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  1. I had the same thing happen with I applied for an Amex Biz card (forgot which one). They took some of the $25,000 line from my personal Blue Cash to do it. I called and called nobody was able to help. They wanted tax forms to put my limit back to where it was & claimed I can't reallocate from personal to business. I finally got wise and stopped arguing with someone who was following a script. I closed the Biz card and then did a CLI request to get my $25,000 limit back on my BC.
  2. Could still lose money due to currency fluctuation though :/
  3. Fidelity Amex - flat 2% cashback Amex blue Cash - 5% on gas/groceries/drugs Citi Forward - 5% on restaurants/Amazon
  4. CB isn't the only place it's discussed so there's no point. Same thing with bumpage.
  5. Amex launched their Blue Cash Preferred card recently which is 6%/3%/3%/1% with no tiers on grocery/gas/department stores/all other. There is also the Penfed cashback card that gives 5% on all gas and CapOne just launched a 1.5% cashback card. Also still alive is Fideleity flat 2% Amex.
  6. Seems their needs to be another variable in these numbers. To say you had 7x your income but only make 5k a year doesn't amount to much but if you made a 100k a year then it would mean some thing. Seems their has to be a cutoff some where on what the max amount of credit a person can get. A few years ago companies gave out lines like candy and if there was any cutoff I never found it. About 70% of my limits were issued as business credit under my SSN. Those were mostly the cards I loaded up with 0% BTs to put the money in 5%+ savings. Since rates suck now (BT and savings) I have closed every business card I had.
  7. A few years ago I was pushing about 7x my income but I've since trimmed it back to about 3x my income.
  8. HSBC is selling their card operation to Capital One. I wonder if this has anything to do with it?
  9. I do the same thing. I have all my statements close on the 9th of each month - add in the 20 day grace period and I know they must be paid before the 29th. Very simple - I have ONE date to keep track of. I don't need reminders, a calendar, a 'system', etc. Changing your billing cycle dates is just a phonecall away!
  10. I think you need to understand the mechanism of E-Oscar. Over the years it has been discussed a great many times. You can write your dispute on a paper sack with colored spit, or just type it out, whether that dispute is scanned or actually read by a real live person, the dispute will be handled via the data furnishers' E-Oscar interface. I read on the e-Oscar that they have to put in 1 of 26 different codes. Does anyone know what the codes are? If so, what about disputing something there is no code for? Then it will be shoehorned into the closest match of the 26. People need to understand this key point: any dispute goes in as a code. If it cannot be OCRed, it goes overseas where a human looks at it and manually asigns it to one of the 26 categories - purple ink does nothing, glitter does nothing, cursive does nothing except make it more likely your dispute gets mis-categorized. It's just data entry. Nobody actaully looks at your dispute and investigates it. The only thing the people do who read it is catgorize so it can go into E-Oscar and verified.
  11. Nice writeup! I just wish that the newer members could see this and realize the 'crayons/teal ink on purple paper' does absolutely nothing but make your dispute more likely to be ignored.
  12. Discover fine print: Department stores are defined as retailers selling a wide variety of merchandise, with separate checkout counters in each department. Clothing stores are defined as stand-alone men's, women's and children's clothing retailers. Home improvement stores are defined as home supply retail stores, lumber/building material stores, paint/wallpaper stores, hardware stores and lawn and garden supply centers. Purchases made at warehouse clubs or discount stores are not eligible. If a purchase is coded for a category other than those listed above, it will not qualify.
  13. Finally! I use my cards so often that I stopped using the ones that don't show pending charges. I've basically limited myself to Amex and BOA for everyday spending but now I might break out Chase again.
  14. You need to use LMCU's debit card, not somebody else's. thanks, but that answer sounds so short and smug that perhaps you don't know how the paypal debit card works)...right now i have my bank account linked to my paypal debit card. when i use my paypal debit card, it then pulls the money out of my bank account - in other words, it's basically the same thing as using my bank debit card, just takes an extra day or two. hence, why i asked if they'd count that as debit transactions (since they count ACH transfers as direct deposit)...i didn't think it was an unreasonable question, as someone else also asked it earlier in the thread. if you weren't being smug and i'm just reading too much into it, i apologize...it's late and i'm tired lol Yes, you are reading too much into it:) The transaction needs to be processed my LMCU on their network - They get a cut of the fees which helps them offer 4%. When you do that with PayPal they run the debit and then issue an ACH pull from your LMCU account to cover the funds. It will not count as LMCU had nothing to do with the debit card transaction.

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