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  1. That makes sense. I was on my phone, so I didn’t notice the spacing was different. It’s easier to see now on my iPad. And “1-3-2” would have made it much easier to read. Also, he apparently seems to want to collect every America Airlines card available.
  2. I completely agree. And these people are why renting/buying and selling trade lines should be made illegal. They are basically defrauding a creditor by passing off someone else’s good credit history as their own. Now, my mother added me as an AU on a couple cards when I was 18 to help me build credit. But one of those cards was solely mine for me to use. But she was the primary cardholder and the bills came addressed to her. So she saw every statement to make sure I was being responsible. The whole point was to help me while teaching me to be a responsible adult. I consider that to be a completely different situation from a company selling AU accounts.
  3. How is that even legal? Being an AU on a relative’s card is one thing, but charging for this as a business seems awfully close to being fraud.
  4. Look at all the pretty colors!!!!!! But seriously, 132 INQs? I know that INQs don’t mean a whole lot, but that’s still excessive. Especially for someone with only 5 current cards with a total CL of $5k. At some point, how do you not realize that you’re not going to be approved and just stop? I can’t even think of anywhere near that amount of cards, loans, etc. that I could possibly want.
  5. I’m an AU on one of my mom’s cards. So her address gets reported to my files. When I first noticed this, I disputed the address as not mine. It was deleted from all files. Then the card reported the address again and the address was back. Disputed again and removed. Then added back again by the creditor. So now I just deal with the weekly “I have mail for you. Should I open it?” phone call from her. It would appear as long as you are an AU on an active trade line, the address is going to get reported.
  6. DPB


    Since most of your collections are medical, you should check out the medical section. Read the pinned threads, then post there. Whychat is very helpful.
  7. I believe that the score that Citi shows you is EQ Fico 8. So the next update should give you a good idea of where you’re at. There is a thread in this forum that has a list of what cards & banks give you scores for free. Chances are your other card and probably even your bank will provide your scores.
  8. As a data point here, age doesn’t have to be too old. My current average age of accounts (per MyFICO) is about 2.5 years. My scores are all 730-740. No negatives except an 8+ year old BK. But I have 5 revolvers and low util. Also, as mentioned above, Vantage is crap. Credit Karma shows my scores being 30-40 points lower than my fico 8 scores.
  9. Update: I never got the usual alert from the app about the other 4x uses for Apple Pay. I also never saw anything on my statements. But I was looking at my points summary online and noticed that AMEX credited me the additional 800 points. It was a single 800 point credit instead of four 200 point credits. So it looks like if an offer says that it can be used “up to X times” you’ll see the credit for the first use immediately. Then the remaining uses will be credited either when you’ve used them all up or at the end of the statement cycle (I’m not sure which as I used all 5 in one cycle).
  10. DPB


    This probably varies by location. In Florida, a judgement automatically attaches to all real estate. I had a judgement against me that was discharged in bankruptcy. No lien was attached to my house, which was the only real estate I owned at the time. The judgement still shows when searching court records. So every time I sell real estate titled in my name I have to provide documentation that the judgement was discharged. This is on property purchased years after the BK. Until I provide the BK documents the title company says they have to pay the judgement.
  11. How exactly is that a “life hack?” I thought a life hack is something millennials do to make something easier/more efficient for not much money. That entire article is pointless. I charged probably around $50k this month between personal and business. I’ll PIF when I get the statements. I’d have spent the exact same amount had I used cash or debit. And as mentioned above, why forgo free points and fraud protection? Perhaps these people just need to learn proper budgeting.
  12. Another “Not exactly an Amex offer but probably belongs in this thread” thing. https://bgr.com/2019/05/21/best-amazon-deals-amex-promo-30-off-60/ You use 1 MR point at checkout and get a $30 discount. I just purchased some stuff that was already in my cart that I needed anyway, and I can confirm that this does indeed work. The article is incorrect about third-party sellers. It has to be items sold by Amazon. Perhaps Amazon changed the terms. But either way, I just got $75.66 worth of stuff for $45.65 and 1 MR point.
  13. So I’d call United or Aeroplan to add a TPA to either JFK or EWR? I’d be fine with a layover in JFK. I could just go to the Centurion lounge. Or if it’s a long enough layover, I could just go find something to do in the city. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been to NYC and I’ve been considering going.
  14. I saw that. But if I leave on the 13th, there is a MIA-PRG flight. Basically the same as the JFK flight, 787-8 from the US to Warsaw, then a Dash 8 Q400 to PRG. I’m not sure how Aeroplan can call the Q400 business class, but it’s only an hour and a half flight. I was actually hoping to fly in and out of TPA, but that doesn’t seem to be an option if I want business class for the international flight. So I’m planning to drive down to Miami. I could even rent a car for that, which would probably be the same as going TPA-JFK. I’ll probably go the Aeroplan route leaving on the 13th. It would have been nice if I could have used my original plan. Less MRs spent and AA’s planes are nicer, but free business class airfare is still great.
  15. Planning to leave on the 14th and come back on the 25th. But the dates are flexible. I checked on Aeroplan and only found coach for the flight to PRG. I’d rather pay for the flight than fly coach internationally. I could use points for the return flight and pay for the flight there if I can’t find another option.

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