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  1. It was selling on a online auction. Kabbage told me I was personally responsible. I would gladly pay the $25 a month if I new it was acceptable and they wouldn't come back and tell me that it's not enough as happened twice before. Filing bankruptcy doesn't allow you to pick and choose what you can file on and I have a credit card I want to keep for emergencies. I would have to put that into the bankruptcy wouldn't I?
  2. I am unsure what to do about this. I took out a loan from Kabbage in 2014. I was selling items online and would borrow from Kabbage, purchase items and sell them and pay Kabbage back. I did that for a long time. One customer bailed on me and I asked Kabbage for a weeks grace period. They declined and interest tacked on to the amount was enormous. I tried to make payment arrangements with them. I told them all I could afford was $25 a month until I had more sales. They declined my offer and turned me over to a collection agency. I was contacted and then set up to pay them $25.00 a month. They transferred me to another collection agency who also took $25 a month. I was told that was not enough and to stop paying. I've been bounced around to collected agencies since. I am on Social Security Disability so am limited. The latest contact was a month ago from a local attorney's office. They said they would take my $25.00 a month. I don't mind paying them, but how can I be sure this will be a permanent arrangement. They won't put anything in writing about the arrangement for me only will send me the balance due.

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