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  1. Some things just don't make sense. Improve credit, then try again some time later.
  2. Lander


    What method of payment will you use?
  3. 11 things from Amazon I have to return about 5.
  4. Lander

    Flat Earth CU

    After much review of the Flat Earth arguments, they do not hold up... The easiest way to disprove is to point out the ROUND shadows left by celestial bodies, there are so many other ways to debunk. Any Round Earth CUs?
  5. FAKO score numbers can be used to play the lottery
  6. That e-mail address is richard.fairbank@capitalone.com I do hope that resource is still useful for you.
  7. It is possible to buy milk that does not undergo Pasteurization?
  8. Worst pair of work boots I ever bought. Kinda happy to see them go.
  9. Your inquiries will not matter, bellrock.

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