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  1. Since we all belong on this forum, I think it would be ideal to help one another out in need of a bank account when it comes to credit unions. Since they are picky about how you can join, and not through an association, why not let people join because of one of us being a current member at a credit union. When I was in need of an account many years ago, my friend who lives in Texas , told me about a Credit Union in the Dallas area. I was informed they used Telecheck. He said when you apply online, just list my name as a relative and i did. The account was opened without any issue. If the bank would call to verify the relationship, you can always say, yes we are related. Thats as far as that can go. I have helped many people get into credit unions that i belong to in which they didn't qualify due to location. I have never encountered any issues. Sometimes if you join a church they will accept you to since you are technically member of that church, if eligibility is based upon on work or worship in that area. I think we should at least give the gift of membership to those who need it.
  2. Community Wide FCU uses credit report. Ypu can apply online and join an association. www.comwide.com Midwest America FCU uses telecheck. The application must be notarized and mailed in. Address on license must match application or they will mail back. They dont accept utility bills, etc for proof of address. Address on license must match current home address. https://www.mwafcu.org/
  3. I know Capital One now uses EWS for on applications. I had my brother freeze his chexsystems and then go to capital one to apply. He applied and was denied due to EWS. I dont think freezing chex is a work around anymore for the ones who are on it.
  4. I don't know if TAB Banks policies have recently changed or not. I applied online for a Business Checking Account around 11/23/19. I never heard nothing, and never followed up. Then on 1/8/20, I got an email from a bank rep requesting a utility bill. I emailed it to her. 4 hours later, I got an email saying i was approved. I was given routing and account number via email. I was able to sign up for online banking. On 1/11/20 I thought what the hell and applied for their personal checking, i was instantly approved. I'm not sure if they use Chexsystems or not. I know back in 2008 they didn't. My Chexsystems is horrible. I have 9 unpaid closures still showing in which was from ID Theft. When i take proper documentation in to open an account at any bank branch, they usually accept that and still open accounts with no issues. But I am not sure if maybe the business account by passed chexsystems, since i would be an " existing customer ". www.tabbank.com
  5. They are moving along alot faster now.. I moved up almost 2,000 spots a day. was at 700,000 in line and now im 406,000 in line
  6. Community Wide FCU- This bank also pulls a credit report. Im not sure what the score has to be. I applied last year and both accounts were opened. I never did get a debit card. I called and they said soon as direct deposit goes in because of my score, they would send one. I did the get the card. I have shared branching, and mobile deposit access as well and mobile banking. anyone can join. https://comwide.com/
  7. I am like 435,236 in line, but you can move up 1000 spots a day by just tapping on the Robinhood debit card picture that tells you your place in line. I literally click it 1000 times a day lol lol.. I was 435, 896 in line at one time.
  8. Try First Commonwealth Bank... They are all over in PA. I live in Ohio and opened my personal account online and my business account in the branch. I am on Chexsystems and EWS both. They also just merged with some Santander branches in PA as well. www.fcbanking.com
  9. The green dot 3% cash back visa debit card comes with checks, its set up as the same platform as gobank.
  10. EWS removes entries 7 years from the date it was reported.
  11. I was able to open an account online. I applied on 6/27/19 and was approved on 07/01/19. My chexsystems is frozen as well. What I did to open it was I changed my Wells Fargo account address to my friends address in Grayslake IL and the Wells statement generated on Friday night and i uploaded the PDF to BCU and they accepted as for proof of eligibility but kept my residence address as my mailing address. But yes everything worked fine.
  12. I was denied for the U2 fresh start account
  13. I was denied today 06/03/2019 due to chexsystems
  14. I didnt know this until today. You can go to any Walmart cashier and tell them you want to add funds to your Woodforest Bank debit card. You tell the cashier to perform an action code 70 and then do a card reload. They swipe your Woodforest Bank debit card, and then hand the cashier the funds and then instantly your funds are available in your Woodforest Bank account. This is convenient if you dont live near a branch and or the branch is closed. This is done in the same manner as would load money on the GOBank or Bluebird type cards. I wonder how many other bank debit cards would work this way.

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