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  1. I didnt know this until today. You can go to any Walmart cashier and tell them you want to add funds to your Woodforest Bank debit card. You tell the cashier to perform an action code 70 and then do a card reload. They swipe your Woodforest Bank debit card, and then hand the cashier the funds and then instantly your funds are available in your Woodforest Bank account. This is convenient if you dont live near a branch and or the branch is closed. This is done in the same manner as would load money on the GOBank or Bluebird type cards. I wonder how many other bank debit cards would work this way.
  2. Im from Ohio as well. What bank was it and what part of Ohio you from
  3. Unity National Bank, the branch in Troy, OH uses EWS. If you apply online, they use chexsystems.
  4. I will be the first one to admit, I have a horrible chexsystems record... I have been in chexsystems since 2006 and still to this day. I had bad business deals and partners go bad through out the years and so now I work solo. I have been able to open accounts while in chexsystems like at Woodforest National Bank, US Bank, 5/3 Bank, PNC Bank. small local credit unions. Most of the banks and the people who work there all know me really well due to the nature of my business and so they are all aware of my past banking and overlook it as I have managed these account for years with no problem. Another option is to try Washington Savings Bank in Lowell, MA as they offer rewards checking and can apply online. another one is Valley Bank of Helena in MT. They have an online application and i did business with them as well with no problem. One or 2 chex entries wont bar u forever from a bank. In fact some only go back 2-3 years.
  5. Depending on where you live, you can check out the list of banks that dont use chexsystems. Some banks will allow you to open an account if you can show proof that a prior debt was paid in full.. The negative reporting does stay on 5 years. You can also ask the reporting bank to update your chexsystems as paid. The only time individual accounts would be affected is if a bank would run a chex sweep, meaning that they would randomly run chexsystems to stay in compliance with federal guidelines. At that time, the bank decide to close the account for prior banking activity. Chase and a few others are known to do that.
  6. Please try www.fcbanking.com as they are overlooking chexsystems records at the moment. You can apply online and would need to fund the account at that time with a credit card/debit card or ACH through another bank account. I have a horrible chexsystems record myself and was able to get 3 accounts with them. They are located in Ohio and Indiana. But another person from Illinois from this forum was able to get an account.
  7. Langley FCU will approve you regardless. If you have a Equifax FICO above a 600 you can get an account with shared branching, debit card, checks, free account, online banking, mobile deposit. and can make ATM deposits at most PNC Banks. However, if the score is below 600, they will still open you one, called an essential account. You will get debit card, checks, mobile/online banking. However, you wont be able to do shared branching, mobile deposits, or initiate ACH transfers from Langley. Join one of their associations and you will be able to join. I been with them since Feb 2018 and i started with an essential account myself, worked my way up to a FICO 600 in April 2018 and they changed my account for me. www.langleyfcu.org First Commonwealth Bank - they have been approving online applications no matter where you live, full fledged account. You can make ATM deposits at US Bank ATMs. Try them as well. www.fcbanking.com
  8. Try some of the bigger banks. I know PNC, Fifth Third , Key , Chase, US Bank, will run only the EIN and not the signer. Woodforest even has a 2nd chance business account. But PNC, Key, and 5/3 may later run EWS on the signer, you will be fine if not on EWS. Another option, right now, First Commonwealth Bank has branches in PA ( dont know how far you are from PA ) but you can open a business account at a branch or a personal account online. Currently, they are not looking at chexsystems reports and just by passing them, they believe everyone should have chance, I have driven miles and days to get an account.
  9. IH does not use chexsystems. They run a credit report.
  10. mckbulldog02


    Membership Requirements: Membership Eligibility Individuals who live, regularly work, worship, attend schools or perform volunteer services on Hawaii Island; and members of their immediate families or household and organizations of such persons. Any business and other legal entities located on Hawaii Island. Immediate family members of a natural person member or potential member may join the credit union even if they do not live, regularly work, worship, attend schools or perform volunteer services on Hawaii Island. When I applied I listed that I volunteered services on the Island of Hilo. The woman who opened the account didn't ask for any sort of proof. I remembered that my brother did go to school on the Island before moving to China. She said since he lived and went school on the Island and although wasn't a member, I could still join because he technically would of qualified for membership. So then she asked me what his school address was, she used that as my physical address and used my actual physical address as my mailing address. She said leave the account open about a month and I would be more then welcome to complete an address change back to my physical home address. She was real nice and more then willing to help me join anyway she could.
  11. I am glad that my post was able to help you out and get the account you needed. I have an update as well, the bank called me today to follow up on if i had any questions regarding the new account. The banker went over hold times and deposit availibility as a new customer and the mobile deposit cut off time is 7:45 PM EST
  12. Update: The ATM deposit was made at 1:12 am and was available in the account at 7:00 am when i logged in to check. So basically it took about 6 hours or less to be available, however, they did charge an ATM fee of $2.50 to make that ATM deposit.
  13. I called two First Commonwealth Bank branches in Columbus, OH and spoke to a retail banker. The banker advised that they do run chexsystems, but however due to a recent system upgrade I was informed that they are by passing any chexsystems records and are not even looking at them or using the report to deny the account. The banker then said, this is America, we believe that everyone should be able to bank with us regardless of their past. She further stated, we also think everyone deserves a chance.
  14. mckbulldog02


    I want to make mention on the banks that use EWS, that once you get an account and you can by pass EWS, you are safe to open additional accounts at the banks you have that run EWS. 5/3 runs EWS and I have 7 open accounts with them and my account open date on my first one was 06/30/2014. The branch told me there that after you pass the screening, your no longer considered a new customer and the account wont come up to be screened because of tenure. PNC has told me the same thing. Each time i open an account i am safe, i am on EWS and have been for a long time. I had a Wells Fargo account in 2005 and closed it in 2007 on good terms. I opened a new Wells Fargo account in January 2017 and had no troubles. In fact my debit card says, cardholder since 2005. With that in mind, i doubt they ran EWS because " according to them i have been a customer since 2005, regardless if i left and came back 10 years later. When i did open my my first account at 5/3 and PNC, EWS was ran and my accounts weren't closed, but froze. I went in the branches and talked my way out of it. I even talked to the loss prevention people and within 20 minutes i was back up and running. It also helped to that I was friends with the 5/3 branch manager, so he helped talk my way from closure to.

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