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  1. Onlyrealman

    Visa, Mastercard no pg

    I have 14 reporting trades with D&B and 9 with Experian and still get denied from these compaies: Costco Anywhere Visa card Sam's Mastercard Northern Tools Office Depot Best Buy Sear's and 5 fleet companies. So, I really think it's time and revenue. Not what Ty Crandall is aluding too or misleading us to beleive.
  2. Onlyrealman

    Credit Suite

    The truth I believe they aren't sure how to properly build business credit in a way that makes sense.
  3. Onlyrealman

    Credit Suite

    I agree! I've been with them for 4 months now and have my login to their system. Since I've joined the company, I've not had any success so far. When i apply for any of the vendors in the Suite, I'm denied every time. It doesn't matter how many trades i have reporting. I still get denied. And the advising team try to make it seem like I'm not following instructions which is why I get denied. If a vendor require 5 trade and I have 9 reporting payment experiences. Why is the vendor still denying my credit request. As Ty say, time and revenue doesn't matter if you have enough trades reporting to get approved. But this is absolutely, not true!

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