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  1. I am outside of the US and also changed my CC accounts to my address in Asia. This means debt collection is hard to start let alone enforce. But it also pauses the statute of limitations. So say I come back to the US in 10 years and my debt falls within the statutue of limitations due to the pause. An aware debt collector could easily find out about my move through various means (online activity, local registrations). As a practical matter, how likely is this? I imagine CC companies and collections agencies have stacks of accounts they try to "work" to get money from. A
  2. I did business in Thailand where I have family. If the supplier were to report me for bad debts it is likely not to be seen as a simple civil matter as in the US. That is why I wanted to ask about whether credit card companies will contact suppliers/merchants about a defaulted account. Good to hear this isn't really the case. The credit cards are american ones though.
  3. I have significant business debts on my credit card and I am headed towards default. I am weight bankruptcy although riding it out without a BK may be another course. Because most of my debts are to a small group of suppliers, I wonder if the credit card companies will contact them to get more information on me. I am technically ok with that, the CC companies and suppliers have about the same information. I am concerned that the suppliers, based in Asia, might report me for something and then I face legal repercussions in the other country. Do you guys know if credit ca
  4. Honestly it seems like bankruptcy is a far safer option although more painful long term. I don't actually need credit for much as I am not a big spender. I did eventually want to get into real estate investment but I guess I'll have to partner with someone else for the next 10 years or stick to 100% private financing (after 4 home loans most experiences investors have to do this anyways)
  5. I was hoping to avoid it but will consider it now, thanks
  6. Hey guys, I have about 6k which I need for living expenses. I've defaulted on 30k so my creditors can wipe me out completely if they levy an account with funds in it. My situation is complicated by the fact that I need to take payments by Paypal (for some freelance work). Is Paypal a dangerous place to keep money? I assume so. I'd guess that physical currency is the safest from judgments, but obviously carries other risks. I have an Amex Bluebird reloadable prepaid debit card that doesn't attach to a related bank account (that I know
  7. My letter stated that the daily harrassing calls they are doing are subject to a $1,000 file per the FRPCA (probably not the exact acronym, I actually looked it up when drafting the letter though). I have many of their voicemails saved as mp3 files too. One potential issue is that they are collecting a business debt for a corporation. I am the 100% owner and principal. I think my next step is to file an FCC complaint. Questions: 1) Is this likely to stop the daily robo-calls from them? 2) Do business debtors even have this protection?
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