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  1. oh got it. I've sent them a couple of letters now, certified of course. The last one was a screen shot of the incorrect entries from a credit monitoring service that I have that shows the pay history and that they have it reporting 30 days late 3 months in a row, etc. They still did not update the account.
  2. I didn't get it updated, that is what i am working to do now. Either have them update it to paid as agreed or remove it completed. And NO I am not late.
  3. Hello, I am at the point of getting pre-qualified to purchase my home after many years of not having one due to a divorce. My auto loan has hit my report as 30 days late within the last couple of days and it's not. That's 1 and 2 the late paying history is all over the place and not accurate. I would love to get this entry removed from my credit file altogether. I am hoping that you have a good letter that I can send to the bureaus to get this removed. A bit more background. I did work to get this updated to paid as agreed from the company and they said it is verified as accurate. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Viola
  4. Need a new vehicle, upside down in my current one. Saw one I like at Larry H Miller but need to know what credit agency they pull. Thank you.

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