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  1. Lander

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    Same here. On the first one
  2. Lander

    One account disappeared!

    You are welcome!
  3. Lander

    Please advise

    FAKO score numbers can be used to play the lottery
  4. Lander

    12yr old Cap1 fee not waived

    That e-mail address is richard.fairbank@capitalone.com I do hope that resource is still useful for you.
  5. It is possible to buy milk that does not undergo Pasteurization?
  6. Lander

    And Now Payless Shoes ....

    Worst pair of work boots I ever bought. Kinda happy to see them go.
  7. Lander

    Question regarding rebuilding...

    Your inquiries will not matter, bellrock.
  8. Lander

    Why Discover Tops the Credit Card Ranking

    Fiat is a car.
  9. Lander

    The Dining and Food Thread

    CV seems to be actively trying to help you not go back to OG, lol. I am presently having hot, delicious pizza. Two slices. And a can of Sprite.
  10. Lander

    Past SOL Debt Collection

    Key takeaway: It is not reporting to the bureaus. If it is past SOL, they can bring action against you, however SOL is an affirmative defense. More will chime in, but, if it not reporting, perhaps to leave it be ? Toothless tiger.
  11. Lander

    New website alert

  12. I wonder if this has anything to do with the snow?

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