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  1. I have paid countless moving violations on different credit cards without any issuess ever. Same is true for dmv fees and parking tickets. All part of living in nyc.
  2. Thanx for the replies. I will be doing it online.
  3. Have you done a balance transfer with usaa. Please share your experience. What's the best way?
  4. Just used BT check from my midwest airlines juniper card. I used the check sent by barclays 7500 at 0% and 3% fees. Check cleared without any problems.
  5. 18k limit slashed to 15k on bankatlantic card. I am carrying a 14.5k balance. Personal report is spotless and score at 780 on all three. No balance on personal report. Never been late or any issuess with barclays.
  6. You should have gotten a letter than gave you the option of closing your account. That opt out would keep your interest rate where it is at before the rate jack and you can make payments till you pay it off. Closing a postive account and an account with balance does not lower your score. It is a myth that closing an account with balance lowers your score and a closed postive account stays on your report for 10 years.
  7. Thank you for the help to everyone who posted a reply. I needed the usaa MasterCard payment mailing address and now I have it. My postman is not delivering my mail and when he does my mail usually ends in a neighbor’s mailbox and one of my neighbors mail ends in my mailbox. I never get any credit cards in the mail and they disappear by magic. I have always had to ask the issuing bank to use ups so i can get them.
  8. What is the payment mailing address for USAA? My postman is not delivering the mail regularly and only delivers mail once a while. Where can I file a complaint with the post office that this issue gets resolved? Should i write a letter to the delivery supervisor of my post office?
  9. It sounds to me like your a victim of transunion's "hawk alert".
  10. Cardcardinsider an off topic question, what citi card has a better chance of being approved in this credit climate?
  11. The shoe diva shops at Macys and forgets to pay the bill. You also have some lates two years ago but you expect the whole world to be understanding because the normal rules don't apply to you. Are you expecting a Cli from bofa and chase for your behavior?
  12. Tthey didn't catch you until now but i am sure they will after you posted all your information. Really smart!
  13. if your trying to get B and using a tu based service your a moron <complete salamander> ask me why?
  14. +1 You are correct about Nordstrom! It occurs to me that I pay my Nordstrom Visa in store all the time and I never had any problem whatsoever. My APR with Nordstrom is 7.9% and Saks is 17.9%. Which one would you choose to use? i would use neither, there are better visa and mastercards out there. Saks is the better store to shop in nordstrom does not even come close. Hsbc sucks and so does nordstrom visa. Go with a zero percent card if you are carrying a balance.
  15. anyone did a card to card BOA bt? was it easy to do? do it online or call and talk to a csr?
  16. congrats on the approval. What is your score? recent approval? instant?
  17. cknykid

    EQ app spree

    bofa pre approval site for credit cards eq puller and citzens bank mastercard issued by rbs is an eq puller. Citi pulls eq in brooklyn and ex in queens and long island.
  18. business hdmc application working as of right now http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=373390
  19. its is available at citicards.com, look for it under homedepot cards. It has always been available on that site. Look and you shall find it. https://www.citicards.com/cards/wv/showSear...mily=HOME_DEPOT
  20. hd mastercard is available to apply for on citicards website. Look for it at homedepot cards and both cards are available on it. It is not going anywhere as of today.
  21. bt 700$ to my electric company on friday using my diamonds rewards card. It is working.
  22. i got one for 15k visa freedom six months ago, tu pulled when they usually pull ex in my area.
  23. what cra did they pull? what state r u in.
  24. give it 3 days and tu on its own should merge the 7 inq's into 1.

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