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  1. Good feedback, thanks everyone. I have outgrown many of them and have plenty of "good" cards now, but I will keep them open and just let them age. None charge an annual fee so it won't cost me anything. I just need to remember to use them. LOL Thanks so much.
  2. Hi, How much of a hit will your credit report take if you close a bunch (5+) of credit cards that you never use? I have a few that I know I will NEVER use again and instead of them being closed by the lender for non-use (which I've heard is possible), I'd rather close them on my own. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks, Jen
  3. I think I have decided to pay off the Cap One Venture since it's just about maxed out and then the AA Mastercard as they are the two with the highest interest rates. I will also likely pay off Lowes and Old Navy (and maybe PayPal Credit) just to get them off the table. Do you think that is the way to go? Thank you so much. APR CC Type Balance Limit 20.99% AmEx Hilton $ 5,404.00 $ 14,500.00 24.74% Cap One Venture $
  4. Hello! I am looking for some advice regarding a credit card payoff that I'm trying to tackle. I have $43k in credit card debt spread across 8 credit cards. The highest balance is $19,925 on a card with a $20k limit. The interest alone on that card is $350/month and my minimum payment is just under $600/month. OUCH. I have $22k coming to me that I plan on using to pay down my credit cards. Over the course of the last few months, I have used my personal credit cards for work expenses so once I submit my expense reports, I will be getting just over $22k. Initially I
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