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  1. Damn right! Next time I buy a car not only won’t I put any money down, I’m going to have the dealership give me $15k extra in cash.
  2. Sounds like your app was manually reviewed and they approved it. Congrats. Also, congratulations on your pregnancy?
  3. Or accept the retention bonus that they will usually offer.
  4. CIP = Chase Ink Preferred SUB = Signup Bonus As recommenced, figure out which cards have benefits/rewards that apply to your spending pattern. Just because a card has a higher annual fee doesn’t mean it’s the wrong card. But it doesn’t mean it is the right one either. The annual fee amount doesn’t matter as long as you are able to extract more benefits than the fee amount each year.
  5. Rakuten Visa no longer gets 3% CB at GCM or GCC as of 2/15.
  6. You’ve actually been given some solid advice. A few more things though... Have you researched the SOL for where you live? If the Cap1 account is past SOL for being sued, let it fall off. Maybe try for an early deletion in a couple months. What is the DOFD for the Credit One and Fingerhut accounts? Maybe try for a PFD on those. And get paper copies of your reports. Don’t rely on the online crap.
  7. Why do I feel like I’m being yelled at by a rainbow?
  8. I guess I failed miserably as well. I’ll just have to settle for the thousands of Amex MR points, several hundred dollars in CB, and roughly 80k AA miles that I ended up with. I’ll have to try harder next time.
  9. While I’m a big fan of the $25k/yr for 4x grocery MS, the slutty waitresses really do like the metal rose gold Amex. So double win for me? And since I’m already here typing... Amex Biz Platinum $595 Amex Biz Gold $295 Amex Personal Gold (Rose Gold) $250 Amex Biz Bonvoy $125 (getting the ax before paying the AF for year two) Citi Biz Platinum something something AA $99 (waived first year, being cancelled before year 2)
  10. Not true. I’ve done PCs and it just updates the account number on my reports. All other info stays the same. Same thing if your card is lost or stolen and the card number changes.
  11. Can you list the actual DOFD for the three accounts? Also, do not dispute online. In writing, via snail mail only (with a couple exceptions).
  12. There is no difference of opinion. You gave some terrible advice. That’s is a fact, not an opinion. Also, you may want to proofread before clicking submit. Your use of punctuation could use some improvement. This is another fact, not an opinion.
  13. If the plan is PFD, why bother disputing the classification of the debt? Seems like you’d just be adding an unnecessary step.

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