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  1. Rakuten Visa no longer gets 3% CB at GCM or GCC as of 2/15.
  2. You’ve actually been given some solid advice. A few more things though... Have you researched the SOL for where you live? If the Cap1 account is past SOL for being sued, let it fall off. Maybe try for an early deletion in a couple months. What is the DOFD for the Credit One and Fingerhut accounts? Maybe try for a PFD on those. And get paper copies of your reports. Don’t rely on the online crap.
  3. Why do I feel like I’m being yelled at by a rainbow?
  4. I guess I failed miserably as well. I’ll just have to settle for the thousands of Amex MR points, several hundred dollars in CB, and roughly 80k AA miles that I ended up with. I’ll have to try harder next time.
  5. While I’m a big fan of the $25k/yr for 4x grocery MS, the slutty waitresses really do like the metal rose gold Amex. So double win for me? And since I’m already here typing... Amex Biz Platinum $595 Amex Biz Gold $295 Amex Personal Gold (Rose Gold) $250 Amex Biz Bonvoy $125 (getting the ax before paying the AF for year two) Citi Biz Platinum something something AA $99 (waived first year, being cancelled before year 2)
  6. Not true. I’ve done PCs and it just updates the account number on my reports. All other info stays the same. Same thing if your card is lost or stolen and the card number changes.
  7. Can you list the actual DOFD for the three accounts? Also, do not dispute online. In writing, via snail mail only (with a couple exceptions).
  8. There is no difference of opinion. You gave some terrible advice. That’s is a fact, not an opinion. Also, you may want to proofread before clicking submit. Your use of punctuation could use some improvement. This is another fact, not an opinion.
  9. If the plan is PFD, why bother disputing the classification of the debt? Seems like you’d just be adding an unnecessary step.
  10. DG was great. No lines. Register right by the door. In and out very quickly. Thankfully I have plenty of liquidation options, but DG was my favorite for Serve.
  11. This from the guy that said my $2.35 membership fee was $2.35 too much. No surcharges for me!
  12. Forgot to post this last month. Amazon: +4 MR/$ spent up to 1500 MR So 5x MR on $375 of spend.
  13. Pay this off and let it report a zero balance. 55% Util is hurting you a bit.
  14. You being nice on the first two calls was what got you the no AF upgrades and 40k MR. When the EO rep listened to the call recordings, had they heard you being your natural PotO self you probably wouldn’t have had the same result. And with the CSRs being incompetent, you’d still have ended up with screwed up airline reservations but not the free stuff. So the takeaway from this is pretend to be nice, let them screw up, then get mad (justifiably) and you’ll be rewarded for pretending to be nice in the first place.
  15. No! The only thing that Credit Karma’s suggestions provide is a kickback to Credit Karma. There’s lots of data on this site to support that. The pre-approval tools on the card issuers websites are much more valuable, but even those aren’t a guarantee of what someone will or won’t be approved for.
  16. You’ll probably be charged the annual fee on your first statement. Might as well keep it open since you’ve already committed to paying it for the first year. If you list your derogatory trade lines (DOFD, balance owed, status) and your current actual FICO scores (not credit karma or other vantage scores) people here will be able to help guide you to better cards that will help you rebuild.
  17. It seems you’re confusing different products here. What you describe above is how you use a prepaid debit card. It sounds like you got this card though: https://www.greendot.com/for-people/our-products/secured-credit-card That is a secured credit card. If this is what you got, then the money you deposited is a security deposit. Those funds are not used to pay your bill. If you deposited $355, your credit limit is $355. So you can charge up to that amount, but you then have to make a payment for the amount charged. The security deposit is paid in case you default. In that scenario, the security deposit would be used against your balance and your account would be closed.
  18. This was actually easy enough to do that it took, almost no time at all to do. You could easily get 1M+ miles a year just by churning the Citi AA cards. And it’s been going on for about a decade. Although no amount of miles can make AA a decent airline.
  19. Here is another article that describes the situation a bit better. This has been going on since just before Thanksgiving, although over the past week AA has increased the speed at which they’re cancelling flights and closing accounts. https://www.fool.com/investing/2019/12/22/will-going-after-citi-card-churners-backfire-on-am.aspx
  20. 100%. That’s the only reason they make these offers.
  21. That’s how I got started with my business. After the last crash I bought a bunch of foreclosed properties that are now producing great rental income. I stopped buying a few years ago because prices had more than doubled. Most of my rentals are now worth nearly 4x what I have invested. If there’s another crash and bank fire sale I’d gladly add to my portfolio.
  22. Negative. Use the GCs to buy rubbers at a lower price online.

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