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  1. It is a tough time to buy a car! Even used cars are getting out of wack right now. With places opening back up though it puts me in a tough spot. The dealers I've been working with, I gave them a breakdown of what I am looking for and my price range, either they can help, or they can't and I keep searching. I have some wiggle room with time. Just can't wait till 2022 when the market could be different lol.
  2. @centex If I could I would but 60-72 months puts the payment in the right budget for me for a new car with a good warranty. 36-48 months adds 1/3 more on the payment and the cost of insurance here in GA is already almost the price of the car note because our rates are so high. I would go used but two things have troubled me in the past...repairs right after I get the car no matter how many mechanics I have inspect the cars and a higher interest rate. A car that is cheaper will have NFCU give me a higher APR that makes the payment just shy of the new car payment amount. When I calcu
  3. @cv91915 well I went ahead and sent in an app to NFCU and they approved me in less than 5 mins. 60 months at 2.19% or 72 months at 2.29% for a new vehicle or 3.99% for 60 months on a used car. Much better than Cap1 was offering 🤩
  4. I'll have to check out DCU and see what they have to offer. I agree, def not overly concerned about the inquiries and focused on the best over all savings and deal. I just wasn't sure if there was another other decent options before I run off with all the hard pulls lol
  5. Hey Everyone! Looking at buying a car in the next 30 days. The world is pretty much back open. Well...it never closed here in Atlanta, GA where I'm at but still lol. With things opening back up I am back in the office working and need to get a vehicle. I was able to hold off with working from home when my last clunker gave out on me. I got a pre-approval from Capital One. They verified my info via pay stubs and pre-approved me for a car up to $55k. Of course, I don't need anything that expensive. I have a charge-off/repo from over 24 months ago now. No late pays or other derogs
  6. @cv91915 Makes perfect sense from an awards standpoint. I did the pre=approval to see what they even offered and it was just their secured card at that. Hard pass for me. I'd rather build with what I have then dumb a ton of funds into another secured card and wait on graduation to get the funds back. Especially with my plans for a CLI after 91 days w/ NFCU on the card the just upgraded and increased my limit on last month. I think they just want my business again since its been 2 years since I defaulted with them. I know creditors and banks like to keep the relationship in hopes o
  7. Quick Update Did a dispute w/ TU for the Discover baddie on my report and got it removed as an early obsolete. Dispute was done online. For TU this only leaves my most recent CO from Cap1 on an auto loan on the report as a baddie. Set to fall off in 2025. Haven't took their settlement yet. Tried for an early obsolete with EX on 3 accounts. They removed Macys, confirmed GA's Own CU, and BOA hasn't responded / fallen off yet. All 3 are set to come off in May 2021 so I may need to give them a call to nudge these off sooner if BOA comes back verified as well.
  8. I'm not sure yet since it just closed and nothing has reported since it has. I expect to see some change next month with everything. Getting it did jump my FICO up 30 points so hopefully I don't lose everything with it closing on me lol. We will see though.
  9. UPDATE!!! So NFCU graduated my secured nrewards card to an unsecured cash rewards card (the green one, the one I actually wanted!!!)!!! 🤑 I got this card in 09/2020 and secured it for $300 (all I could spare) and about 3 months in they doubled that to $600 without an additional deposit needed. Now in 03/2021 (6 months later, after the statement date) they unsecured it and took it to a $2000 limit. I know it isn't a huge limit but for me its a huge accomplishment. I will deal with working on a CLI down the line since I am just focused on progress and small victories. For
  10. @cv91915 This makes perfect sense. When I was going the secured route, I wanted to get as many lines open and reporting positively as possible. Dropping large $$$ on each one up front wasn't possible. I believe they all allow for me to increase the limit with an additional deposit though. 1-2 of them may have a cap around $2-5k. The NFCU card is certainly the best of them all for me. They doubled my limit the first 3 months on their own which was a good sign. If I make an additional deposit in the next week or two it would be on this card first since it is the closest to graduatin
  11. @cv91915 No worries at all. Right now I have the following: Installment Accounts Self Lender Opened 02/2020 and matures 03/2021 All payments on time $539 limit Revolving Accounts NFCU Opened 09/2020 $300 limit, NFCU increased on their own to $600 limit in 12/2020 w/ utilization never above 3% NFCU said in a letter then will review the CC history for potential movement from secured to unsecured 03/2021 SDFCU Opened 10/2020 $250 Limit w/ utilization never above 3%
  12. Thank you!! Trying to stay consistent and remember it's a marathon and not a sprint with improving my credits health. Any further advice to help get my FICO higher is greatly appreciated! 😊
  13. UPDATE!!! Above is where I started... Below is what is where we are at now.... 😁 Bank of America - CC that is a CO Removed From TU - Did online dispute for early exclusion / early obsolete and it came right off in real time. Literally sent the dispute and it came off 60 seconds later. Still on EQ and EX until I get closer to their dates of removal due to them being less lenient than TU. Capital One Auto Finance - Auto Loan that is a CO DOFD - 11/2018 DOLA - EQ shows 09/2018 and TU shows 07/2019 Defi
  14. For ERC: Yes, you may have given them ground to stand on with validating the debt. Not sure of the full convo but they could have what they need for validation. You can try a dispute process and if nothing then work to get a PFD on the collection account. I checked out their website and didn't see them mention it like other CA sites do so you may have to call and inquire. For NFCU: If there is no collection account on your report them may use a company that doesn't report the debt and they report it directly. This may be the case since it sounds like they never sold the debt and only co
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