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  1. Welcome. The same exact thing happened with me, OP LizaW. With Capital One, and deleting entire TL off of Experian (only?) rather than GW, or change anything. Im using the two-letter abbreviations so you can get familiar. OP = Original Poster (we usually just address as OP) TL = Tradeline GW = Goodwill (hit or miss, with OCs, not guaranteed or required on their part, "advanced" credit repair.) OC = Original Creditor. Will it ever come back on, you ask. Unfortunately I Only difference is my Capital One is open, and reporting. Otherwise: No difference from your situation. None. (
  2. They sure did me no favors! See bolded. I just focus on the CRAs. I keep them clean, Im happy. Also: That whole "They wont respond to CM-RRR?" - They took a week for mine. (Yes, I disputed "just addresses." There was really nothing much else to dispute.)
  3. ^ *memo, correction: Revolving credit (credit card) vs Installment (LOC) credit for FICO impact, installment I read has little impact. Thank you.
  4. Different strokes for different folks. For me, its easy-in, at $5 through TruCredit (still open?) & that it was my first Chex-based APPROVAL, putting those dark years of 2006 and 2007 behind me, when I got on Chex.. I was approved the same month my Chexsystems report got clean. That, the rebuilder aspect (Secured CC not LOC? FICO? Installment cs Factoring, Factoring wins, unclear?) & that it was my second CU after PSECU, which I still have, growing my $$$ I never wrote a check from PSECU nor this one, evaluating that... Basically, for some of us, its a great and welcome and rare op
  5. I can relate and I know alll too wellll about letting bitter grudges go. Jamie doesnt rise to the level of "bitter grudge" for me. Other things do.. but they have totally blown over. (Or at least mostly.) Im just upset I wasted an INQ. I think it may have been good, though, because I keep hearing about how loans, or their LOC, will NOT help FICO? Please confirm or deny? Also, she said "They counter." They did not counter. It was the principal piece of information edgine me to apply, or not apply. I applied. They did not counter. She lied.
  6. rslifkin


    It considers a new day to be after 3AM Eastern Standard Time.
  7. Oh, and 760 denial? .. When did AMEX move to Indiana? They have a call farm in Dublin, OH.
  8. Yah she gave me the 52 fake-out too. I wont answer calls from her. She basically straight-up lied to me.. And I wasted an INQ. I hope she reads this, too. Underwriting said apply in 6 months. And if loans dont help FICO then.. I wont even do that. However, for a secured CC... I too was told "excessive obligation." Go fig. I was also told "the last thing I need is more credit" by Mr. Pope in underwriting. In other news, Belinda Russell at ELFCU's contact is .. I took the hint?
  9. Hey! ashlia knows her stuff! She helped me on more than one occasion. Oh, how I wish that were true. (Its not.) Post Of the Year nomination for ----> http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=493150&view=findpost&p=4689403 Posting simply to defend/agreement with ashlia here. That statement will get you laughed out of court. Go ahead.. tell the judge that. Judge Mathis........ As to your case, I dont know. They DO seem to have met the letter of the law, and you can do the math. (no offense to math. I like math. I did fairly well in it and need
  10. And then PIF that pack of gum.
  11. While that is true, I have found that some cars cna handle abuse better than others. I am not disputing what you have said.. merely to add that "it's all relative." How abused, make of car, reliability record, type and manner of abuse, fluids changed vs not.. etc. Ive owned a few beaters and ive had $300 that run perfect, maybe a stupid fan problem.. to $1800 used SUVs that werent worth $1000, or less, even, and had endless problems. Its all relative, IMHO.
  12. I just want you all to know that I manually and one at a time resized these pics to 50% smaller, then uploaded them to my Photobucket instead of letting the Auto Resizer keep then huge but resized down. I hope everyone is having a splendid Memorial Day! I know I am.
  13. I own NO WATCHES, haven't worn one in almost 10 years. Awww, shucks. I like the [style] it adds to a suit, a casual outfit, etc. AND ive learned to be THRIFTY! I can go on EBay and get a used Wittnauer WITH DIAMONDS ON IT for ~$229, if I wanted... However, my fake "Rolex Seafarer" Perpetual Movement (? It ticks but I am unsure if I wind it or shake it.. If I shake it a LOT it moves normal, then stops. Do I pop the crown and wind it?)... I wear it for show and Andtoid 2.2 tells me time. back on track... NO MORE KAYS, JARED FOR ME!!! My store card is AMERICAN EAGLE now!! As to Rado,
  14. I am en route to going back to the Kohls that yesterday denied me credit, decked out in FULL AE gear (the store that APPROVED me credit) to return the Size 33 khaki shorts (?) I got, that dont fit & am getting my $23 back. And yup... the Rolex is on my arm. I wear it on special occasions. And make no mistake.. Today is a special, and celebratory, day.. for me. (Personal reasons.) Its fooled many. Though I dont mention it, except to the ladies. They liike it.. as do I. Its not a Bulova Accutron, but it'll do. :cool: Now... What.
  15. If OP sends the FCRA or FDCPA black and white statute of this to everyone that responded the way that they did then they should back off. Right?
  16. breeze my Uncle keeps saying that "Everyone in Florida is from somewhere else." Now, of course that excludes the Native Floridians, but would you agree or disagree with this statement? but.. I am about the 3rd or 4th of my family to go down there and have some sort of residence, dealngs with, or business with Florida (Uncle 1: Motorcycle shop, Orange City. Uncle 2: De Bary, for a long time.. Me: Two cities, lol.) Its REALLY hot down there!!!!!!! but.. would you agree or disagree as to what my Uncle that closed his shop up here (retired, its official, doors were open 105 years with famil
  17. Sorry, Happens to me regularly. Sub-$10 amounts; They will open up a safe from an office to make change for me. Its happened before.. even while another customer pays. Something about "policy." Funny thing about that is that ive only signed one of my cards, and I still have the "Call to activate" stickers on two of them. I dont know why, either.
  18. That was exactly the case with Chase's acquisition of cards such as Bank One, First USA, and First Chicago. Chase didn't transfer records on active (or inactive) accounts, and for this reason has rolled over like a puppy to most any request for a "goodwill clear" of past delinquencies for several years now. On the other hand, I've never found Cap One at all accommodating, and they have a past record of credit reporting that wasn't in the interest of the cardholder (withholding CL's from reporting). So, even if the situation should turn out to be comparable, I don't expect Cap One to be a
  19. .. I take most issue with this statement: WRONG ... but look how confidently it was stated.
  20. While accurate, I can assure you that I feel I owe explanation. .. no hard feelings, beli? Im only being sincere as to what was/wasnt me.. and how I am moving forward. Thanks.
  21. Thank you, clutchcargo. I am happy you gave me the opportunity to clear/explain, and prove, how it was not the same one.. as well as that, yes, i have closed the chapter of the crazy and debt. No more $300 Jaguar.. progressed to "no more CAR" after 2011 and Florida. Have pics of that Camaro too, withholding. (What can I say, I was as Dumas. Sound that out phonetically.) I do hope you clicked the video. I feel as Red does. Today marks a new chapter in store cards. yes, I was happy in November 2009 of my approval. It started my journey. I had other issues back then. I dont quit, dont
  22. +1. Also, I would send a DV #2. This JDB is not yet on your CRs, right donkeyshark?
  23. .. continuation: (beli, Repairerer, clutchcargo,) .. I can appreciate the thinking of "Why it would be the same one," but, it is not. I will now offer PHOTO proof.Ok, goody, I recovered the fake "you have a virus" message. And I will include links, not pictures, since the pics are large-ish and i cant resize (dont know how:) 1. Wittnauer. Proudly snapped in admiration, sometime after purchase (the date on the pictures is wrong, my old Kodak camera back then:) <-- This the one that started it all. Kays 09 a. http://a3.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/4/e375638c2d0f45ea86176d641ee626
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