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  1. Certified is used in case you need proof for a dispute or legal action. GW is asking for a favor, therefore regular mail is just fine.
  2. Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa $7,000 --> $10,500
  3. Staples - Get 10% back, up to $50 Stacked with Dosh 4% back and Rakuten 2% back.
  4. This. Pay off your Delta card completely and then call recon.
  5. DPB


    15 elite night credits. Probably nothing else useful. Can you PC a co-brand card to something worthwhile?
  6. DPB


    Then why not just PC to the no AF version?
  7. Mine still shows FICO8. Updated June 3.
  8. I see the option on the main credit card landing page. Big blue “Prequalify me” button. Clicking it brings you to a login screen.
  9. EQ, EX, and TU: Innovis: https://www.innovis.com/personal/creditReport You want paper copies mailed to you. The free reports from AnnualCreditReport, even if mailed to you, give the CRAs 50% longer to respond to a dispute.
  10. Florida’s SOL is 4 or 5 years depending on the type of debt. So you are out of SOL for the UMB debt. You can either wait for it to drop, or attempt early exclusion. There are threads in this forum that explain EE in detail. For the Merrick account, if the bureaus are reporting a deletion date of 10/22 the DOFD is probably 10/15. I think Florida’s law considers CCs as open-ended, which would make SOL 4 years. But I’m not 100% sure. You should read the statutes and do some research before making a decision. Although, Centex’s question about the source of the information you provided is important. If you’re not getting the info from paper reports that were mailed to you by the CRAs, you can’t trust said information.
  11. I earn MR at a far higher rate than I can use them. It’s an easy way to turn that into cash. And since Amex SUBs are once per lifetime, don’t get the vanilla Plat unless you can get the 100k SUB.
  12. In my experience TCB takes a lot longer for CB to post. I’ve also had enough issues with purchases tracking that I’ve almost completely stopped using them. They are usually paying at a higher rate than Rakuten, but in most cases I decide to take the lower payout in MR over the hassle of futilely arguing with their customer service.
  13. In order to cash out MR, you need the Charles Schwab Platinum Amex. You have to have a Schwab account to qualify for the card, and it carries a $550 per year AF. Amex personal Gold has a $25k (100k MR) per year cap on 4x spending.
  14. As long as you opt out of overdraft protection, PenFed does a SP on EQ for new bank accounts. That said, when I applied a couple weeks ago it was approved and I was given account info immediately. Give it a couple days and then call.

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