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  1. Called Hitachi earlier this year and they told me they only work directly with dealers.
  2. Does the filing with the secretary of state show a mailing address? If it does i'd say use that one or the address that where you receive the business' mail. Like IRS tax letters and stuff like that. Then for for the personal address look at your personal credit reports and make sure you're address is there as that's the way they'll check to see if that address matches.
  3. Yep, the government always wins. I haven't had any late payments through my business credit, so i'm not sure what the process is for dealing with those.
  4. If it's not under your business name or EIN then it should be easy to remove. I emailed businessdisputes@experian.com a copy of my credit report with the items that were wrong circled. Less than a month later I received an email that said that the items were removed and I was able to access my updated credit report to verify that everything was removed properly.
  5. Find a dealer that has a commercial department that knows what it's doing. If you're going to PG it with those scores and UTIL you'll be fine. Make sure that the applicant is your corporation and that you are just the personal guarantor. If they make you a co-applicant then it'll show up on your personal credit, and if they don't make you a co-applicant and just a personal guarantor then it won't show up on your personal credit. Build up your business credit a bit and then you won't have to PG your next business vehicle
  6. Not sure exactly which one reports to them but its either quill or supplyworks. Also my business cell phone plan with AT&T reports to them as well.
  7. Almost 2 year old company (Incorporated at the end of July 2016) that started building business credit last month. Agriculture and Trucking business Had received an invite letter from Capital One Spark Business in May. June 3 2018: APPLY & APPROVED for Capital One Spark Visa Signature Visa card PG (did not even know what PG was at the time). That week I start doing research and start to read up on business credit. June 12 2018: APPLY for DUNS number. 411 with listyourself.net June 13 2018: Receive DUNS number. APPLY & APPROVED for Uline Net 30 June 14 2018: APPLY & APPROVED for Quill Net 30 APPLY & APPROVED for Seton Net 30 APPLY for Grainger (I think?) June 17 2018: APPLY for SupplyWorks over the phone June 18 2018: APPROVED for SupplyWorks Net 30 June 20 2018: APPLY for Pilot Flying J Fleet Fuel Card NO PG APPROVED for Grainger (I think?) June 21 2018: APPROVED for Pilot Flying Fleet Account NO PG $7500 w/13 cent discount off cash price July 2 2018: APPLY for Valero Fleet Credit Card NO PG APPLY for O'reilly First Call Credit NO PG APPLY for Loves Express Credit NO PG July 3 2018: APPLY & DENIED for BREX card. (Could be because I selected an account with a smaller balance during the setup process. Sent email for clarification) Have ordered form Uline, Quill, SupplyWorks, Seton. No idea what the credit limits are for those accounts. Won't get Cap 1 statement until 45 days after opened. Nothing on my DnB except for 1 inquiry. Pilot Flying J cards will start being used this week. Any tips and tricks are appreciated

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