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  1. I want to applaud you for going back to Android, Sidewinder. I share your exact view on the matter. I also had the iPhone experience and I just can't get with it. My workplace is pretty much dominated by the new Blackberry which is called the iPhone, and has taken over pretty much from 2010 forward. They still show love to the odd man out Android, though, and I had to direct a coworker on how to start a text message thread, but we all get along. :LOL: I left my Apple info where it was, they did not win me over. It really is a different experience, and that experiment has failed. I think I liked MS-DOS 6.22 more. I also had Sprint, oddly enough. I never had any problems with them.. quick nod of the hat before this thread possibly devolved into a why not liking Android is not correct maybe even not allowed to be encouraged, or how Sprint should not be regarded as a good network, because, reasons.
  2. Is Discover best to be avoided? I can use my credit inquiries on other cards..
  3. Hey, the electronic challenges work sometimes! And way to go, OP! Proud of and happy for you! I was going to recall a nightmare experience I once had with an apartment lease, but decided against it. I am happy they were able to help you. No more derogs!
  4. Congratulations, OP! I will have mine paid off by the end of the year, as well.
  5. Trading in the 2018 Altima soon, early buy-back, then to get into something else! Maybe a Rogue Sport
  6. Do you remember a 1995 BMW 318ti?
  7. I think CV will like this article. https://jalopnik.com/i-love-the-range-rover-hybrid-but-it-just-cant-get-over-1838200230
  8. Jumbo shrimps. Where are they at with the 1-series?
  9. Yes. The effect gets nullified after two years on that late.. apparently, it stops hurting as much after one year. Perhaps we all have had a late at one point another. They age off, if you will and time heals all wounds.
  10. If they have $1000, politely point them to a 2000 Lexus ES 300 that is somewhere in San Diego County and thank them for their time and concern. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/cto/d/san-diego-2000-lexus-es-300/6985922512.html
  11. Oh! Nonsense! Did you get the one from the wheelchair-bound disabled person that lives somewhere and wants to buy a car for his son, and will send you a certified fake logo Moneygram Money Order, FedExed overnight to your address for $4000 or whatever amount if you would be so gracious and kind in bad grammar one long run-on sentence, so reputable it goes straight to the Spam folder? How many offered you $50? How many offered you a car stereo, a Playstation 3 and some more car speakers and stereo equipment in lieu of actual payment, people love to steal these ?
  12. So, the car is not being used? And it is effectively being put in some kind of bank lot for assets? Sounds like you used it as collateral on a loan instead of outright sale?
  13. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/used-pontiac-azteks-are-still-hugely-popular-with-younger-buyers-and-its-all-walter-whites-fault/
  14. That's Heisenberg's ride up until the last season though! Also, they looked like a BMW X6, sorry

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