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  1. Thanks MarvBear ; That Helps A TON !!! I Appreciate Your input !! Where can i get insight into Mercedes /Daimler commercial underwriting 'guidelines/requirements'. i am dealing with a Mercedes dealer that has a commercial van (Sprinter) office on site. Really want to go in prepared to increase approval odds...... Already Inc. with state, appx . 9 tradelines ( 6 on D&B , 3 on Experian) reporting with 80 D&B Paydex score ....
  2. Hello Fellow CBers' Does Anyone have experience Financing a Mercedes Benz Sprinter thru the Mercedes Dealer?? I need and Appreciate ANY Info/Advise on the process. I Have a fairly New Business (10 months) where the Sprinter will be 100% "Business Use" and would like to buy the vehicle in company name with myself as a personal guarantor OR co-buyer. Basically need Daimler Financial 'guidelines/requirements'; So that I can have everything in order prior to applying. Salesman does Not give me any info until I do the application/paperwork (OR he may not even know)…... Anyone f
  3. THANKS EricGrant043 !!! Do You Know what determines If they pull BOTH EQ and EX ???
  4. Hello Fellow CreditBoard 'ers' I have 2 Personal Chase Credit Cards (Southwest Visa AND Hyatt Visa) Both are about 9 Moths old. Now I would like to Apply for Chase 'Ink' Business Card OR the other Chase BUSINESS Card.... My specific Question Is; Does Chase Business Card Use the actual FICO score from the Credit Agency (such as Experian, TransUnion, Equifax); OR do they Use the "Vantage Score" that they Provide when You access your checking,savings, Or credit card Info?? My vantage scores as provided Free with my Chase account Info is Quite Less then the scores i Rece
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