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  1. So my credit profile has changed. The bad loan is gone. New cards. Higher limits. But Credit One is still there. I'm holding on to it basically because it's helping my AAOC or at least that's what I thought. But if it's really seen as credit herpes (as I just read in another thread) and is hurting my chances of getting some action with creditors... I'm reading that I should dump it. But it will still be on my report. So, even if it's closed, for what...10 years, I'll still have undesirable credit????
  2. OK. As illustrated below, I have this ugly account sitting on my report. it's the original creditor. I don't receive any collections activity from them or any 3rd party collectors. The thing is... that ugly patchy payment history is false. To what extent, I can't remember, but I know for sure no payment was made in 2015. I think the last one may have really been in 2012..MAYBE 2013. They're obviously reporting false info to re-age the account. If I send them a debt validation letter and they don't show conclusive evidence of these payments being made, don't they have to remove this account from my report? Are they obligated by law to validate?
  3. Congrats on your progress! And thanks for the advice. I do tend to read about the approvals and sky high limits =]. But I'm getting a lot of good common sense feedback here. I haven't even looked at the budget threads. I think I will dive into that info tonight.
  4. Not a total fan either, but I probably could use some of his strategy for getting out of debt.... but the way things have popped up in my life and with my goals, I find sometimes I have to juggle and make some short term choices that may not be ideal. Anyway, whatever my finances look like, I still have to do my best to work on my credit. In renting an apartment or whatever and there's a minimum credit score, having a strict budget and a little emergency fund isn't going to help me if I don't have a qualifying score. I have to work on both concurrently.
  5. Disco (500) - bal: 446.40 Cap 1 (850) - bal: 831.48 Wells (600) - bal: 0.00 Cred1 (550) - bal: 542.40 I wasn't including the installment loans. & yeah, I'm hemorrhaging money every month with that loan 😬.
  6. Does anybody have experience with this company? It seems to me like it's the Latino version of Fingerhut or Gettington. As such, is it a garbage trade line(subprime)? I've received offers from the 3 of them and haven't accepted any of them yet. The limits for Curacao seem to be higher than for Fingerhut or Gettington. It seemed like a decent offer.
  7. I'm at about 72% credit utilization right now. I actually have 2 installment loans, one with LendUp for $600 (paid down to about $400). The other with LoanMe for $6600, after several months paid down to $6400 (80% interest 🙃). I have an account with LAHFCU. I was denied a loan once with them due to my experian report not looking so pretty. I hope to try again to get a better loan to get rid of the LoanMe loan... I thought I would have been able to pay that one down by now. My scores are EX: 613, EQ: 642, TU: 667 I've asked around but no one I've asked has had a credit card long in good standing with a good limit. Looks like I may end up being that guy first. So, I think what I should be doing is getting my card balances to zero except for the one. I have a couple negatives I still need to challenge. I think that should get me into the 700 club... then I'll apply for navyfed and a couple other decent cards... at which point, i'll get the neck tattoo removed.
  8. So I have a Credit One card and recently got a CLI bump on it so I'm up to $550, but after reading some posts here, I'm hearing that it looks bad to have it. I don't necessarily need it because I have a Cap 1 Platimun ($850), a Wells Fargo ($600 secured) &, a Discover IT ($500 secured). The Credit One is the youngest of all the cards, only a year old. I had another credit one card about a decade ago that charged off and a weird thing happened. After months of paying on time with this new card, the old account reports as closed, but with 2 years of all positive payment history. I'm grateful for that... don't know how it happened, but cool. So I got this new card just to boost my overall credit, but now I'm thinking that was a mistake(except for the change in reporting of the older account). I understand that when I close it, it will remain a "stain" on my account for 10 years. Is it that big of a deal, though? Can somebody give me some examples of how having it there can affect my credit... score, chances of approval for credit, credit limits... etc.? Will closing the account make much difference in the short term since it will still be a stain?
  9. Thanks for responding, cv91915. They are actually incorrect. My scores are in the mid to low 60s. I've been working on the rebuilding part of my credit by making on time payments to 4 low limit cards for the past couple years, but I have a child support agency reporting 60 days late March/April which is incorrect. I paid the other party directly since I changed employers and we documented it through the process they told me to go though, but they still haven't given me credit. I wrote them about the issue and they have since closed the account, but the 60 day lates are still there. The other issue is a credit card charge off that isn't reporting consistently across CRAs and it's reporting incorrectly regarding payments, which resets the SOL..... I hired a credit repair company in 2016 and my reports say that this is reported accurately according to the FDCRA? (I forget the acronym)... There's another item from an insurance company that I question it's validity. I intended to dispute that as well. The rest is medical.
  10. I haven't wanted to ask any questions here because I know most of my answers are probably in the archives somewhere and I don't want to be a nuisance, but I spend so much time reading and haven't taken any action because I'm stuck with these questions, so here it goes... Sorry in advance if these questions have been answered a little too much.... When sending in dispute letters, does it matter how many items you include? Should I dispute everything I have an issue with in one letter or should I stagger them? Also, is it wise to send letters to all CRA's at the same time or should that be staggered and if so, what's the best timing? I also plan to use the WhyChat Hipaa method to deal with the medical collections... can that be done concurrently with the non-medical disputes?
  11. Hello! New member here. I've known about this board for a while (years probably) and I've researched credit repair over the years but I'm finally going from knowing about to really knowing through doing. So, I'm here again, this time as a member and not a lurker. Thanks to you all who shared your experiences and methods and left the trail to follow.

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