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  1. Happy 4th and weekend, anyone! As to whatever car Mr. CV did or did not buy yet.. I am giving another car brand a shot. 6 letters in length. Time to be Hellomoto!
  2. Ever see the new version of The Longest Yard? "He broke my nose!"
  3. It's another Flat Earth Friday!
  4. "Sweet 240"... uuhhhh... CV, the video unavailable was a Flat Earth one the guy must have taken it down or something. So before someone assumes I think that car is a 240.. having had a 1989 240SX, I know that car is a Ford Probe (worst car name ever?)
  5. https://youtu.be/CiuOGefCZlk
  6. That sounds a lot like me, except that I still have zero interest in Star Wars and wouldn't waste my time watching TV.
  7. That was perhaps the first thing that caught my eye, Oh, for sure. Apparently, they do things differently in Australia. No idea about the track, but, I think they had fire hoses on standby. I also think I have that red outfit, minus the Bojack Horseman head. Didn't like that. And it always starts when someone cuts you off at a merge.. may as well race a little before you break it off. My burnout.. I was getting mopped the floor with by a white Benz AMG C63 S, yes a brand brand new one, and, given the area, probably stolen and joyriding. Car was ridiculously fast and I kept my AC on because my intent wasnt to win, rather to make him work. Apparently, that car is so fast it wasnt a big deal to waste me but that wasnt the point. Caught back up with the car in traffic and was all done doing pulls and losing, so after the big Thumbs Down the kid driver gave me out the window, I did that. Probably smoked the tires 40-70. Right past him and big smokey, too, since the idiot could drive and drift - yes, you read that right, did a nice fishtail into a drift on an off-ramp, but for all that, got caught in traffic.. then, my turn, lol. For whatever reason, he fell back after that. I suspect a stolen. Pretty common with high end German vehicles around there, probably carjacked so as to not worry about antitheft.. Just in case you were wondering. Happy Weekend. Anyways. For the car in the video: That was a cool car and I'm thinking it got a new engine, rear transaxle of some sort, and maybe a trans rebuild maybe not.. at least new brakes and stuff. I still don't drink coffee but here we go. Waiting for it to automatically embed the thing then it hit Post. https://youtu.be/DD6IVewTVY8
  8. Mustang burnout videos, this waone of the better ones. The Cars and Coffee ones are getting old. Good street vid. I did one today just not across lanes like that. A short one, so as not to damage anything, but hey. Smoked the tires pretty well. And it was on the highway, so.. Here is one I'm still floored from. Not on the street, but..
  9. What about the Rolls Royce SUV stealer lol "Raise up, fool!" Is a phrase that annoys me.. or at least has me look at the person like I am Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
  10. There's a LOT of people in that boat, hegemony.
  11. The main two reasons that I have not pursued the stock market are: 1. I have heard that it takes years before you start to see real money 2. I do not know what I am doing. I did buy a dollar of McDonalds stock, simply to prove to myself that I can. But I am unsure how I would collect and gains I may have made with continued stock selection, etc. They were supposed to have bottomed out recently.. it takes time I am not sure I have. Is there any easy crash course I can look at to familiarize myself with the basics of the stock market, and investing? Maybe one of your favorites? Assume that I know nothing, and what I know or think I know is fractured and largely irrelevant.
  12. Mixed feelings about curbside pick-up, but starting to like it.
  13. I collect cash when I can now. I had to spend my $2 bills in or around 2016. I have collected back the amount I used to have. Adding other cash to it, too. Times have to be the hardest of the hard for me to go into and spend the accumulated cash..

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