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  1. I've actually been thinking about printing it out and reading it. A beginner's post says the FCRA is a big, complicated thing that has to be re-read even by seasoned people every now and then; whereas, the FDCPA is more straightforward. I have two printers now and a whole thing of paper, so, maybe when i organize my room I can print it out. Maybe even a big calendar too, so credit goals etc can be written on it. "Visual aids" I remember the Dispute Addresses Online with Equifax; I was always under the impression those things did NOT need to be sent.. Asked me all the LexisNexis sourced questions, two were difficult to answer, but I verified it was me. I do wonder if my dispute went through. Want me to read it all the way through soon? It may be difficult, but, if I find it online somewhere, maybe it can be done. I don't think anything is impossible. I may even have a check that no longer has to go to anything; I could give even more to dear Mama Breeze's funeral? I am very saddened by that event, very much so. No exaggeration. "How many times are we going to play this sad game?" - I really don't like thinking or looking backwards, so I will say, hopefully never. I have come to a point where I really don't want to play any games.. So, to tailor my own credit repair to my own life, I thought I would make a thread to address. It is beyond my power whether or not as to if it is "Moderated." I have come to a point in my life where I'm not (as much) chasing the fast and good life, no longer want to fight with anyone, and really don't have time, frankly, to re-hash what I can most politely call "old negativity." I think there is a new era here, and I've even said (even in my videos to you) that all that stuff I feel is in the past and even this paragraph is too long.. I have absolutely no intent to make problems for anyone and I think all of the words that I have typed within the past.. I can't think of how long but 2018-forward bear this out. Life has changed for me, Marv. I still have bad credit. I really hope you and I can come to an understanding that I want to be a part of CB, not the least of which to advance my own credit, but also part of life. Mom has passed, MY Mom still wants me to get S.S.I/S.S.D.I., I keep telling her they won't give anyone that works or has worked84 hours a week that. I'll answer any questions you may have... Different forum? E-mail? Not at all? I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you this time. Current event: My bird flew away yesterday (evening, moving the cage, where did the rod go?!!!) and was sitting in a tree as of 8A.M. so I am typing this in between playing bird sounds, setting food and setting water in the hopes he comes down. I haven't really seen the brightly colored little fella past the morning, so... These past couple weeks have been sad, yessir.
  2. Hello, all. Wasting no time, wanting to hit the ground running. I have some serious work ahead if I want to clean up my credit. One of the first things I did was go to Equifax Online Dispute - for addresses. Good, they only had one previous. I disputed it. The box checked was "This address does not belong to me." (They had two other boxes; one of them saying same/similar name, the other fraudulent.) After doing that, I see a new message - this the ai.equifax.com site: Next Steps Please note your Dispute Confirmation Number printed at the top of this page. It will be required to check the status of your dispute. In order to process your request to change your personal identification information, please send us a copy of the following documents. 1. Valid Driver's License 2. Social Security card or W-2 form 3. Utility Bill Please print this page and fax or mail it with the required proof documents indicated above within 24 hours. Please ensure that your 10-digit Confirmation Number is included with any documents you submit to us. Submit to: Fax: 1-888-826-0549 or Mail: Equifax Information Services LLC P.O Box 740256 Atlanta, GA 30374 Your dispute verification process may take up to 30 days and we will keep you informed via email on the status of your dispute. Please note, when you provide documents, including a letter, to Equifax as part of your dispute, the documents may be submitted to one or more companies which are subject to your dispute. Okay, now... That seems new. Do I have to send them any of that? I thought all you did was dispute online and it falls off 1-2-3.
  3. Did the vending machines start accepting Amex again?
  4. Probably at the end of the first billing statement.
  5. The OC can report a zero balance but the junk buyer can report the new balance, yes?
  6. Defective product.. Did you go through the procedure of the merchant first?
  7. Imagine, if you will, a tube of marbles... Picture a copper water pipe laying on the ground. The pipe is skinny - only about a 1/2 inch think and about 6 feet long. This pipe can hold exactly 84 marbles. When you try to put more than 84 marbles in, they start pouring out the other end. The pipe represents how much data EQ stores. Now image there are two different marble colors - red marbles, which are hard inquiries, and green marbles which are soft inquires. As time goes by, every time you apply for credit and get a hard inquiry a red marble is placed in the pipe. Also, whenever a company checks your credit with a soft inquiry, a green marble goes in the pipe. So you have a mixture of red and green marbles sitting in the pipe in chronological order. When you attempt B*, you try to flush all the red marbles (hard inquiries) out of the pipe by loading it up with 84 green marbles (soft inquiries). http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=485388&view=findpost&p=4629917 Credits to jaybee
  8. Its sort of odd.. but the only Visa card I ever had was a Prepaid Debit Visa, back in 2008/2009 when I started my credit repair. Everything else has the Mastercard logo. All my cards. I have at least 4 Mastercards... No Visa... My bankkcards MAY be Visa. Ill have to look now. Maybe later. I dont use them at all. Only the CCs... Note the magnet. ^ 320x240.
  9. I'm not sure if you realize it or not, but you've turned your entire life into a classroom to teach yourself financial literacy... through the school of hard knocks. Spend some time trying to learn the lessons - best advice anyone here could possibly give you. He obviously doesn't care ******* like him are why we pay higher interest rates since dead beats dont pay their bills @ edens04!!!!! You sent me a pm and called me a looser. When a person does ignorant stuff like that they lose credability. You must understand every situation is different and you have no clue.......Next time come across with a soft aproach to get your point across. ( you will learn this in time when you grow up) Anyway, these boards are awesome especially when you don't take advantage of the system. I acknowledge what I have done and I will pay the price. I am sure my credit will be so bad I won't be able to rent a movie. BTW I am in construction and if 1 person goes bad and doesn't pay you, it does have a ripple effect. No excuses here but I held on as long as I could. PS My 6 year old son loves me and he doesn't think Im a looser. My 4 step kids that cal me dad for the last twenty years don't either...Hee Hee Wow - I would think someone in your shoes would have some type of remorse to the situation. However, I think you are like one of the previous posters stated taking advantage of the system which most on here are trying to prevent. It is hard to believe a person who is worried about losing their vehicle is more interested in purchasing wheels for a vehicle they may lose. I agree that if possible that the money should be put towards trying to catch up instead of rims - lol. I don't think you have learned or are trying to learn anything from this experience. I personally don't think you should write off your credit like this. I see tooooo many people here who are fighting hard to get their credit in check and this post seems to be the complete opposite. But I do respect your honesty - wow. I have to totally agree here. Being irresponsible will ALWAYS catch up, even if it takes awhile. Ive been through it and i can attest to that. The key is, once its put to bed, to not poke at it with sticks, and move on to getting to the point of better credit. This means not only no rims on cars that may get repo'ed or are behind on payments but also putting the money from work like construction (or any work) to paying bills on time, as lates hurt your score more than anything.. And even if upside-down on a car as I now am and we are "stuck" with it, (its ok we use it more than most people use any vehicle and it sees triple-duty,) we make it work. As to learning from examples: Please, let me be one.. I used to drive vehicles with no license, get them impounded if I ever got pulled over, get a ticket, go to Court, turn around and use my ID (not license) to title a new vehicle and then do it again. (And im not talking about what I did for license plates.) Did that for..a couple of years plus. Now, since I reached a milestone and I work in a Union (Ive been hired on already. I am thankful) and also a personal milestone of birthday, I dont do that **** anymore. I still need to get a Jax FLA lawyer for that last one (why oh why did I have to burn out my tires. I shouldnt have did that. Now its waiting for me so its up to me to build the money for proper defense and representation, I should be ok but now see the boat im in? I created a hole, by being irresponsible. Thats $2500 to an attorney. So after I put THAT to bed it will never reoccur.) In that year's time, my life has changed 180 degrees and now I dont drive to work. It is what I have to do. And look at the rewards it has brought. I feel like most, if not all, of the people on this board have their own battles to fight. Maybe not suspended license, auto repo, but anything on a wide spectrum. We come here for help and I used to be a .. ok im not going there, but now I can share and give advice and I have learned from my experiences too. And, surely, this is the polar opposite of "messing around on these boards." Ill continue to browse through this thread, and that was a cool MJ pic but yeah, the impetus was on me to break the cycle of irresponsibility. Now I got a CLI three days ago for my birthday, a new Store CL, and my balances are at $0. Id say thats a great turnaround. And no car, nor rims. At least not yet.
  10. Mrs. Emma Peel from the Avengers. Hot Hot Hot! Man I am Old Old Old. Look... I walked out of that movie 25 minutes into it as I found it horrible..... but they need a Jessica Biel/Natasha Romanov card. Not even so much her, but Loki are the reasons I stayed past RDJ's performance. I did not like this film, AT ALL. Jessica Biel may in fact have the first level of hotmess that is illegal. It may have finally happened. And no, I did not look at the credit.s.its just that she was smoking hot in The A-Team (2010) and it looks like she tripled that for this movie. All i can say is.. WOW. For 25 minutes of a 2 hrs 32 minutes runtime movie.. Only movies like The Godfather can pull off that length. This film sucked. Go see it if you like CG, narcissists, bad humor, and superheroes, along with OBVIOUS script from EVERYONE but Loki. I dont. I have more but im not re-ruining my weekend by bringing it up. Im done with that film. Forever. Now, about that card..
  11. If you have 3 or 4 or more cards then let one of them report a balance not more than $10, say $5 or $2. PIF the rest to $0. The "small balance for CLI" logic perhaps works or worked sometimes, but in practice the above method is FTW.

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