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  1. My FH account JUST graduated from an Installment loan to credit with a $400 limit. The only other negatives are 1 30 day late on a secured loan from almost 2 years ago. Also 2 accounts in collections that I didn't know about until recently, but both are medical and under $100. I've paid both in full but it hasn't shown up on my report yet. I'm going to try a GW letter. It definitely can't hurt to try. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  2. I plan on calling them Monday to find out. Was sent an email saying I could review the reason why, but when I logged in there was nothing there. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  3. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say this but I'm 32 years old and up until about 7 months ago I didn't know, or care anything about my credit or credit in general(i know, don't ask). Anyway, I got behind on my real estate loan and because I was ignorant about the effects it was having on my credit, I stayed behind for almost two years. If i would have prioritized my budget i could have easily caught up after my first 30 day late but I didn't because, well, i was an salamander. So here's the deal. I had a rude awakening when 8-9 months ago when I needed a loan to help cover the costs of a surgery and was denied. I was sent a letter saying I was denied because my credit score was 528.. Since then I have become obsessed with my credit score. I've managed to raise my fico8 score to 630ish across the board just by getting caught up on my real estate loan, getting a vehicle financed by capital one auto, and opening a finger hut account. (I previously had no revolving credit). Two weeks ago I applied for a capital one secured credit card and was initially pre approved, but when I went through with the application I got denied. My question is, how long will my string of late payments haunt me? Mind you, I've been caught up for the last 8 months and have no baddies other than a string of late payments for almost 2 years. How long before creditors stop looking at my old late payment history and see that I'm making my payments on time and have become serious with my finances and credit? Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
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