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  1. I got the Blue Cash Everyday Card! Good to get my foot in the door with Amex and as an added bonus it has a contactless function too.
  2. I got the Blue Cash Everyday Card! Good to get my foot in the door with Amex and as an added bonus it has a contactless function too.
  3. Also similar question about the Amex Blue Cash Everyday card vs. the Amex Everyday Credit Card. Are points better than cash back?
  4. Would you say there's any difference between doing the regular Chase Freedom vs. the Freedom Unlimited? I mean obviously there's the rewards difference but based on my spending I think I'd get more benefit from 1.5% than rotating 5% based on my spending.
  5. I do, as of 3/5 it’s 712 but I’ve had two statements out since then.
  6. I think you’re right. Any application for a sapphire preferred will just end with a pull and decline. I’ll probably start with a freedom or Amex blue cash everyday and work from there.
  7. I spend about $400 per month during the semester but I only allow $200 or so show up on the statement balance on a total limit of $3750 between 2 cards.
  8. Were you prequalified for your freedom card when you applied? I just checked chase’s website to see and it said that I wasn’t prequalified for any cards at all. Should i worry?
  9. What the opinion on here about the Chase Sapphire Preferred compared to something like the Amex gold card? Especially for someone young and with a thin credit file and not that much spending power like myself.
  10. Thank you for the advice. Do you think I should wait to apply or just go for it as soon as I find the best SUB? Is there any advantage to waiting?
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum but was recommended to come here for advice. I'm currently a freshman in college and recently turned 19. I currently have two credit cards: Bank of America Cash Rewards (had for 12 months and $2500 limit) and Discover It Student Cash Back card (had for 3 months and $1250 limit). My current creditkarma score is 718 and I attached my credit factors from there. I'm always looking for ways to open more accounts and to improve my spending power and score. I never put anything on interest and don't plan to use a full balance on either of my cards every month at least while I'm in school. Balance transfer is also not a priority. I also have no student loans so in have no large balances to pay off. Rewards (whether cash back or points) are my biggest need in a new card, and low to zero annual fee as well since Im not spending a huge amount at the moment. I'm looking for a new credit card to apply for. Through my own research, I've found that Citi Double Cash card is a great for rewards for myself but it may be a little too far out of my reach (I applied for it about 6 months ago and they didn't even do a hard pull). I'd also like to start earning recognition by Amex and the BlueCash EveryDay card sounds quite good, especially the absence of an annual fee. But, of course, I'm not an expert and that's why I came here. Also I'm impatient and want to apply soon, but if waiting longer will be more beneficial in the long run, I can wait. My monthly spending during the school year is mostly comprised of food (evenly split between restaurants and fast food), spending on airfare and hotels, online shopping on amazon and Best Buy, and shopping at the local Walmart for groceries. I average about $300-$600 per month but it varies wildly. During the summer I actually work above minimum wage in Arizona so my cash flow will probably be about double. Also I expect to spend more on travel and food over the summer as well, with much less spent at Walmart and more spent at grocery stores. Since I'm still very new to this, I'm just looking for some advice. Should I wait longer before applying for a new card? Should I try for another student card? Are you bullish on Amex or should I try focusing on their travel and rewards benefits? Thank you for the help, Xenoz P.S. My only other dream from a credit card it for it to have contactless payment but I know this is very rare here in the states.

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