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  1. I do have a 401k with 100K and growing. Limits and APR listed. Other line is car loan of $600 a moth which does not impact amount towards credit card balances. 2 separate occurrences caused credit card balances to reach current status. Those no longer exists. Interest Credit Limit Current Bal Min Payment Chase 25.49 7000 5338 152 Costco/Citi 16.99 10000 6439 164 Suntrust 21.74 10500
  2. Here are the accounts, limits, rates and balances. I do plan to eventually get balances down to $0 for good. I am planning on purchasing a home in the next 9 months and trying to determine what is best approach to position my financial status when I submit for home loan pre-qualification application say around March. Best approach for using the $15,000 windfall in November and then having an extra $1000/month to pay towards balances afterwards. Interest Credit Limit Current Bal Min Payment Chase
  3. My current credit card debt looks like this: Acct1 = $13,000 Acct2 = $7,000 Acct3 = $6,000 Acct4 = $4,500 In a couple of months, i will be getting a cash windfall of $15,000 and have been trying to determine the best approach of applying that cash against my credit card overall balance. I have 100% on-time payment history and just want to start clearing out the debt balance, Should I use it to knock off the highest balance in one shot or spread out across all the accounts?
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