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  1. I haven't bought the economy is strong ever since they started releasing reports of low unemployment rates. The employment economy may be strong with low paying jobs, but when it comes to anything higher than 28,000 a year, good luck. This is where credit delinquency comes in to play. I lived it for 2 years recently. Laid off from a well paying job down to a job making 15.00 an hour. Been job searching ever since. Over 500+ applications, networking, doing everything I have in my power to find something I am experienced in and that aligns with my payscale. No joy! Unfortunately, during that time, cash reserves quickly dried up, needed to resort to CC's although that isn't what you should do nor did I want to do it. Getting stuck at a certain debt level and a significantly decreased income is hard to get out of. The majority of it is of my doing, and I accept that. Coupled with the fact that, creditors really aren't interested in helping anyone. God forbid they waive fees, drop interest rates, or recognize you were a timely paying customer until you hit hardship. Same goes for banks. I made them aware of my situation, I would have a payment come in, be short 12.00, go to the branch, cover it, and instead of paying the item, they would return it, charge me an OD fee and in turn, I would get another returned item fee from the creditor. Companies are permitted to steal money from consumers and it's wrong. I had 2 Capital One accounts, one was put on a hardship plan and they wouldn't let me put the other one on a hardship plan. Where does that make sense?Trying to gobble up that last cent of interest from me as if they didn't gobble up enough during the time I carried a balance on it for 5 years. At the end of the day, I am also to blame too. But, they sure as hell don't make it easier to recoup.
  2. Avant is the OC, the account is delinquent and 3 payments behind. It is still with the OC because I went into an APR reduction.plan with them to rehab the account. As far as points are concerned, I'm not worried about that right now. In the past 3 or 4 months my account has been heavily littered with lates. Pretty much every account I have has been closed. This is my time to eliminate my extra obligations that aren't needed at this point. I can worry about repair at a later date as obtaining any new credit isn't on my laundry list anytime soon. I can use that money towards paying 2 other cards off.
  3. Good Morning, I have an account with Avant and would like to pay it off. I am receiving a monetary gift to pay my debts off. I don't have enough for everything but I am really close. (See other posts if interested) They are all revolving accounts still with OC's and one loan with Avant. I called them this morning and they do offer settlements. A- I know they are going to report it as a settled account B- I know anything over $600.00 is going to trigger a 1099 With regard to A, if I can save $1,000 or so in the settlement offer, it would give me the remaining amount of money to pay 2 other cards off and give me a free and clear slate not owing anybody anything, is it worth it or should I just pay the full asking? As far as B is concerned, I'm not concerned. I'll have to pay tax which is just going to get deducted off of any refund(it is what it is). Thank you kindly
  4. So asking for them to re-age the account in agreement to pay in full? I would assume I would be asking if they can do this before I pay it. I can see the amount of shuffling around on the phone that's gonna happen asking for a re-age on my account. Lol Some of these call centers are absurd. Most can't even handle the basic of tasks.
  5. All of the accounts are still with the original creditors, so I guess that answers my question as far as negotiation. I guess no wiggle room when they are with them.
  6. Hello Everyone, Not to open the ball of wax, previous posts talk about situation. I am looking for advice on how to proceed with a payoff plan. I am getting enough money to pay nearly everything off, but not everything. Most things at this point are closed so no use is permitted because I went into hardship plans. Most of my creditors are 30-60 days past due, but I want to pay EVERYTHING if I can. Can I negotiate with any of them at all to get things reduced to fit everything into the amount I receive? Thank you in advance.
  7. Income right now is 29,000 per year. Working on increasing that of course. Most of the accounts at this point all have 30-60 lates except for my auto lease account and 2 revolvers that are open. Of all the others, they are on hardship plans and of course closed. But even thought they are being "rehabbed", I still owe the past due amount. Synchrony Amazon however backdated my past due so I could ACTUALLY catch up and not be default anymore. Capital One also sent me a later saying if I successfully complete there 60 month plan that they would backdated any lates if I accumulate any.
  8. Highest limit is 1900, second highest 1000, and third is 900. The rest float around 300-700.
  9. 14k, thankfully not 140k. Typo on my part. Apologies...
  10. This is correct! My unsecured debt is around 14,0000. I spoke with a few BK attorneys and that can be wiped. The IRS is concurrent years, so I have a 3 years that have not met the eligible discharge date according to the IRS rule for tax debt on income tax.
  11. Thank you. Another piece to this is, I am 31,000 in the hole to the IRS for income tax. Bankruptcy isn't an option for another 2 1/2 years because of the tax frames and what is allowable to be discharged. Still in the 3 year rule. If I even think about BK at this point, I'm looking at still owing around 17,000. So I don't think it's worth it IMO to even ponder BK as an option right now
  12. Hello Everyone, So the past 3 months has been "I give up" attitude. Everything has tanked. I'm not really caring, although I do realize it is the incorrect attitude. So basically I have pretty much let everything slip off the deep end. I reached out for help, and exhausted all options. I have pretty much contacted all creditors and I have most of my accounts on hardship programs. YES, I did this even though it is frowned upon. Credit wasn't great, but I had a clean profile with no lates and no CO's. I have no CO's but tons of lates. I desperately tried to consolidate before all of this happened but I couldn't get any lender to help me. I knew all of this would happen. For all future seekers of DMP's you can do it yourself. No need to pay someone. The only thing I regret with not going for a DMP was one consolidated payment. Even though I have gotten reduced if not dropped to 0% interest rates and reduced minimums, I'm still making like 13 payments a month which had just been overwhelming to keep up with. My biggest current dilemna is, I have an auto lease which ends in Feb of 2019. This is almost 500.00 a month. I have really thought about voluntarily repo'ing the damn thing even though it would be foolish to with only 3 months left. Also I'm mileage over, I'm not buying another car so I'm gonna be on the hook for the mileage bill and all the disposition fees. Another bill I will not have the ability to pay when due. But at this point I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul. I have let everything default so why not one more right? I could really use the freed up cash right now to reprioritize things to not fall into the 120+ category and start risking CO's or should I not even care anymore about that at this point?
  13. Hello Everyone, In light of my recent troubles, I contacted Capital One about 2 closed accounts I have with them. One balance of 2100 and one with 1300. None are 30 days past due. They float around 20 days past due each month. I was offered on one account, 3 months of no fees in interest, and on the higher balance one, no fees and interest with a 60 month 43.00 minimums payment. Anyone else here use such programs?

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