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  1. Hey Blake10, I’m curious....out of all your trade lines, how many were personally guaranteed ? Very impressive!, just curious. Thanks
  2. I just want to thank you for giving me some guidance on this particular company. I am new to this forum. I am new to building business credit. I was seeking a loan to grow my company and that is how I received or came across the information and business funding partners company. I certainly would not want to work with a company that does anything illegal. I’m glad that this forum does not endorse illegal activity. I am especially grateful to you velvet Hammer for any guidance you can give me and have given me so far. Thank you again!
  3. These would be for trade lines that are not mine. Why? Not getting many replies .
  4. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has ever had any experience with the company “Business Funding Partners”? Their site is located at business funding partners.com. They claim to be able to help with building business credit by posting trade lines on your Experian and equifax business credit reports. I have been getting emails from one their associates for a few years and they seem legit. I have actually never tried purchasing something from them, but after talking with one of their associates Ronnie, they seem to at least know about what they are doing. I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard bad things about the company or any of its associates? Has anyone ever had success with this company or success with any other company like it. Best Regards to All and thank you in advance for any of your replies.
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