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  1. These are from 40-50 months ago, so more than halfway to the 7-year fall-off... Would I better off just disputing (via USPS) and using the 1-2 punch method?
  2. Thanks for these responses. I will try to find a community bank to work with but am concerned that they won't lend in the amount I need (roughly $40k). Are there any recommendations in the NYC area? All of these TLs are between 5-6 years old and the only comms I've had with the lenders are their standard balance-due letters to me, and a couple of offers to settle for 20-40% of the total (though as I mentioned, unfortunately I can't accept any of the offers without jeopardizing the job requirement). One of the creditors, which holds two of the accounts, has never contacted me at all and I do still have one open account with them.
  3. Any help / recommendation with this issue is greatly appreciated! Due to a job-related requirement that does not let me avoid paying old CC debt based on SOL (nor permits me to negotiate settlement for less than 100% of unpaid balances), I need to get all unpaid amounts paid up as quickly as I can. Since the amount is more than I can afford to pay very quickly and would likely need a year or so to pay it all off, I am looking to find a way to start making installment payments but want the OC to report the accounts as CURRENT. How can I get them to do this? Until these are reported as current, I can't get a clearance needed for my job so it's urgent that I find a way to address this ASAP. TIA for any help.
  4. Yes, all still open. Capital One, Citibank, Bank of America.
  5. I have a few late payments that are reporting to the CRAs but which are still a few years away from falling off the report. I want to send a request to the OC for a good-will removal of these late payments. Where should I send a letter to the OC? Their corporate office? The payment address on my statement? Also, how long should I wait for a response before following up if I don't see the late payments being reported as on-time?
  6. are you referring to the very first post in this thread? I have tried with three different browsers and with all three i get a message that says:
  7. Cleared my browser cache and the links are not working as of right now...

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