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  1. They can take their good ole time getting your funds back to you. Some make you wait up to 60 days before giving it back. Is the account new. Are you on Chex or EWS. Something promoted a risk closure. I always started off small then build bigger with the bank after more tenure
  2. Almost a year later my personal account is still open without issue even though i had a debt owed to them in 2007. Im just not able to open any more personal accounts. I opened a business account back in January of 2021 and got by somehow but i had to close it when my business name changed. After reapplying about 4 times i was able to get back in there again for the business account.
  3. You could try First Tech Fed Credit Union. I am on Chexsystems with it froze and never had an issue opening account online with them, If you join Financial Fitness, then you can join. Doesnt matter where you live. Im not sure if they use chexsystems or not.
  4. Update: I applied once a week at Bank of America to get the business account re-opened in the new name. After re-apply 5 different times, it was finally approved and opened.
  5. I ran into the opposite issue. I had a personal account go bad in 2007. I opened a personal account in July of 2020 and it was opened without issue. I did open a business account in January 2021 and was approved, however, the legal name of my business changed on 1/26/21 and therefore i had to change the name with all my creditors. When it came to Bank of America, I was advised I would need to close the account and re open a new one. The new account was denied and wont be opened. The business rep saw the remarks on my personal account from 2007 and transfers me to the fraud dept. Every time i call they always transfer me there. Fraud wont remove the remarks. So basically my account is all self service and cant be assisted by an rep or branch, they always refer me to fraud soon as they see the remarks. If i have to service the account myself and cant call, whats the point of even having an account there. Wells Fargo was able to assist me and get it opened.
  6. First Tech Fed is a little different when opening a business account with them. You first have to open a personal account with them ( can be opened online ), then to open business you call customer service and they email you the account forms and you fill out and send back with the required docs. you would email them back and then it takes 7-15 days to open it. Because of covid they are short staffed and when i became a member i waited 11 days for the personal account ( that can be opened online ). Just join https://financialfitnessassociation.org/first-tech-federal-credit-union/ to be eligible to join First Tech. I am in Ohio and there are no branches near me. They have shared branching , zelle , mobile deposits, and i can make ATM deposits at most shared branches. I hope this helps.
  7. I am on EWS and Chexsystems both. I have a business account at Wells Fargo, and First Tech Fed CU. I am in Ohio so they are not local to me. What state are you from ?
  8. Normally, we say wait until 2 statement cycles or 60 days but I havent had any issues with Capital One and I have been opened for almost 5 years now
  9. BBVA will only close you if you have a mobile deposit that returns unpaid or a failed bank transfer. BBVA closed me for a failed bank to bank transfer as I had the routing number incorrect. It was off by one number. They also use EWS. Capital One uses EWS now and not chexystems.
  10. This Credit Union FIREFIGHTERS & CO FCU uses Transunion credit report to open an account. You will want to call Shannon at 937-228-1614 and schedule an appointment as the lobby is closed for remodeling. She will meet you in the parking lot and open your accounts. She said everyone is approved and depending on your " credit score " will determine your debit card purchase and withdraw limits. You must live, work, worship or go to school in Miami, Greene, Montgomery Counties in Ohio. Below is the website. https://www.ffcocu.org/
  11. I owed Bank of America for some accounts back in 2006. I applied online 7/17/20 and it said my application was in process. On 07/24/2020 i got an email saying i was approved. I have been opened since then. I can still log in daily, i got my debit card, set up zelle, and checks. I havent funded it big money yet because I want to see what they are going to do. Im too afraid to apply for any other accounts and be denied and then they close this one. But I applied at BOA in like 2016 and 2018 and was instantly denied without reason. I have my chexsystems froze and I am still waiting for EWS to give me my report so I can see whats on it. But EWS is hard to deal with and they think they are above Consumer Reporting Agency laws.
  12. So far my accounts are still open, debit card was ordered and checks were ordered. They did pull Transunion credit report at account opening
  13. I have a discover bank checking account that has been open for 5 years that I am just a joint holder on. I found out that they only run chexystems on the primary account holder at the time of approval. I just applied today ( 8/9/2020 ) and was approved on my own, with a chexsystems freeze and multiple un paid debts from 2017-2018 time frame.
  14. I applied online at Heartland FCU for membership. You must live, work, go to school or worship in Miami, Montgomery, Clark and Greene counties in Ohio. My Chexsystems still has a freeze on it. They do offer a second chance account called opportunity checking. When i applied online, i was given my member number instantly ( the savings was the only account opened first ) and able to set up online banking. Then they have a section to open additional accounts. They had the option to pick opportunity checking or simple checking to apply for. I almost chose opportunity checking but selected simple checking. I selected it and clicked open now and it was instantly opened and showing online. I called later in the afternoon and she said my accounts were active and open and once a deposit to checking was a made then i would have a debit card ordered. I was told though you do need to have a certain credit score to have mobile deposits. So im not sure if the checking accounts are credit based or chexsystems based. There is shared branching available as well. If i dont get mobile deposits, thats fine. Theres lots of ways to fund it. you can apply at: https://www.thinkheartland.com/open-an-account/
  15. I made it alot farther with this account then in the past. Its still been open since 07/24/2020. I was able to make a small deposit, write a check, and use debit card. I even got the welcome letter. Usually by now i would be closed by now in the past. Hopefully i can make it a full 60 days.
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