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  1. The trailer belongs to the dealership. It has never belonged to a customer. The dealership keeps claiming it as a trade in for various customers to show they have given something of value when they havent.
  2. Lol! Thanks so much for that feedback. Do you happen to know what laws that is breaking? Would it be the dealership in violation who is submitting the loan for consideration and the customer who is signing at the end thinking the dealership is just doing it to help them out? Also, what do you think about a dealership recycling a trade in (of a trailer - no VIN) as a way to show that customer has skin in the game when the trailer was never owned by the customer and is not actually a trade in?
  3. It seems you are the man to ask, so Im hoping you can advise. Is it legal for a dealership to claim a person is putting money down on both submission to bank for lending and final purchase documents when the buyer is not actually putting anything down (& neither dealer or buyer plan to ever collect or pay this)? Many Thanks!!

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