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  1. Interesting has anyone else got a response to their Risk View Report? I dispute literally everything on my Riskview Report, and they pretty much ignored it. I had sent it CMRRR. The AG office is now in contact with them, so I am hoping for clean up soon. Interesting can you ask them for their Method of Verification? How did you dispute ? Snail mail or telephone? I sent it in snail mail, USPS CM-RRR. I got back the reply before the Green Card even came back. Giving FreeoCR a shot, I halfway got it. Its weird. .`-' i inl I (atn T ® i S N S ® Lex
  2. Am i to understand that getting a $200 CLI is as easy as listening to the schpiel? And those with the nasty CSR, did she offer this $200 CLI? I could care less about the poor attitude. Not only can I deal with it with my own If that is how they come at me, I sort of put the phone down until I hear noise stop before I say whatever I was going to but if they are saying "Please please, we need you, we wll give you $200 CLI.." .. that might be worth the phone against my ear. Its soo annoying. My FPB is at $700 and I WAS going to incorporate them into my rebuilding, but they turn
  3. I just emailed it off to ************** with my cell phone number. Wish me luck. Please, pleasem pleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE do not overload "Richard Fairbank" at Capital One or he will either set up a filter on his Inbox to ignore these type of mail, OR he will simply "deny" them all and NOBODY on this board will benefit! As to me, I pestered them left and right to a PO Box in VA and they eventually (after saying no twice, in tow days) sent me a letter that they would delete my TL from my CRs. (All 4 of them. ) However, I am of the impression that I was just lucky.
  4. As am I.. and, as am I. And the individual with cash confiscated was from NJ! I wish that this man would have previously viewed these two videos. The seasoned law professionals here will likely be skaing their heads at the exact points in which the carful incriminates themselves and gives away their rights in the first video.. and will grin at the second. 1. The Wroing Way To Handle A Traffic Stop 2. The Proper Way To Handle A Traffic Stop.
  5. I received confirmation in the mail that "They have received my dispute, and re-verified all information and it will continue to be reported as previous, with no changes." They also sent me pages and pages re-stating/showing all the information I disputed (addresses.) This as to L/N RiskView. I got the letter back yesterday.
  6. You should try.. Nm. +1 on the walking out. I really do see how being asked for ID makes you feel like you are being accused of a crime. Anyways, I wont be going back. The sandwich was sloppy, I am uncertain why I even went in there as that place is big and there for some time, and all the signs.. there were so many. Its almost as if the only one they were missing was KEEP OUT or CLOSED DUE TO HEALTH CODE VIOLATION. Blimpie's franchise, 43rd and Broadway.. #fail. Go to ... Nah, not going there either. I dont advocate fast food anymore K-mart is another FAIL with Store Poli
  7. I have heard the answer of 1 year provided as to how long it takes before a late is not too big of a deal. However, this can vary greatly from creditor to creditor and circumstance to circumstance.
  8. A few things here, from my inspired lunch break. Firstly, BobWang is correct.. Rule Number 1 is: You do not talk about fight club. Rule Number 2 is: You do. Not. Talk. About. Fight club. Im mobile so I cant get the graphic to illustrate. Bob? 2. Equifax sucks/blows (switch on giant robot.) I cant believe how many calls and time it took when I got my first online CR from them. Almost an hour, and scripts galore... 3. I have USAA CCMP and will add EIDT/MPM and SCP for B* quest - next month. Time to go back in. Carry on
  9. Ahh, the mighty venerable NFCU. How I wish I could join thee. My case (of eligibility:) 1. Late Grandfather, Army Infantry, WW2, a unit behind and in support of Patton's advance. Honorably discharged. = Not eligible. 2. Uncle. Navy. 4 years. Served in Vietnam war. Honorably discharged. = Not eligible. 3. Uncle. Army Reserve. 2 years. Vietnam era. Honorably discharged. = Not eligible. 4. Father. USMC, Purple Heart earned. Vietnam. Honorably discharged. = Not eligible. 5. Cousin. Retired !!!Colonel. USMC. POSSIBLE ENTRY! 6. Cousin's brother. Former Green Beret. Hmm. Now, the
  10. It sounds like it is all in the bolded. Meaning: The FCRA/FDCPA violations happened when CA/JDB did not validate/verify. I want to know why TU did not remove. Did you use CM-RRR? That seems like the relevant part. The rest, BBB and whatnot, I cant see how it affects TU or the bolded at all. Experts, please extrapolate. Sounds like TU didnt do something they were supposed to... unless something else is happening, and idk what that would be.
  11. I am inclined to agree, and yes, late 2008 would put you juuust within the 5 years. Others have said that they were denied from Chex from same timeframe. Even late 2007.. and again, that is consistent with the 5 years. I wish I had better news! But stay persistent! Youll get in there! Persistence pays off!
  12. *sigh* yet another day where I see a post that I have information for. LMorgan OP, I am unsure the PFD will affect Chex but as you mentioned, Chex has a 5-year period. (?) And for 1/3 the amount, and they are offering PFD? .. Many desire PFD, and are denied. That sounds very attractive. Do you have it in writing? As to ELFCU aspect of this post.. I feel lucky. I must have juuuust made it. I believe my Chex entries to be from late 06/early 2007. Some nasty ones, I wasnt forthcomingly shown it when i got wind of "I was on Chex" in 2009, but I had 4 entries (two per 2 banks? Checking and savi
  13. Yes, I carry my primary ATM/Debit Visa Debit Card. I have three bank accounts and I have never used the other two. (Two are CUs.) I NEVER use it as debit, except on rare occasion for cashback at Walmart to side-step fees (up to $100 cashback on ANY transaction, nicely cutting out ATM fees - on both ends.) Otherwise, I have the hidden slot in my wallet for it, and my other 4 CCs are visible. I carry whatever cash I have which can be up to ~$70 or as low as one or zero. I only use cash at night at work. Basically no other time, and my CCs exclusively. And on rare occasion, I use said
  14. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=475604&view=findpost&p=4674028 Address for their RiskView subsidiary: LexisNexis Risk Solutions Bureau, LLC RiskView Consumer Inquiry Department P.O. Box 105108 Atlanta, GA 30348-5108 And, as to their Full File Disclosure request address, which is Step 1... (Various addresses) http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=475650&view=findpost&p=4543121 One of those is Full File Disclosure. Its here if you look for it.
  15. Specifically to LexisNexis RiskView and Full File Disclosure, I will submit the exact address in a post for inclusion when I get home. I must wait a short while before I can access that information to share at this time, the LN address, RiskView and otherwise. Big +1 and agreement that the first step is indeed to write for and obtain the Lexis/Nexis Full File Discosure. Two weeks later, I got two separate envelopes with many reports in each back.
  16. I used to work at Clearview Cinemas, which MAY have went to AMC i do not know. (Clearview is owned as subsidiary of Optimum, as in Optimum Online, the cable company, or Cablevision. Wholly owned subsidiary, some chains in Philadelphia area, King of Prussia, etc.) I was 24 at the time. It was a part time job for me. I was an usher and did not sell the tickets. Fandango is the answer. As to the sold-out and overloading.. I think Ironman alone is selling The Avengers movie. I heard as well that it was very very funny and a "great romp." I recommend the movie "Safe" with Jason Statham
  17. :clapping:Congrats!!!
  18. jack1212 while this is not 100% related to the specific question you asked regarding the HSBC1 merger/acquisition, I can tell you that HSBC sent me a letter postmarked March 28th 2012 in regards to a letter dated September 12th 2011 in regards to a change of address that I had .. and had had the new card since mid-September 2011. I saved it in my files as "HSBC joke" because it makes me when i see the postmark date vs the letter date. So, yes, they can take a looong time. i respect that.
  19. This one appears to be inexpensive small picture
  20. IIRC, Yes. I have a Household Bank card too, CL $520, and Household Bank was included along with Orchard and something else if the announcement I read about this was correct. It should become Capital One, eventually. All our mileages are varying on this. Mine hasnt changed at all; some have already had the reporting switch.
  21. What does iib stand for? Welcome to CB. There is a Newbies section you can access from the homepage, which lists all the acronyms and abbreviations you'll come across here. Before you drive yourself and everyone else crazy posting every time you do come across one, head over there and have a read. I'd like to know what it means also. It's not in the glossary. IIB = Included In Bankruptcy.
  22. Also.. just pulled. No change. USAA is doing its "lets stay the same" thing again, since it changed 4 times last week. Maybe it will change in a month. or if I make another INQ... EX 594 EQ 543 TU 597, 30 day late on HSBC. Balance $335 on $520. CLI?
  23. So Far no hard pull from my call to the (702) customer service line. I checked USAA this morning and nothing shows. The Customer service lady read me the same disclaimer yesterday. I questioned her and she said they don't normally need pull your credit, but it could happen when requesting a higher credit limit. So I guess it really is a YMMV at this point. OCCG OCCG, In the rare occasions that I go for a pull, USAA can take about a week to show an alert. its just weird that way. Did your call go well? They usually tell me "no" due to a 30-day late.. but perhaps I should try.
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