard it is to get through day without interaction?
  5. No pretense.. What do you mean "read a room?" I've always had difficulty with that.
  6. PwoW What's that? And I wish they still had the Executive Office.. I would call..
  7. Awesome. OK then based on what is being said, maybe the best course of action, is, to.. - NOT try to negotiate the settlement (that could backfire) - NOT try to do anything with Capital One (because, why?) - DO BANKRUPTCY - Save up a solid $500 for 4 weeks (instead of playing with it) - HIRE the $1895 Bankruptcy attorney, is that a good price? (Link is here) https://rhjlaw.com/ - Do it that way. It would be a lot of money to pay even if the Judgement people said yes to settlement. One carrot I saw dangled said.. "Go through with Bankruptcy, have them contact you with a stupid low amount they would be willing to accept, accept it, cease Bankruptcy" but I'm not sure it goes that way. Maybe Bankruptcy is the easiest and most cost-effective way. New question: How much of a negative mark does that leave on the remainder of my life?
  8. Is this a good option? https://www.debtreliefcenter.org/
  9. So. Back on track. Bankruptcy was always my back-up plan.. For $500, I think It is worth seeing if the 800lbs Gorilla will play ball. Decided I should TRY to avoid Bankruptcy. So, how about this.. Bankruptcy IS BAD, right?
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