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  1. Annualcreditreport.com is currently giving you free access to your reports from the big 3 once per week. No need for backdoor access to your file.
  2. What are you trying to dispute? Disputing online is a bad idea 99.9% of the time. So their system being glitchy probably did you a favor.
  3. Another day, another targeted offer from Amex with an elevated SUB. Blue Business Plus - $9K CL SUB: 25K MR for $3K spend in 3 months
  4. What’s the over/under on how long this lasts? We should start a pool.
  5. I’d have caved too. I closed my Amex Biz Gold. They offered a $100 statement credit for $5k spend. The AF is $295. My Biz Platinum has an AO for +4 MR on gas for the next 6 months, which is the only benefit of the gold. Bye bye gold.
  6. Eligibility for their bank accounts is location dependent. You have to be in their service footprint to qualify to open one. Holding one of their cards can sometimes bypass that. Opening a free brokerage account will always bypass the location requirement. Using “because you earned it” for the fee waiver isn’t dependent on location. Just meeting a certain Vantage 3.0 threshold.
  7. https://www.usbank.com/bank-accounts/checking-accounts/credit-score-checking-account.html Free gold checking. One of the extremely rare times Vantage is used.
  8. Amex Blue Business Cash - $9k CL SUB is ok for a no-fee card - $250 statement credit for $5k spend in first 6 months, plus additional $250 statement credit for an additional $10k spend in first year.
  9. How was the dispute done? Hopefully not online. Also, if you intend to retain counsel and initiate legal action anyway, perhaps have the attorney handle that part as well.
  10. I preferred the $20 streaming credit + $20 cell phone credit that this replaces. This is $10 per month less in credits, and the previous credits were $40 that I’d have been spending regardless of the credit. Edit: OTOH, I like them adding $10 in Uber benefits to the consumer gold card.
  11. Yes, in most cases it’s one HP. Also, in most cases, once you have an account with Amex they never do another HP. Also true is that inquiries don’t matter. Apply for the cards that reward your spending habits.
  12. If Amex Platinum is still in consideration, you can currently get a SUB of 100k MR for $5k spend in 6 months, PLUS 10MR/$ spent on gas and groceries on up to $15k spend in the first 6 months. Going directly to: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/card/platinum/ in Incognito mode in Chrome instead of navigating through the site to the Platinum card page will show the offer. You may have to clear browser history and cookies and refresh a couple times for it to show the elevated offer. That’s assuming that the $550 AF is palatable and you’ll actually make enough use of the benefits.
  13. Maybe call and escalate to a supervisor if they’re still on your reports from ACR. TU does early deletes over the phone. Free weekly through March or April I think.
  14. I’m calling your bluff.
  15. Sounds like a video game. “Nintendo Switch Sportage S Nightfall Premium Edition” Limited Edition, pre-order your copy today!

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