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  1. Cool I'll check that out when out of contract...thanks
  2. I make quite a bit more than that with my 2nd part time job weekends at Lowe's. A lot of help came from facing everything i was spending money on and making cuts.
  3. Going into September update: 1. Cable bill saved 150/ month cxlled home phone and cable tv now only internet. 2. Trying to get more hours on 2nd part time job. 3. Sprint bill down to $135 from 200. For 4 lines, changed plans. 4. Made 200 so far selling household odds and ends we didnt need 5. Eliminating eating out 6. Should end September $1000 on the plus side. Looks like light at the end of the tunnel, thank you all for the thoughts and ideas.
  4. I'm working at Lowe's 2nd part time job 20 hours on weekends, it's been a lifesaver and a pretty good gig. I started in mid february, we would have been in much worse shape without it. I'm looking for 3rd job opportunities and also do some side work.
  5. Cool...thank you i need ideas. Have saved a bunch already with everyones help.
  6. Should i really apply for another cc, with 674 Fico 8's on all 3, and 61% utilization?
  7. 20/mth total for 4 lines, or per line?
  8. I'm caring less about family mutiny, I'll check on that cc coverage.
  9. I'm all in with the tuna and bringing lunch to work. And who can provide 25/month for four lines ? I can see 1 line but i have family with 4 lines, was considering a deal with metropcs for 100 for 4 lines, then i got rid of the equipment insurance and I'm down to $125 for 4 lines, with a govt employee discount. I'm still in process thinking about this cell ph svc issue, just don't want complete family mutiny especially so soon after getting rid of cable and home phone.
  10. Progress report: Fired lawn guy 100 every 3 weeks Bought $150 (clearance and 10% employee discount) lawn mower and 199 weed eater . Have an acre to cut I'll get exercise amd save money.
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