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    I did a quick search and found that. It seems based on your previous comment that you expected it to graduate as well. But I forgot that you know everything. Go ahead with your usual MO of insults. Next I’m a Neanderthal, then Barney Rubble, then a few more unoriginal overused insults. But if being an internet tough guy and derailing someone else’s thread makes you feel less pathetic, have at it. I’ll be doing something more productive and worthwhile (quite literally anything else).
  2. DPB


    Right. So just keep chugging along expecting the cards to graduate sometime around one year? Seems to me that knowing the facts about the cards you carry would be worthwhile.
  3. Thanks for the reminder. I wasn’t willing to spend the 90 seconds to lift my TU freeze to find out what their offer was when I first got the email. But I lifted the freeze today to app a different card. They offered $10k at 17%. But no thanks, it’s not worth the hit to AAOA. The no thanks button is very small compared to the accept button.
  4. DPB


    PotO, we’re giving the same advice here. I wasn’t suggesting that he ask for the cards to graduate at the 2 month mark. Just find out when they’re eligible so he can prepare to ask at the right time. Don’t some cards remain secured unless you make a request? I’m not too knowledgeable about that as I’ve never had a secured card. I was also not suggesting prepaying more than is owed. Just PIF before the statement cuts so the cards report no balance.
  5. It appears that offers are indeed stackable. My my last delivery from Plated was subpar. Whoever thought shipping fish to Florida with only 3 ice packs was sufficient was incorrect. So I cancelled. But I liked the idea of this type of service so I’m giving Home Chef a try. There are two current Amex offers: Spend $45 or more, get $10 back. Up to 4 times. And Get one additional MR point for each dollar spent. Both immediately triggered a confirmation email from Amex when I placed my order. This service is more expensive, but it includes more meals. 4 meals, 2 servings per meal is $79.60. Went through Rakuten, which gave a $20 instant discount ($20 for each of your first 4 orders). So $59.60 charged. Plus 10% back on my Rakuten MR earning account. $10 Amex statement credit, 119 Amex MR points, plus 60 Amex MR points from Rakuten. Final tally is $49.60 + 179 Amex MR points for 8 servings. As long as they use the proper amount of ice when shipping it could be worth it.
  6. As hege said, a paid charge off and an unpaid charge off count the same for FICO. You need to list the debts - amounts, DOFD, status (held by OC or CA, or even sold to a JDB). Also, you need to know SOL for your state in case the amounts are high enough to result in the wonder of the debt filing suit. Without that info, it’s difficult to give good advice.
  7. DPB


    Congrats. Make sure you PIF every month. Don’t carry a balance. In fact, find out when the three cards generate statements and pay before those dates so they don’t report a balance. With lower limits on the Discover and Cap1 cards, almost any purchase will hurt your utilization. Prepaying these cards will keep that from happening. And after you get a couple statement periods and payments out of the way with Discover and Cap1, call and ask what the requirements are for the cards to graduate to unsecured cards. Edit: Out of curiosity, why did you make the title of this thread Mike?
  8. Discover is glitchy for sure. My statement cut this Monday at about 1am. I was at my computer paying bills and had logged in around 12:30am to check the balance and see if the statement had generated, which it had not. Finished paying bills at about 1:15 and logged into Discover again to see how much more I needed to spend via PayPal to max out the 5% for the quarter since I forgot to do so earlier. I noticed that my statement was available, which was my third statement since opening the card. Time for a CLI. Increase from $2500 to $4k. Then about 30 minutes ago, almost exactly three days since the CLI, I got an email from Discover. It was an auto CLI to $3200. WTF? So I called Discover’s 100% US based customer service. The new automated system is dumb, so I just said “speak to a representative.” When the automated system asked what it could do to better help in the future, my response was “You suck robot. I want to speak to a representative.” I was was immediately transferred to a live person and explained the CLI confusion. He was very pleasant and easy to deal with, and within two minutes he had changed my CL back to $4k.
  9. It does seem like they hate CV. My cash back is correct as well for about $1k in PP purchases. Perhaps this thread should be retitled to "OMG Discover Hates CV."
  10. SageStream and ARS come to mind. There are a few other small CRAs that I can't remember the names of.
  11. Are you Tammi? I was leaning towards it being a made up question he posted for himself.
  12. Other than “starting to live on a strict, written, monthly budget” that was a lot of words with zero meaning and some bad advice in the beginning. A lower interest rate to pay off $3k in debt faster is bad? What’s next, you pay off your lower balance cards first even if they have a lower interest rate?
  13. If you’re that worried about it, you can freeze ChexSystems too.
  14. It sounds like OP already placed security freezes on his/her files and just wants to verify that the freezes are in place. I see two ways to do that. 1 - Call the CRAs. I believe the automated systems will tell you. Otherwise one of the phone reps can. 2 - Try seeing if you are pre-approved. Many of the major card issuers have a pre-approval/pre-qualification tool on their website. If your files are frozen you’ll get a response that you aren’t matched to any cards. I believe that Discover even tells you that you have a freeze.
  15. I found no cards currently offering free Prime. Not even the actual Amazon Prime cards offered by Amex and Chase. So I stand by my previous comment. I’d get a greenie if it came with free Prime membership. I could easily extract more than the remaining $30 of the AF using Amex offers.

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