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  1. Quick laws is the CA located out of Carrollton, TX? If they are then you have much recourse with them in laws. Asking AT&T to recall may be good route too. However, Texas is tough on all CAs.
  2. I sent L/N some disiputes CMRRR and they have not responded, it has been way over 30+5 days. So about twenty days ago I sent them another CMRRR dispute with the absolute worst issues on my L/N report, I am thinking there is no one their to respond to written disputes. Once the 30+5 days is up I plan on CMRRR another letter to them with a demand to delete. Since I am in the middle of this I dont yet have any results to share. What verification questions are you talking about? If its the three security questions to verify your Identity they may be coming form another company link below. I ha
  3. Just remember that as long as you eventually pay them you will be ok All they want is money. BTDT Late payment is worse, just make sure sure sure the money is in there when they come for it. They followed normal returned funds procedure. Now you know what good funds means.
  4. Interested. So shall we all pull HSBC triggers before 4/2/12 ?
  5. Almost sounds like bank account collections sweeps by the increasing number of questions of this type. Anyways, DV them after you have doublechecked statutes laws. Then do FOAD, citing said statutes laws. 12 years should be time-barred but you need to go about it the right way. Ignore what they say and start with validating they own it. They were counting on you to get scared when you got the call, hence their assertion to write in writing request for same. Write them a DV. Then write them a FOAD. Request nothing. They are a business and their job is to extract as much money from y
  6. Thought I was only one. No, same thing to a T. Difficulty logging in couple hrs ago. Logged in short time ago and one fake number of three is up as well? Different Q, why are the three agencies so different.
  7. The information of user ICANHAS is outstanding and he appears to have case law from NY... I am reading at work here and I am unclear if the asker has specified state of residence? Also it is true that there is no statute of limits on Fed student loans. I am concinced this debt is not federal student loan. Rules change if it was. BTDT and now I am in business.
  8. Hello to all. I have spent much time working, been very profitable and have some work my do on my credit. Found this place to help do that. I have scores in the high 500s as well and that is not high enough for my goals. Time to buckle down and improve my credit. A home is my goal. I will add this place to my reading. Take care have a good evening
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