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  1. I can't seem to find a way to display the copies of the documents I mentioned or is it not best to display them here. I had blanked out anything identifying.
  2. Well at first the CA would not supply their address which I got eventually and now a year later, the CA has placed an entry on my reports and my student loan has been denied so I am going to start over with the fuller story. I am a student and Ohio State Univ. in Columbus, OH set to graduate this coming May and already have my job offer in my field which is Finance when I graduate, but not being able to secure my loans will put that all in question. For the current semester I have borrowed the money from my Dad who is a senior on a fixed income but there's nothing more he can do
  3. sorry darn apple word fill-changed "now" to "not" so CORRECTION- this IS holding up my private loan for my senior year. To the best of my knowledge, it's the local sorority chapter that's hired the collection agency and it's the CA that's showing on my reports. Had to borrow the money to pay my tuition from my dad who is a senior for this semester and not sure what I'll do about next semester's expenses at this point. The sorority had never had an issue with my missing events until I notified them I was leaving. I am a special needs student at OSU and had to bow out for reasons c
  4. Is there any way to get this resolved quickly. At this point I am willing to pay if I need to rather than take months to resolve this because I do need that loan eright away. But I know settling the CA won't get it removed from my reports. CA has now placed it on my reports with all 3 CRA's. I thought this was over after the last round of letters. It's not holding up approval for my senior year student loan? Any advice? At this point as it may take months to have it removed I'm under the gun for the student loan. Can't believe they can do this!
  5. Thanks but the student newspaper has confirmed they would not publish this, my advisor has advised the school would not become involved and the sorority headquarters is the source of the CA being used. Yes the creditor sent an email with the charges and the CA did send back a kind of documentation in the form of a spread sheet of all charges since joining with no proof that I ever agreed to pay these kinds of charges, which was requested in my certified letter. I'll file complaints as AlabamaSteve suggests and with CFPB as my dad suggested. Thanks!
  6. Well I thought that was the end of this but got a call from the same CA today demanding payment even though I've sent certified mail not to contact me. When I mentioned this the caller ignored this and kept talking threats such as putting on my credit reports. In response to my demand for validation, they had sent only a list of charges on a spread sheet. No signed contract, which there is none. Is there something I should do or just ignore this?
  7. Just following up and looks like the CA and sorority have dropped the matter after the letter I sent with the help of this forum. Thanks again. Credit number is now 725!
  8. Thanks again for these really helpful replies!
  9. Thanks so much for your replies and support and encouragement! I have taken them and looked at many sample letters and some my Dad had and come up with this letter to the CA. May I trouble anyone with more experience to take a look and make suggestions and or give a reaction? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Me My Adress etc Registered US Mail # Silly CA Address File # Etc. To Whom It May Concern: This letter is being sent to you in response to your recent attempts to collect this fraudulent deb
  10. Thanks for the replies and your patience as I'm a newbie. Yes, I submitted the written form required to be excused and placed it in the box at the house where these are supposed to be placed. I called and confirmed that it was received at the time and was told by a member in charge of that that it was. The "house advisor" is claiming they never found it there. I do have my copy of the form with date etc. I signed an agreement when I joined in 2016 and nothing since. The fees were not listed by amount in the agreement, but said I'd be responsible for fees listed on the
  11. Thanks for all your replies. These were penalties for from $40 to $80 for each occurrence of "unexcused absences" from recruitment information sessions for new recruits which occur about every half hour all day during a 4-day weekend of campus recruitment (plus late payment penalties). But I had notified them that I had to be out of town that weekend and this didn't seem to become a problem until I notified them that I was no longer going to be a member and wouldn't be paying next semester's (fall 2018) dues. I have heard from a few other members that this is something that has happened to
  12. Thanks so much for your reply and I'll read up on that. I'm in OH.
  13. Hi, I'm a college student funding my own education through loans and have been looking around the forum for some time with my Dad's account and he suggested I get my own account to ask about where to start with this problem. Shortly after dropping out a sorority they sent me a bill for $2418.00 for what they described as fees for not showing up for events during a weekend last year. I was attending a family funeral out of town and had notified the President of that before leaving. I disputed the fees in writing, but instead of answering my letters a CA is now calling. The CA has
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