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  1. I am a longtime reader of CB, mostly as a student, learning about credit from those much smarter and experienced than me. For that, I am grateful! I hope to get some guidance on my specific situation. Opened a Marriott Rewards Visa two years ago. After opening, my situation changed. We are now caregivers of an ailing relative and travel options are limited. All of my free annual night certificates have expired unused. I must travel for work 2-3 times a year, but no family travel has resulted in minimal point earnings (133,000, but 50,000 was my sign-up bonus). In July, I accepted the new rewards card upgrade. I was offered 10,000 points instead of the 100,000 offered to new customers. The $95 fee will likely post this month, and the 10,000 bonus points have not been received yet. Should I close this card now before the fee posts? It is my only Chase card, and I don’t want to burn my relationship with them. I would like to return if my situation changes in the future. Plus, I don’t want to have my credit score crash. Oldest credit line: 23 years. Avg age of Open Accounts: 4 years, 5 months. Utilization: 2% Credit Scores: Experian: 757 (Fico 8, from Amex) Equifax: 752 (Fico 9, from NFCU) Transunion: 755 (Fico 8, from Lowes) Total credit of cards I will keep ($72,550): Fido Visa $12,000 CL NFCU Visa: $23,300 CL Quicksilver: $14,250 CL Lowes: $15,000 CL Small credit union Visa: $8000 CL Amex Green All replies will be greatly appreciated!

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