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  1. I have 14 reporting trades with D&B and 9 with Experian and still get denied from these compaies: Costco Anywhere Visa card Sam's Mastercard Northern Tools Office Depot Best Buy Sear's and 5 fleet companies. So, I really think it's time and revenue. Not what Ty Crandall is aluding too or misleading us to beleive.
  2. The truth I believe they aren't sure how to properly build business credit in a way that makes sense.
  3. I agree! I've been with them for 4 months now and have my login to their system. Since I've joined the company, I've not had any success so far. When i apply for any of the vendors in the Suite, I'm denied every time. It doesn't matter how many trades i have reporting. I still get denied. And the advising team try to make it seem like I'm not following instructions which is why I get denied. If a vendor require 5 trade and I have 9 reporting payment experiences. Why is the vendor still denying my credit request. As Ty say, time and revenue doesn't matter if you have enough trades rep
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