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  1. I've actually been thinking about printing it out and reading it. A beginner's post says the FCRA is a big, complicated thing that has to be re-read even by seasoned people every now and then; whereas, the FDCPA is more straightforward. I have two printers now and a whole thing of paper, so, maybe when i organize my room I can print it out. Maybe even a big calendar too, so credit goals etc can be written on it. "Visual aids" I remember the Dispute Addresses Online with Equifax; I was always under the impression those things did NOT need to be sent.. Asked me all the LexisNexis sou
  2. Hello, all. Wasting no time, wanting to hit the ground running. I have some serious work ahead if I want to clean up my credit. One of the first things I did was go to Equifax Online Dispute - for addresses. Good, they only had one previous. I disputed it. The box checked was "This address does not belong to me." (They had two other boxes; one of them saying same/similar name, the other fraudulent.) After doing that, I see a new message - this the ai.equifax.com site: Next Steps Please note your Dispute Confirmation Number printed at the top of this page. It wil
  3. Did the vending machines start accepting Amex again?
  4. Probably at the end of the first billing statement.
  5. The OC can report a zero balance but the junk buyer can report the new balance, yes?
  6. Defective product.. Did you go through the procedure of the merchant first?
  7. Imagine, if you will, a tube of marbles... Picture a copper water pipe laying on the ground. The pipe is skinny - only about a 1/2 inch think and about 6 feet long. This pipe can hold exactly 84 marbles. When you try to put more than 84 marbles in, they start pouring out the other end. The pipe represents how much data EQ stores. Now image there are two different marble colors - red marbles, which are hard inquiries, and green marbles which are soft inquires. As time goes by, every time you apply for credit and get a hard inquiry a red marble is placed in the pipe. Also, whenever a com
  8. Its sort of odd.. but the only Visa card I ever had was a Prepaid Debit Visa, back in 2008/2009 when I started my credit repair. Everything else has the Mastercard logo. All my cards. I have at least 4 Mastercards... No Visa... My bankkcards MAY be Visa. Ill have to look now. Maybe later. I dont use them at all. Only the CCs... Note the magnet. ^ 320x240.
  9. I'm not sure if you realize it or not, but you've turned your entire life into a classroom to teach yourself financial literacy... through the school of hard knocks. Spend some time trying to learn the lessons - best advice anyone here could possibly give you. He obviously doesn't care ******* like him are why we pay higher interest rates since dead beats dont pay their bills @ edens04!!!!! You sent me a pm and called me a looser. When a person does ignorant stuff like that they lose credability. You must understand every situation is different and you have no clue.......Ne
  10. Mrs. Emma Peel from the Avengers. Hot Hot Hot! Man I am Old Old Old. Look... I walked out of that movie 25 minutes into it as I found it horrible..... but they need a Jessica Biel/Natasha Romanov card. Not even so much her, but Loki are the reasons I stayed past RDJ's performance. I did not like this film, AT ALL. Jessica Biel may in fact have the first level of hotmess that is illegal. It may have finally happened. And no, I did not look at the credit.s.its just that she was smoking hot in The A-Team (2010) and it looks like she tripled that for this movie. All i c
  11. If you have 3 or 4 or more cards then let one of them report a balance not more than $10, say $5 or $2. PIF the rest to $0. The "small balance for CLI" logic perhaps works or worked sometimes, but in practice the above method is FTW.
  12. This NJ resident approves of this. There was also a ruling or law introduced in NJ in regards to debt collectors that "No debt collector may use the verbage 'we intend to sue to collect on this debt' unless they actually were prepared or going to in fact sue to collect." I forget the ruling, but I remember hearing about it some years ago. Some kind of "Consumer Debt Collection Protection" law. Also, I have never received any correspondence from a NJ debt collector. They have always been based in some other state. No examples I can give, just any state not NJ.
  13. I was approached about this by someone at a certain gas station location in Jacksonville FLA, 2011. I simply told the guy I did not have any money, as I had prepaid the fuel on my credit card. I then finished fueling up my spiffy lil' Camaro.
  14. Sharing: 1. Went to website 2. Pulled trigger 3. It asked me for income (a first.....) 4. I entered and verified 5. Happy Birthday to me....
  15. Must be the Lucky 7s and some birthday magic.. : Thank you!
  16. ever see the movie Deliverance? I have not seen this movie, no. Heard of it, though.
  17. I have the ELFCU mobile app on my phone. My initial plan was to deposit $44 a month with it. And this speaks to a larger question: I have had PSECU since early 2011, if not late 2010 (I forget.) I have just shy of $100 in it. I am making regular monthly deposits, starting last month. So I have PSECU that I am in.. I want the PSECU 10/10 or 20/20 combo. Now.. IF I start actually banking with both of these CUs (AFAIK i do not have checks with ELFCU just the debit card) BUT establishing positive history with ELFCU.. Well, can I then get a Secured CC with ELFCU and use it for positive history so w
  18. I am part of the Member Titles club but not the BI club.
  19. Hmmmm. Well.. Wouldn't it be that if she was declared dead, that her heirs would have to pay her bills?
  20. Ill be paying to $50 like foe then pulling trigger tomorrow. Im curious to see what they say. Tgey are handing them out, for sure! BBRZ $100club Gold here. No CLI of any kind.. though I didnt pul trigger post-HSBC. Congrats Ron! Maybe ill be receiving one too! Maybe!
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