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  1. Now I’m confused. I thought the DV went to the CA. Or am I reading the instructions incorrectly? Isn’t this the next step? https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html Then the part at the bottom of the page goes to the CRAs? No, none of the collections are reporting to EQ. For some reason they disappeared off that report a few months ago - they don’t show as paid or closed, they were deleted. The source of of the collections are hospital visits. The hospital messed up something with my insurance. When I received the bills I called the hospital and they said they’d fix the problem. But then it ended up in collections without any follow up. I called the hospital and they ended up deleting their three collections. What’s left is from the doctor’s association that billed for the hospital visits. Because the hospital messed up originally, my insurance was not billed correctly (I have the EOBs stating that it was incorrectly billed). I tried to get the doctor’s association to rebill the insurance, but they refused. The total they they are billing me for is more than four times my max out of pocket expense for the year, which I had already paid without these bills. So I should owe nothing at all.
  2. I received the response from EX today. They verified all three collections. No communication at all from CA or OC. So, if I understand the process correctly, my next step is to send the DV letter to the CA, and then the follow-up letter to EX once USPS confirms delivery of the DV letter? Also, still no communication from TU. Should I send the DV letter now, or wait until the 45 days are up for TU?
  3. I received this letter from Experian today (hopefully the image uploads). It has the same dispute number as the email that I received on the 9th stating that my dispute was complete. The letter is dated the day before the email. It has no real info in it. Is this just a standard letter that’s sent out when you file a dispute? Edit: I still haven’t received anything at all from TransUnion. Is it normal for them to take this long to even acknowledge a dispute?
  4. Ok. So if I don’t get a mailed response by the 20th, I’ll do that. Does my dispute number count as a recent report number? Or do I just use the number off the report that I used when I sent the initial HIPAA letter?
  5. I received four emails from Experian today. Two identical emails around 3pm stating that they were almost done with my dispute. Then I received one at 11:50 pm stating that my dispute was complete. It had a report number and a link to view the results. I did not click the link. Then I received another email at 12:22 am stating that my dispute was almost complete. Did they split my dispute into separate cases since I’m disputing three different collections? This seems a bit strange to me. Also, about how long does it take to receive the results of the dispute via snail mail?
  6. Ok. Thanks for clarifying that. I’ll just put any emails from them into a folder and save it all until the disputed is over.
  7. My letter to Experian was delivered on 8/2. I received an email from Experian today saying that my dispute is open. I did not provide my email address in the letter that I sent to them. I'm assuming that they had it from before, although I did opt-out before sending the letter. Do I need to do something? Shouldn't they be communicating via snail mail?
  8. Ok. Thanks for the help. I will mail the letters on Monday. I’ll update once I get a response.
  9. Also, the last number of the account is x-ed out for each of the collections. Do I just list it as Account Number: 123456X? Or do I need to figure out the last number?
  10. Thanks for the response. I saw that form/page when I was doing some research. It says “I have no knowledge or records of the listed account(s).” But I’m aware of the accounts and I have the related EOBs. So do I still use the exact wording on that form?
  11. Hi, I’m new here and could use some help. Sorry in advance for the extra long post. In 2014 I was in an auto accident and ended up with five herniated discs in my neck. This led to migraines that landed me in the ER six times that year. I had medical insurance with a maximum out of pocket of $500 for the year. All six ER visits were to the same ER facility. Somehow they messed up the billing on three of the visits. I received bills from the hospital for the visits and the amounts not only exceeded my copay, but they exceeded my out of pocket maximum. The hospital was an in-network facility. The EOBs that I received from the insurance company said that the provider had not properly billed for the services performed. I called the hospital’s billing department. I was told that they were refilling the insurance and if there was an issue that I’d receive information in the mail. They sent me nothing. As it turns out, I ended up in collections for all three visits. I had a total of six collection accounts - three for the hospital and three for the doctors association. I was livid when I found out (I was trying to finance a new car and the dealership showed my the collection accounts). So I called the hospital billing department and sternly voiced my displeasure. I even threatened legal action. They said they’d look into it and get it handled. The hospital actually followed through and removed their three collections from all three of my credit reports. Unfortunately, the doctor’s association billing department wasn’t as easy to deal with. They contend that I owe them close to $2000. I explained the limits of my insurance policy and that the EOBs I had received showed that they had not properly billed the insurance. Their response was basically “too bad.” They said that I could pay them the full amount that they claim is due and that they’d report the collection as paid. I told them that this is ridiculous and that I want it removed. Once again, too bad. So I called the collection agency and explained the situation. I was told that it’s between me and the original creditor. A couple months ago the collections were completely removed from my Equifax report. I’m not sure why, but fine by me. But the collections were still listed on TransUnion and Experian. I initiated disputes with those credit bureaus. My disputes were all denied. But for some odd reason one of the collections now shows as closed (still with a balance) on TransUnion. At at this point, even if the doctor’s association were to try and resubmit the claims (which they’ve said they won’t do) they can’t. The insurance company I had in 2014 no longer operates in Florida. There isn’t even a phone number to contact them. I need to apply for auto financing again soon, and I need this cleared up first. I have no other collection accounts and no delinquencies or late payments. The three remaining collection accounts are the only negative information on my credit reports. So, what are my options? How do I get these collections removed/deleted? Thanks in advance, Daniel

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