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  1. shifter Looking at the situation in its entirety. Your thoughts are that it could be a hindrance. Would you recommend cancelling until the end of the application process? Adding the new primary account will bring down the AAOA to 3 years as opposed to 3.5, but the CL will go up to a total of $60,000.
  2. cashnocredit That's good info. Especially knowing they will consider "income you have a reasonable expectation of access to". I've heard other variables could include the actual length of employment as well. With only au's not sure what the outcome will be, trying to dot the i's and cross the t's first. Recently opened a "my jewelers club account with a $5,000 limit, only spent $150 on it, hoping that will help the situation. But it's a new account, so the average AAOA altogether (if they include aus) will be about 3 years.
  3. Big Bear Actually I hear that banks that use FICO 08 models will ignore aus.
  4. mendelssohn Those are pretty good limits. Did it take you awhile to get there?
  5. shifter -I see what you're saying. Some say that it's possible to get to higher CLs and better APR's with good AU's, not to mention rewards. However if waiting and paying it on time over time is the only option then so be it. I've also heard that with good income sometimes you can recon, but this may be a situation where patience comes in handy. Thx for the feedback. Creditmaze-Thx for the info.
  6. Shifter: That may not be a bad idea, as I have heard that some of those CU's offer ridiculous APR's as well. Konrad: Utilization is the primary focus, with being able to have more spending power.
  7. Konrad2012-I see. Yes they are all showing. I created another post earlier: what i'm hearing is that the FICO 08 scoring model does not recognize AU's. I also have heard that all of these places recognize AU's and thin files, and give decent limits: Alliant CU Nasa Federal CU Tower Federal CU Logix CU Digital CU
  8. Shifter- That's funny, but in actuality some credit unions do give high limits. Even up to $50k in some cases. I'm hearing that the banks that use the Fico 08 scoring model do not recognize AU's. Have you heard anything on that?
  9. In respects to premium Credit Cards, does anyone know which banks/credit unions use the Fico 8 model, and which ones do not? Sent from my Z981 using Tapatalk
  10. Konrad2012-That's really good info, thank you. I am strongly considering the Amex Blue Cash now as a starting point. Was going to go with Chase first because of the 5/24 but may have to switch plans now. What do you mean when you say a registering FICO? Credit Karma says 735, does that count? What is an OP? Also, when your wife was approved was her income over k? I understand if that infos personal. Shifter-That's food for thought. Thank you for the info on NFCU, I hear they are pretty lenient. What is a UW?
  11. NeoEnzo, that's good information. I hear that Credit Unions on one hand are more lenient, but on the other hand I hear that many ignore AU's. Not sure how much of that is true. ronsetoe, thanks i'm curious as to what is mendelssohn's DW? Is that another account user? Also what were the cl's with your 18 year old and which banks approved her? There are 3 AU's listed: 1/ $10,300 limit 2/ $25,700 limit 3/ $19,000 limit Was hoping to get a couple with $25,000 limits. Income= $120k
  12. I am wondering if there are any premium credit cards we can get approved for with Authorized User only. Needing something with a higher limit. Credit score is a 735 with 1 hard inquiry, no bad accounts, 10% utilization, 3 years AAOA.
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