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  1. Beginning 2019 in best shape ever with guidance and advice from CB members: -Added over 200K in CL; plan to add another 50K via 1 more card and CLIs -Utilization under 5%; plan to have it remain in the 1-5% range -All 3 FICO scores 805-810; plan to be 825 or better before 2020 -Appreciative of all of the wisdom from CB members -Hoping I can give something back of value to you all
  2. New app to BOA (1st BOA card, 20K CL). 2 point dip on EX score; was my 1st INQ in last 13 months. I'll report back if there is a score decrease when the new account actually begins reporting (expecting that will be in Jan); my EX score might be impacted (potential score increase) by a mortgage account that will pass 1 year age.
  3. Thanks. Apping the Aviator Red today, and discussing Citi Exec as well. Regarding EQMs and EQDs, what thinking drove you to change course. We are looking at making the majority of our air travel on AA and SWA, so knowing how best to leverage the AA plan is of strong interest. Appreciate your guidance and insights.
  4. Yes, sorry, American Airlines. Trying to determine which card is best based on users experience. Looking at the Citi and Barclays versions at the moment, but open to all/other options that make sense.
  5. CV, you seem to be an expert on AA, am I correct? What's the best card to get to optimize AA in your opinion?
  6. Groundbreaking. I had not ever heard nor thought of any of these strategies before...
  7. Goals are: - Asia trip in '19 - More travel (DW getting SWA cards for companion), improve status on all majors - Leverage all of our joint spend, esp travel and dining (cashback, miles, points; using chase Amazon card for AMZN spend, think that area is solved unless there is a better idea) - Retire SUBs with big ticket spends (direct with card or using plastiq) Being ready for nearly anything by: - reach aggregate 300K in total CL (arbitrary number, 100K away); having CL but not needing it vs needing it and not having it... - keep FICOs over 820; minimal incremental value aside from bragging and pride above that, unless someone knows otherwise
  8. Thanks, had seen the reddit thread before. While I did review it, I did not read it thoroughly, including the links. Shame on me. Super useful part with great guidance is: https://www.reddit.com/r/churning/comments/819r08/list_of_antichurning_rules/ Appreciate your post.
  9. Apped with Chase. Ink business card. Declined. Spoke with UW, "too many new cards (6) in last 2 years". 810 FICOs, 0 INQs last 12 months, <5% total utilization with 225K in CL (14 cards, 5 in use, all under 10% utilization), and 0 negative factors. Did open 6 cards in last 13-15 months. 3 do have balances (PIF each month) totaling a whopping - wait for it - $1K. Ready to go to Amex, unless anyone has some different guidance ...
  10. CLI on Barclays. Waited 13 months. Had to take a HP from TU. Initiated online. Had followup call 3 days later. Spoke directly with underwriter. Answered couple of questions to validate capacity to service and motivation to request CLI. Approved immediately from 3K to 10K. TU score over 800
  11. Will know in a few days. I drop 2 INQs from EX, 4 from TU, and 2 more by mid Dec from Q. Will report back with results of X and T by early next week.
  12. Just gained 8 points on EXP FICO. Lift due to AAOA passing the 6Y 6M mark? No other changes evident. 4% util, and awaiting 2 INQs to drop over next 2 weeks.
  13. Hilarious. You've jumped into the red zone, as I'm heading out. 10 days until 0 INQs for last 12M. FICO took a hit, but It was worth it: got paid $1K + points to get 6 new cards and > $100K in CL. 10 more days and all FICOs back to ~ 825. Not breathing the thin 850 air like you, but happy with 825s ... Rather sure your home is quite safe.
  14. CV, Is Chase that tough (stingy?) with CLIs? Last I called, they indicated a HP, with no commitment to getting an increase. Am I hearing your inference correctly: better to do a new app and reallocate that line to other existing Chase cards in your portfolio that to request a CLI?
  15. No Disc or BOA. CLI on 2 Citi cards in a few weeks.

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