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  1. I have sent letters to all 3 credit agency at least twice since April and about 3 letters to PRA. Just got the same response from PRA today with copies of old Capital One statements and a zero balance invoice. I filed the CFPB and BBB complaints earlier last week. I'm trying to get my ducks lined up. I'm thinking that the ITS using the MA version of the FDCPA laws against PRA is is the next step if CFPB & BBB doesn't work. I hope the ITS works BUT I need to see this thought if a filed lawsuit is needed. I rather be over prepared then under.
  2. Ah, I was looking for a "motion" but it was a "complaint" I needed to search. Found a bunch of FDCPA complaints that I can use as a template. I have time since I'm waiting for a response from the BBB and CFPB. it's just getting the lingo down is my problem right now. Just curious, how did you come up with $50k to $100k to demand, do you have to itemized the demand or just say you believe that's what is owed? Why does a large demand have more bite to prevent a dismissal? This is fasinating to file a lawsuit since I'm not the type of person to give up or back down and this is the way the world works. One CEO I worked for said, companies don't care about squeezing a lemon off someone unless they have a lawyer right behind thrm. Lawsuits get results!! Anyway Robot, where did you learn all this? I'll do whatever to learn from you so I can handle a situation like this without others help. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your advice and the fact you say it straight.
  3. First I would like to say I TRULY appreciate all the help you have given, I'm one of those that learns from others so thank you all for your help so far!! So back to the program in progress!! Should I ask for a settlement when I send an Intention to Sue letter or should I find an executive and present it in the email instead? I'm fine going Pro Se (did in family court many times) BUT I need help on how to properly format the motion to get the ball rolling (or ending) in this case. Is there someplace that I can use as a template for this motion? I'm sure it's different then family court, I'm guessing?!?! Also, I could find a paralegal to write the motion BUT I want to learn how to do this myself. I'm a technology executive so learning is not a problem, it's where to look that's my problem. Google isn't my best friend in finding examples. BTW,I would "Definitely" use the MA violations since it forces them to deal with me locally, that gives me a huge smile since it's a huge pain for PRA PS. I have been on MyFico for years but I'm amazed how much more helpful the people are on this site. I found this site by accident (Google) but it has a vast amount of knowledge going back over a decade. Wow!!
  4. Here is what I have found that I believe are violatione: PRA is false representation themselves as HSBC without authority from HSBC PRA is listing as a Factoring Company when they are legally a Debt Buyer PRA is now showing a payment history in retaliation to my debt validation in April 2018 PRA is listing “One Month Terms” and I have no terms and/or agreement with then PRA set the “Delinquency First Reported” to a date after they received the debt to “re-age” the account PRA and the credit reporting agencies failed to comply with its obligations to investigate and remove incorrect information. What would be the best ones to use in a MA court for a lawsuit?
  5. I have a complaint filled with CFPB on violations and wait for PRA response since I can use those violations ad a basis for a lawsuit.
  6. I'm the OP. I now live in Massachusetts. The fact that PRA is listing HSBC as the original creditor when HSBC says they have no information may be a violation. Also, they are listing as a "Factoring" company on my credit report. My thought is that any violation is enough to sue them and work out a delete for law suit withdrawn. Any information (example) on how to write the motion? I did it for my divorce but don't have anything to use as a basis for this kind of motion for a law suit.
  7. This is my first post. I have paid PRA off (~$700) since I figured it was easier to delete but they will not budge. This was from an old HSBC/Orchard Bank Card that was sold to Capital One and now PRA. I have sent notarized debt validation letters to all the credit bureaus and also directly to PRA and PRA just sends me back a statement from Capital Once (Don't remember having a Capital One account until recently). Now PRA says they will not answer any requests unless there is something new to investigate. What I dont understand is why my credit report says HSBC as the original creditor but I keep getting Capital One statements as validation, seems like there is a disconnect between HSBC & Capital One, where is the proof that they have the right to the debt and to sell it?? I'm willing to contact the CFPB and/or BBB or even the MA attorney general, but what do I file as a solid complaint? I need a way to get this off. I also found this and not sure if this is helpful since I'm dealing with a different "original creditor", "seller" and "collection agency". The FDCPA defines a creditor as the person or entity that extended you the credit in the first place (in other words, your original lender). Since the FDCPA is designed to protect debtors against third-party debt collectors, it does not apply to your original creditor or its employees. The original is HSBC, not Capital One. This is so confusing!!! Does PRA need to provide proof that HSBC sold the debt to Capital One? I'm open to "any" information that could help me.

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