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  1. Sadly I do not have the original paperwork. Yes it was a contract. I wasn't given any money ahead to borrow but was it was a monthly fee which i was doing. The problem with me owing them money stems from the fact that I didn't "close" the account the proper way. That is completely on me. I asked them and was naieve to believe them when they said not to worry about it. Again, I showed Dr.'s notes to everyone stating I couldn't physically do anything. No one mentioned to me about closing the account the right way. Now when I talk to them it's only about the money I owe them, not regarding how they didn't tell me how to properly close it to begin with. I'm not active duty anymore, I'd rather not making this a big deal with the news because they are in Georgia and I live in Hawaii now. I don't mind paying IF they will remove it from my credit report, but again I feel they duped me into telling me it's all ok knowing I didn't cancel the contract so I'd owe them money anyways. That's what saddens me. I haven't called the corporate office back yet because I wanted advice from here first.
  2. Hi ya'll. I've been lurking about for a min reading but I'd like to ask for specific help to make sure I've got it all right. In 2014 my husband bought me a gym membership and paid for some personal training. We were paying $140 a month for the training that I didn't end up using because I just couldn't do it physically. I went in and talked to the manager about it with some Dr.'s notes and was told not to worry about it. A year later 2015 collector's call me ( I think new management happened) and I explained I physically couldn't do anything and had appropriate medical notes. The collector's said ok, as long as you have a Dr's note don't worry about it. My bad because we were in a contract and I thought it was taken care of. Apparently I didn't cancel it the right way. This past May 2018 we try to buy a house in Hawaii. Pulled our credit and it was the only hit on either mine or my husband's. The loan officer said he could have given us a better rate if it wasn't for that. In the end we didn't buy a house but I was shocked to know that was there after all these years and people were telling me not to worry about it. I tried contacting the gym forever but no one would call me back until today. I told Loren I shouldn't be penalized for sessions I never used. A few months ago I was barely walking my back is such a big issue. I'm 70% disabled through the VA working on 100%. He says I owe $800, and that unused sessions were my problem because they give you 18 months to use them. We have no problems paying for our bills, obviously if we tried to buy a house and it's the only ding on both our credit. I just don't feel this is fair and I feel like no one is willing to help me. I deal with chronic back pain and depression stemming from it. CGI called me twice already, both times this week at 6:30 in the morning. I gently asked them to stop calling so early and did get their address to send a letter. Thanks for reading. Mahalo Edited to add. Looking up Max Fitness with the BBB it looks like they have similar issues with other military members and others in general. So sad. https://www.bbb.org/us/ga/columbus/profile/fitness-center/maxfitness-0743-11507/complaints

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