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  1. Thanks Bradk14. Went for the automated CLI at Capital one yesterday, and got $100 on my wifes card. lol. So to resurrect this, I going to open a secured card this week. I have a couple of questions. 1: Whats everyones recommendation for a good secured card? 2: Are there any cards that allow multiple users? I would love to put myself and my wife on the secured card together. Not sure if thats possible.
  2. Thanks Centex. Advice much appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. A little about me and my dubious history with credit. At 18, I opened my first credit card. Made a few payments and then totally ignored it for the next few years. off to a very auspicious start. I've had car loans here and there. most were paid on time. Some weren't. Never really had credit cards until a few years ago. I paid those sporadically. Credit was secondary to everything. Fast forward to today. Ive been working on my credit for a little while and have been making progress. I currently have mostly
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