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  1. I live in northern California. In February, 2018 I went to Kaiser ER. I was horribly sick with the flu. I had Kaiser through MediCal but had lost my MediCal on December 31, 2017 because I had gone back to work. I make too much to qualify for MediCal but cannot afford insurance and my employer does not provide any benefits. My Kaiser bill is for $2,880. I cannot pay it all at once. I had tried to make $50 payments to stop if from going to collections, but they turned it over to USCB anyway. I am married and we have an 8 year old disabled daughter. My wife is her care provider and has virtually no monthly income. My gross monthly income is under $3,400 per month for a family of three. I have not yet received anything in the mail from USCB, but Kaiser told me it had been turned over to them. I called USCB and they want me to pay it all at once or pay $200 per month. I cannot afford to do either. Any suggestions?
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