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  1. I checked my balance of the credit card through credit Karma and the utilization fell to zero. I called the finance company and they did say the balance was still on the card as it is still technically in dispute. Thank you for helping me! Also, I did not know that thank you I will post in the correct section from now on!
  2. That was for the previous dispute. I’m assuming they sided with the merchant in the first dispute because I disputed in May but the furiniture was not set to deliver until June. June has come and gone and no attempt of delivery has been made. I have a copy of the contract stating the exact delivery date. The copy the merchant sent to the finance company ( for whatever reason) is missing the exact date of delivery. I also have receipt of the cease and decease I sent. I sent them through certified mail. I see what you’re saying! I’ll look through the contract as soon as I get home.
  3. Okay, the merchant is saying the refund policy only applies to furniture that is damaged. However after close assessment of the contract the merchant sent to the financing company I noticed they altered the delivery date by removing it entirely. Should I make note of that as well? The merchant is also saying they refused my cancellation.
  4. It was issued for store use and the finance company is synchrony finnancial. This all occurred in May. I live in nevada and this was furniture for my home.
  5. Yes it was issued for store use. It’s from a bank called synchrony financial and I live in Nevada. This happened in May of this year, so a couple months ago. The furniture was for my home. I called the merchant several times within the seven days as well and they continued telling me all sales final. But I never reccieved anything!
  6. So I made a mistake and financed furniture for my first place. I was young and idoitic and signed a contract that stated all sales final. The contract also stated that I had seven days to get a refund for the merchandise. The merchandise was not in store and the company had to order it online. After a good nights sleep something felt off and I searched the furniture store and noticed most people got furniture that was nothing like what they wanted. I called both the financing company and the merchant to make good on their seven day policy. I never reccieved any furniture and did not walk away with anything. The merchant gave me the run around and said there was nothing they could do. The account was closed May 1st but re opened and charged May 14th. I disputed the charges as the furniture was never attempted to be delivered. I also mailed a cease and desist to both the merchant and the fiance company within the seven day period. The financing company said that I could not dispute the charges and that the contract was binding. I let them know that I still had not reccieved anything from the merchant and the financing company disputed it again. I checked my credit and the balance on the credit card dropped to zero. Is this because it’s in dispute? The balance did not decrease the first time I disputed it. I was young and made a mistake I’d just like to know my options.

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