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  1. Oh they didn't start reporting until June 2018. with the new medical laws on collections believe they have to wait 180 after delinquency.
  2. Thank you for the reply, My medical debt was from July 2017, it was the amount owed after deductible and co-pay. I tried to get the hospital to recall the debt and I pay them directly, they wouldn't not do so, said they could take payment each or payment in full. But NRA would continued the reporting balance of it on my credit report. I connected NRA they said that it would be better for me to pay them directly as the hospital reports to them late some time on payments and it would cause them to report on my CR as late as well. I hate that it has tanked my credit score right in the middle of my rebuild.
  3. Hi new member, I have a question, I'm currently on a payment plan with NRA collection agency for about $5k in medical debt. Which i should have paid off within the next 6 months. But I want to know would it be wise to do the HIPPA process now to try to get it just removed from my report. and I still be able to make my monthly payments. Also they said they would remove it complete once the debt was paid in full.

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