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  1. Thank you. Any downside to closing FPB? Opened July 2010. It will have a $0 statement balamce by the end of the week, and will report next month. 2-year anniversary is July statement, in August. And I they will offer me a CLI when I go to close, thus making it my highest CL even moreso. WWYD?
  2. Cap1 doesn't offer any conversions/upgrades typically for at least 4-5 years, and that is without a single missed payment.. P.s MUSS... I hear you are famous. PM me the goods if you have the time and feel inclined ) I can only hope you are correct here............
  3. *you also do not have to be a USAA member to use USAA CCMP. I am not a USAA member and I pull it every day, as do many others. And $6.12 is the call-in only price.
  4. Sign up for USAA CCMP. Its $6.12 a month (eventually) if you call and ask (express you may have found another puller,) its worth it with or without trying for B* (trust me, I pull this one only and I love it. Taking a two-month break from it) and its the same "Pull" as CCT would be if you are B*ing. Everyone says it helps B* EQ, so.. at that price, im not sure it can hurt.
  5. Same here. April 2006, Capital One "Classic Platinum." No credit history at the time. $300 CL. I was enthusiastic, as it was my first. I messed up Credit Steps, somehow. (I forget.) High balance: $991 (no that isnt a typo, ive been.. incredible, at times.) Fast forward, present day: balance is $165.. AC $135.. CL is $300. Everything I read says you are wasting your breath/ink/time with C1. They appear to not look at other limits, lack of lates.. Its open for three reasons: 1.Sentimental value 2. The pretty dolphin and 3. AAOA, oldest CC. Ill have four and five digit CLs.. if the $300
  6. Was this ELF or the new one? new one. Ron. so no no new CC or LOC? It was the one getting approved yesterday. Ron. You are just having no luck with this, are you. And, another question: Did you get into PSECU when they had the easy-in?
  7. To confirm: San Diego Federal Credit Union? Website? Eligibilty requirements? I know I was reading this and was not clear on "SDFCU." Im sure others may not be familiar, as well. I wont be apping (NJ here) but wow, that sounds like a ogod card.
  8. Yes $5K, they're very generous. I could ask any amount I wanted. They need me to fax two recent pay stub. No more guessing and lying. The underwriter directly called me to tell me the approval. Ron. And now, a more serious contribution. CONGRATULATIONS RON!!!!! STELLAR!
  9. Either CR1 or FPB will get you denied for AMEX due to "Internal risk evaluation of customers associated with these creditors." Both? Not a good idea, IMHO. That said, if you arent looking for an AMEX... Im thinking FPB is the one to kill. I am. I put them worse than Credit One but, good point.. they arent "good" lol. $0.02
  10. $5? Starbucks? What? Will not go far at Starbucks... Im not sure you can get any COFFEE at Starbucks for $2. I know the brownies cost $2 as does each bottle of water, but.. maybe they went up? I know Starbucks stock got wiped off the map (kind of) a couple years ago.. ? I used Starbucks Wifi over a brownie and Vanilla Iced Coffee, extra Vanilla shot (?) for hours enough to know that.. Starbucks is.. as Starbucks does. That said.. NYC Starbucks is something I could start doing again. Then again.. maybe not. Year 2008 flashbacks. Whoa.
  11. I hate it when I post from mobile and it goes to 1x. Duplicate post resulted. Sorry about that. *and today, home net is being slower tha mobile, so.. if it happens again, I say "apologies to all" in advance. And OP.. If it were me, id keep Capital One and let it age. My situation was similar to yours. i started digigng down to make my credit stellar in 2009. I was in the same boat back then. "Any card I coul dget, to start building." I now have 4 sub-pirmes over it and I want to only keep two or three. FPB may or may not be helpful to you. Mine hits the two-year mark in July. I plan on cal
  12. Ok, a few things. 1. Congratulations on the approval! 2. On a scale of bad, worse, worst: Capital One is bad, FPB is worse, Credit one is worst. The first two are subprime, the third is subsubprime (Credit One is sub-sub-prime.) Id dump CREDIT ONE due to how bad they are, keep Capital One and kill FPB at the two-year mark like I will, unless they CLI me then ill stay. If it were me.
  13. ... You know at first I thought this thread was about AMEX cards, right? That said, ill consider a Russian Oligarch, or someone with considerable more wealth than I, as I have made $6000 this year in wages, setting a new record for money made at this point in a year for myself. Im not interested in the marriage, just money. Turning 30 on Thursday.. No car, NJ. great personality. Who's in?
  14. They seem to do CLIs in increments of $300 unless you were approved for the prime version when you apped. IMHO.. The key is to get that first one. They denied denied denied, with the consistency. Last year and all. Ive been grounded with the $100 limit since 10/10. Ill give it a shot on my birthday. In other news: i got Auto-CLI'd by the previous underwrited of this card.. HSBC - on another HSBC (Household Bank) card. March 2011. No pattern there either.
  15. This is awesome!!!!!! This week, (Wednesday or Thursday perhaps?) I will pay the card to 50% Util, then when that reflects on my balance (the next day) I will pull the trigger! (My scores are higher but its possible derogs. Though it turned 6 months old.......)
  16. :clapping: :yahoo: Gold card? <-- Started off as $100 Club, Gold Card? Did you ALWAYS PIF? Leave a balance? Length of time had? Scores? Auto-CLI? Teach us foe!
  17. ^^ Know-x not "Risk-X." Wondering if there is something else I can try, or if L/N does not change.
  18. $300 for life on my Capital One Platinum (Platinum Classic?) card with the dolphin on it. Was my first CC in April 2006. I think they really extra tightened up on things since buying HSBC's portfolio (who dumped their cards, all but one perkish one, to a willing C1.) They were already near impossible to get to do favors for you before (including CLI.) ONE OLD thread about a Secured C1 CC Unsecuring.. MAYBE a few about CLIs from "Account Supervisors".. No more. Now: MANY about them being obtuse.. What's in YOUR wallet?™ ©
  19. They sure did me no favors! See bolded. I just focus on the CRAs. I keep them clean, Im happy. Also: That whole "They wont respond to CM-RRR?" - They took a week for mine. (Yes, I disputed "just addresses." There was really nothing much else to dispute.) You just disputed the address with CMRRR? and they verified that address? Yes, correct. I have to admit that I totally was not expecting that and im not sure how to try a redispute, as I have no proof? Unless I dispute Riskview, Risk-X? I disputed Riskview/"Loss Damage Report".... All I know is they
  20. OP. If I may: Please consider this... Two years ago next month, I received identical FPB offer. I bit. Approved. I then received my shiny new ugly $700CL "Purple Monster" FPB CC. Two years later I still have it... But, am STRONGLY considering closing it on its two-year anniversary. Amex Zync is a goal for me. FPB only hurts; not everyone everytime, but they fo. Predatory fee-harvester card. I wouldnt do it. It felt good, yeah, and I was beginning my journey then.. And having come full circle I realize that FPB, and other things, were mistakes. Thank you. Ultimately "no good
  21. ^^ Post of the Year nominee? Also, aint that the truth. Certain employees that may or may not start with J! sound all Lets get you a LOAN!! Gassed up.. Then you apply and its DENIED! Outright.. Or later, as evidenced by recent posts. Also.. They tried to call me somewhat. I think "twice." However its no prob, as I think they just met their first antisocial customer. Their "person of contact" is dismissed by Judge Joseph C. Im going to Boston. Have a nice day!
  22. Quick Q: Was this a "governing law" case/ruling?
  23. Well.. without knowing anything else: obligation satisfied = sounds good.. early termination = COULD be good? However, as Site Owner has said, we can not be sure until you tell us more! /exitsthread
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