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  1. I am like 435,236 in line, but you can move up 1000 spots a day by just tapping on the Robinhood debit card picture that tells you your place in line. I literally click it 1000 times a day lol lol.. I was 435, 896 in line at one time.
  2. Try First Commonwealth Bank... They are all over in PA. I live in Ohio and opened my personal account online and my business account in the branch. I am on Chexsystems and EWS both. They also just merged with some Santander branches in PA as well. www.fcbanking.com
  3. The green dot 3% cash back visa debit card comes with checks, its set up as the same platform as gobank.
  4. EWS removes entries 7 years from the date it was reported.
  5. I was able to open an account online. I applied on 6/27/19 and was approved on 07/01/19. My chexsystems is frozen as well. What I did to open it was I changed my Wells Fargo account address to my friends address in Grayslake IL and the Wells statement generated on Friday night and i uploaded the PDF to BCU and they accepted as for proof of eligibility but kept my residence address as my mailing address. But yes everything worked fine.
  6. I was denied for the U2 fresh start account
  7. I was denied today 06/03/2019 due to chexsystems
  8. I didnt know this until today. You can go to any Walmart cashier and tell them you want to add funds to your Woodforest Bank debit card. You tell the cashier to perform an action code 70 and then do a card reload. They swipe your Woodforest Bank debit card, and then hand the cashier the funds and then instantly your funds are available in your Woodforest Bank account. This is convenient if you dont live near a branch and or the branch is closed. This is done in the same manner as would load money on the GOBank or Bluebird type cards. I wonder how many other bank debit cards would work this way.
  9. Im from Ohio as well. What bank was it and what part of Ohio you from
  10. Unity National Bank, the branch in Troy, OH uses EWS. If you apply online, they use chexsystems.
  11. I will be the first one to admit, I have a horrible chexsystems record... I have been in chexsystems since 2006 and still to this day. I had bad business deals and partners go bad through out the years and so now I work solo. I have been able to open accounts while in chexsystems like at Woodforest National Bank, US Bank, 5/3 Bank, PNC Bank. small local credit unions. Most of the banks and the people who work there all know me really well due to the nature of my business and so they are all aware of my past banking and overlook it as I have managed these account for years with no problem. Another option is to try Washington Savings Bank in Lowell, MA as they offer rewards checking and can apply online. another one is Valley Bank of Helena in MT. They have an online application and i did business with them as well with no problem. One or 2 chex entries wont bar u forever from a bank. In fact some only go back 2-3 years.
  12. Depending on where you live, you can check out the list of banks that dont use chexsystems. Some banks will allow you to open an account if you can show proof that a prior debt was paid in full.. The negative reporting does stay on 5 years. You can also ask the reporting bank to update your chexsystems as paid. The only time individual accounts would be affected is if a bank would run a chex sweep, meaning that they would randomly run chexsystems to stay in compliance with federal guidelines. At that time, the bank decide to close the account for prior banking activity. Chase and a few others are known to do that.
  13. Please try www.fcbanking.com as they are overlooking chexsystems records at the moment. You can apply online and would need to fund the account at that time with a credit card/debit card or ACH through another bank account. I have a horrible chexsystems record myself and was able to get 3 accounts with them. They are located in Ohio and Indiana. But another person from Illinois from this forum was able to get an account.

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