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  1. Elon Musk seems like a cool and eccentric guy, and perhaps his genius should be encouraged. https://www.inc.com/justin-bariso/it-took-elon-musk-exactly-5-words-to-teach-a-major-lesson-in-emotional-intelligence.html
  2. Lander


    Having the paper report is important because not only is it more accurate than what you see online (on paper is the only thing that matters,) but it also provides better options for disputing. You are likely going to want to dispute with the collection agency first, but I will wait and defer to others.
  3. Lander


    While it is wise to get as many old addresses off as possible, yes, Experian is the most difficult in this regard. They are all some level of incompetent and moreso about making money than being accurate, but that is not for this discussion. And yes, there is Innovis, that fourth major CRA. There are also many many more but again that is not relevant to this discussion. Most interactions occur with TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Not every single one, no, but, very many. Past the address situation, is all this spurred from a letter from a collection agency? (Did you get a letter from a collection agency in the mail and perhaps got your reports then and then disputed with the credit reporting agencies, you have to do a separate one for each) Or, as mentioned previously, did you get the reports in the mail (online is not reliable as to what you are seeing and you also should not dispute this way. Mail only, Certified Mail so you can prove what was mailed when, paper trails are important) and you are seeing this there?
  4. The videos of the Cybertruck vs the Fords are staged.
  5. Lenders have "emotional balancing," lol?
  6. I have not seen a Sears nor Kmart in awhile. I would pick up some clearance items, if I saw one. :LOL:
  7. I have not seen a Sears nor Kmart in awhile. I would pick up some clearance items, if I saw one.
  8. I have not seen a Sears nor Kmart in awhile. I would pick up some clearance items, if I saw one.
  9. I recently went to a website for a Valentine's Day item and now, that same item and set of items shows on my e-mail and other ad bars that appears to pop up randomly and at different places in my browsing experience. We are there at that point in technology where it will be there for awhile, until I search for something else and then it will be that thing. Better to get out in front of it with the CA, who think they have a live one. FOAD (start with a DV letter and work your way up. Meaning: DV, then FOAD)
  10. Heat melts your brain.. that said, there's nothing wrong with the South!
  11. About the metal cards, it is not just at airports. MANY readers have issue with the metal (almost always American Express) card being read properly. It looks cool, but it doesn't work.
  12. Won't that vary, depending on the type and the market? Brand, grain, FMJ, not FMJ, etc

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