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  1. Ptrap01

    Pen Fed

  2. Ptrap01

    Audi Finacial

  3. Ptrap01

    Hard Pull

    savings and checking
  4. Ptrap01

    Hard Pull

    Thanks applied for Both.Credit Scores 709 EXP 700 TU
  5. Ptrap01

    Hard Pull

    I think I made a mistake applied for Pen Fed Bank account and they did a hard pull.Is this a big mistake or not to bad.Got the account Thanks
  6. I have one late 30 days 3 years ago, loan will be paid off in October should I dispute this or let it go.Thanks
  7. Ptrap01

    New card

    Thanks for answering With both cards CL 14500 utilization 18% got Discover card in May
  8. Ptrap01

    New card

    I have a 701 FICO EXP 700 TU FICO are these scores ok to apply for new credit card live in NJ a bit gun shy had a lot of credit problems 3-4 years ago.Have a Discover Secured card and a AU on wifes Discover card.Or should I wait to get score higher.Have 3 auto loans ongoing 2 about to be paid off.Any help would be appreciated.

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