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  1. It could also be merchant specific. It would make sense the different POS terminals are coded differently, and some would allow a swipe where others won’t. If it is issuer specific, that makes sense too. Amex not allowing this doesn’t surprise me. My card with a damaged chip is from Wells Fargo. And we know how well they do things...
  2. Yes, in theory that’s how it’s supposed to work. But not in practice. I have a debit card with a damaged chip. Somehow about half of the chip peeled off. I use it maybe once every couple months when I’m making a purchase that is cash/debit only. I haven’t bothered to get it replaced. Every time I use it, I insert it into the terminal and get a card read error. Repeat twice more and then swipe. Not once have I ever been asked to show the card to the cashier. The signature strip even says “CHECK ID” in sharpie. I honestly can’t tell you when a cashier last asked to see one of my cards or for ID. Almost every time I travel Citi fraud alerts cause declined transactions. You’d think that a declined card and me saying “damned Citi fraud BS” in front of the cashier then using a different card would raise suspicion. Nope. In my experience minimum wage employees just don’t care.
  3. Not really. If the chip is damaged, after three failed attempts at using the chip most terminals instruct you to swipe the mag strip.
  4. Welcome! First of all, don’t dispute online. You want to dispute in writing, by mail. This is the only method for disputing, with very few exceptions. Also, have you obtained paper copies of your reports from all four major CRAs? If not, that is the first step.
  5. More proof of your point... I received a CLI from Sync this week. And new card approvals from Wells and Amex since the pandemic began. Discover denied my CLI request, but I’m sure that’s because I charge exactly $1500 per quarter on that card.
  6. Ave you checked your EQ Fico scores since the loans dropped off? Those were your only negative marks, right? If that report is now clean and your looking to open any new accounts, freeze TU and EX. Then apply using creditors that are known to pull EQ. That should help jumpstart your rebuild.
  7. Will it let you have your EQ file mailed to you? If not you’re going to need to contact EQ to see what’s going on with your file. Although, if the loan with negative info isn’t reporting at all, you should probably see an increase in your FICO scores for EQ. So maybe it’s worth leaving it alone until you’ve finished rehabbing the loan.
  8. You left out the 0% BT offer that OP has on their existing Discover. That can be used to bring individual card utilization down to a more acceptable level. And thus making a CLI and new card more likely to be approved.
  9. Where are you seeing this change? Since you can get your reports for free every week from annual credit report, I’d recommend doing that and see what the actual reports show.
  10. Rakuten VISA $7,200 —> $10,000
  11. If you want the DC and plan to close this card, why not just PC this card to a DC instead?
  12. I'm going to guess they had some positive equity in the trade-in and used that as the down payment. Based on what’s posted over there, I’m not surprised that the poster didn’t know the term “positive equity.”
  13. He bought AA gift cards using a CC. Then bought tickets paid for partially with the gift cards and partially on a credit card. Then cancelled the tickets and had the entire refund go to the credit card. But for some reason AA’s system wasn’t cancelling the tickets. So he was able to use the tickets and also keep the cash. That’s how it’s been explained on the various M$ and travel blogs.
  14. I’ll be at 3/24 in December. BK will drop off EQ and EX the same time if I can’t get early exclusion. I’ll finally be able to get a couple Chase cards!
  15. So you chose the one creditor that doesn’t backdate AU accounts? Congratulations on your now lower AAoA.

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