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  1. My qupte function is working oddly. I dont get it. Hello cultchcargo, beli, Repairerer! The gang's all here.. And I sure have forgot a lot of stuff, as to "drama aspect." Seems some are "Rememberers".. and I dont "get that." (Including most recent one, warding off wild accusations from a sock account. Where are they? Exactly.) But please allow me to answer this question since I now recall the whole Kays/Jareds thing you are talking about: No, it is not the "same one." I do not appreciate the insinuation that it is. Now for full disclosure, since you were so confidently WRONG here (Repaire
  2. .. change of plans: AC feels too nice. Waiting on Target Red. 2009 flashback there. I *may* never go there, as well. (besides, I go to Walmart a lot. Did my chances of Walmart just go UP? I know they get Auto CLIs.. Maybe in some months. Christmas? Black Friday?) <img class="bbc_emoticon" alt="" src="http://creditboards.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/grin.gif"> Ok, so, have a great memorial Day weekend, everyone! <br><br> And Thank you TrevorHere, Ron1, all! (foe) <img class="bbc_emoticon" alt="" src="http://creditboards.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/defaul
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................... ... i may go back out for a Target Red and leave the phone at home. I bought $190 worth of stuff at $93.33... .. and, I summon the auto-scaler! Trevor: Absoultely. This is what I need to let myself know I did good. Thank you for the advice! I appreciate it as well! and foe: Have you quit The Joseph C show? Or sticking around to see what happens?
  4. APPROVED, AMERICAN EAGLE!!!!! GECRB!!!! 55% OFF, $300 CL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CB AND EVERYONE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! And, last and maybe least? Target Red card... AOP OR NOT?
  5. DENIED!!!!!! KOHLS!!!! ... But it DID come to $28.88 with different price tags (?) And 15% off for my denial! .. Now. Does American Eagle CLI or NO? and.. Target Red Card. TRY IT or NO?? Also, Kohls recon... I also have two CapOne cards I wonder if that is why...
  6. I am, sir. I am standing in the Customer Service line of Kohls to app. If I am approved... Its a spree! AE is a yes to app, screw Target Red card? I got the pics on my Facebook. Graphix print Los,Angeles Sons Of Anarchy knock-off themed T-shirt and clearance khaki shorts. $46 for those two things... Please, please stay tuned. Verdict is coming... Its my turn.. *Add Reply*phone in bag*
  7. ... and OH GREAT, there is an American Eagle AS WELL AS Aeropostale here. Does American Eagle (Auto) CLI if you dont mess it up?
  8. It is widely accepted that EXP differs from EQ and TU in that EXP has unlimited storage space for INQs, and only B*s in a way that is not B*.. which is, in 25 months, as INQs fall off in 24 months. I could be wrong, but on that I dont think I am. From the sounds of it, not even IBM supercomputer Big Blue could B* EXP. I do recall ONE thread about it happening but it is OLD and I am SUPER fuzzy.... I could be wrong.. I may be...
  9. ....Active wearhouse? Jimmy Jazz? Champs? Let me explore my options. Im not leaving until I get a TL that will CLI me down the road (Kohls vs Target Red Card.. $20 a shirt at Kohls) or a denial.......
  10. Yezzir. Well, so far, at $20 a shirt... #KohlsFAIL! Umm.. Does Aeropostale grow limits? And AE is Aeropostale, right? Whatever will CLI me at intervals, I want. These shirts are "costly." Still walking around... foe.. To be continued...
  11. Thank you, thank you. I can still walk to Target... I walked past Aeropostale, GAP, American Outfitters, Finish Line sneaker store, MACYS (SBA, PM sent..) Sears, and JCPenney. Am I overlooking JC Penney? IS Cap1 Kohls my BEST SHOT here??? Phone in hand walkin around store...
  12. Will do! I am standing in store right now. $50 of shorts. Its this vs Target Red, I can still walk away.. Checking via mobile, this thread. Thank you! (Tips?)
  13. kayvebear what did your scores look like when you got this? I am on the mission for an easy approval today. Target is option 2 and I can get to NYC easily. Please see my thread on this, thank you
  14. They do if you are this item...........
  15. Congrats!!! .. As to me: Im liking Walmart card! They seem to CLI pretty nice! Maybe at Christmastime/just before Black Friday in November for me. .. GECRB issued? Scores?
  16. 1. I would LOVE to hear what the credit professionals here, and those versed in law, have to say about this. I read every word.. and am unsure if LVNV is accurately hard-nosed here, or is spouting "leave us alone we are not helping you" stall tactics. It sounds like the latter... Is the technical hedging and doublespeak legitimate, or molarchy? 2. You can request reinvestigations maybe even with MORE supporting FCRA/FDCPA statute citations and maybe even retain a credit attorney to protect your rights, however that works as I am not familiar? 3. As to the italics, I see you disputed th
  17. Yeah they launched cards. May 20th has came and went. How is the approval criterion looking for these? Super strict? Super easy? (Im thinking super strict with approval, what, with people beating down the door and all.) ^ <--- Master thread, or here?
  18. +1 very well put +2! P.S.: I used to live in Jax. @gsxr: Feels good to have your name cleared, doesnt it! BTDT! And Happy Friday, everyone. *omitted Wayne with pizza pic
  19. +1!!!!! That was my exact first thought as I scrolled down: " Oh no, he sent the laundry list. Also threatened suit. Not good ideas!" Ive sent a few and used the sample letters - but never that one (it is up because....... ?) & the advice I employed was: 1. Treat it like a resume. Keep it to one page. 2. Cite SOME FCRA/FDCPA so they know you know your stuff. 3. Put some of your own wording in there so it doesnt come off as a c/p!!! That said, would be nice if this CA could buy you a new Lexus with the violations they incurred, if there are any. If thats what that letter says,
  20. Well played and well said good sir This is how you remind me that... Repairerer is FEMALE!!!! No, really, she is. Also, sumbitted: Midland. (submitted)
  21. Im hoping that they do as it really is the only reason I ever set foot in Best Buy and even now, with $2000 worth of purchases until BBRZ Elite Rewards club... I am praying they close it. I truly used it once this year to flip 2 iPad 3s and thats it. Amazon.com > Best Buy. 15 times out of 15. Simply NO reason to shop at that store anymore! Unless I help buy a stove, for BBRZ points. That is the only reason............ Closing it will be just fine. Preferred, actually. I just got earned a $100 bill (sorry) today too, so, the card is even more useless. They close BBRZ, I c
  22. ^^this is the one of the 8 funniest posts on CB EVER... Nominate for a Post Of The Year? I have some landmines in there. May excellence like this bump it to where it doesnt matter. Arrrr, me matey. (Thats another good one.) Here is that "Other good one." http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=484966&view=findpost&p=4626337
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