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  1. Long story short: I have a $7,000 CC debt that is now with portfolio recovery. In July I received a letter from an attorney telling me to pay or go to court - the letter also gave me instructions for debt validation. Within 30 days I sent them a request for debt validation pursuant to the FDCPA. This was sent certified and they signed for it. I heard nothing else until yesterday when I received a court notice that they have filed a claim against me. My interpretation of the FDCPA section 809 is that they are supposed to stop all collection efforts once a request for validation is requested. In this case they did not send me anything at all and just went ahead and filed a claim in court. Am I reading into this wrong? I live in NH if that helps. Advice on how to proceed?? I know the SOL is about 5 months away so they might be worried that they will not get a court date in time so they just filed it hoping I would let it go. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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