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  1. Im not sure if they use anything. I am on chexsystems and EWS and so is my mother, she was approved as well.
  2. I came across SOFI Money account online and signed up with no issues, Banking portion is through the bancorp bank. https://www.sofi.com/money/. You get paper checks with this account, Deluxe prints them and you can reorder free checks directly from deluxe. You also get a debit mastercard. you are also able to do ACH transactions ( credits and debits ) and can do mobile deposits. I had spoken to a representative from SOFI and she advised this is not a prepaid card or prepaid product. I did get real bank checks and debit card in the mail.
  3. Update as of 04/22/2020: At 5:00PM PST i received an email from First Tech Fed and the business accounts were approved and opened. Took 7-8 days to process the application during the corona pandemic
  4. My ally account is still open. I have my card and checks already from Ally and have been using zelle. I like First Tech FCU as well because they offer Zelle. I am still waiting to have my business account opened at First tech, I emailed the application on 4/15/20. I wonder if First Tech thinks the credit report is frozen and not knowing the difference if its chexsystems or not. When you opened your accounts, was it all before the covid-19 stuff. I opened mine during this pandemic and have had long hold times and they are taking longer to process applications.
  5. Yes... First Tech. I just emailed the business account forms back. Do they send an email once that is approved, or do they call. I have only had the personal account opened 2 days now
  6. I was finally approved today, the Fraud Dept called me to verify my documents because of the issues new accounts was having retrieving and viewing the documents. They advised me all new account holders are under a 90 day limited restriction. Are you able to do mobile deposits, send money using zelle, etc. But yes my account was opened. How long did it take to get the business account opened. I already have application to fill out and send back.
  7. I got another update: They did turn me down, The email said that they were unable to verify my information in the application. I sent them the documents in clear color copy to their email. So i dont know what the issue is. Says to contact Experian. I was able to in the mean time while waiting for approval to get the account, i was able to get one at Park Community Credit Union. They use just a credit report. My score allowed me to get a regular account and not their 2nd chance account. only downfall with that bank, no shared branching or mobile deposits for 6 months. First Tech's application process takes way too long an the hold times take too long. Let me know how the business account opening goes. I cant even get a business account there now since Im not a member. They said I have to be a member already to open the business account.
  8. Now today, I received a secure email asking for a copy of ID front and back, SSN front and back, and copy of utility bill. I sent it back. Does this mean I will be approved or can it still be a no. They did call me today to advise the application wasnt denied as they looked at someone elses by mistake.
  9. Update : First Tech denied the application and said a letter will be mailed out. They didnt say why.
  10. I called Experian and got the alert removed. I then called First Tech to apply by phone, that was a nightmare. The rep doing the application kept saying i would get an email to finish it. I never did. I waited about 2 hours and no email. I re-applied online and called back to see what the status is. I was told i still have to wait atleast 3 business days for a decision. She said account opening is not instant even in a branch. She did reach out to new accounts and they verified the block was removed. The rep did say the would look at my credit report to make sure the info matches and then did say they will run a chexsystems report as well. Soon as that comes back froze, im sure it will be denied.
  11. i got denied at first tech because they said i have a fraud statement on my experian and i would need to call experian to remove the fraud alert and then i would have to reapply. so now i got to fool around removing that alert when i didnt even place it on there. she said i put it on there 03/19. she said my chexsystems wasnt the issue.
  12. did you get the review message as well
  13. Was you approved with a frozen chexsystems with First Tech. I applied with a frozen chexsystems and said its being reviwewd
  14. Low and behold i was able to open the savings account up. signed up with online banking, and was given routing and account number. I was also able to open the interest checking account as well. Thanks.. now do they use EWS or is it chexsystems, normally when declined, i had a chexsystems disclosure.
  15. i havent been able to open an account at Ally with a frozen chexsystems. I am always denied whether its frozen or not.

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