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  1. Thank you so much, WhyChat. Will check in a month!
  2. Hello again, WhyChat. Account still showing on EQ. Received a letter direct from the actual collection agency (Medical Revenue Service) stating: We are in receipt of your letter of dispute and request for verification pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Please be advised we have reviewed your dispute and concluded your account is paid in full. Therefore, we have ceased collection of this account. Additionally, we have requested that the information we furnished to the Credit Report Agencies on the account be updated to reflect the account has been paid in full. Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to conatc us at the number listed below. " It is hand signed by a "Support Clerk". Are there next steps to follow?
  3. Thanks so much, WhyChat! Sounds like there is still hope. How do I check via "back door"? Sorry, I'm not sure I entirely understand what that means or how to do it after doing a search for "back door" here on forum.
  4. After sending the dispute letters I finally (!!) heard back from all the CRA's. Good news and not so good news. EXP and TU completely deleted the 2013 $126 Paid medical collection. (Woot!!). However, EQ did not. The letter says they have "Updated" the information. Specifically, "The information you disputed has been updated and verified as accurate." What I see is that the Status Date & Balance Date now says 8/2018. Date of First Delinquency still says 8/2012. The letter says: We contacted the company reporting the information to Equifax for them to investigate your dispute. In this situation: We requested that the reporting company verify the accuracy of the information you disputed. We provided them with any relevant information and supporting documentation you provided us with the dispute to consider as part of the investigation; and we requested that they send Equifax a response to your dispute and update tehir records and systems, as necessary. If your dispute involves a public record item, Equifax contacts a third party vendor to obtain the most recent status of the public record". (I received no information about any third party, information that was exchanged between EQ and a third party, or verification of any kind). My next step, WhyChat? Can you explain why EXP & TU deleted but EQ has balked? Thanks!
  5. Yes, I followed the first link. Will proceed to the second step. Thanks!
  6. WhyChat, I've heard back from the 3 CRA's regarding disputing addresses: Equifax removed all addresses except my current address. (Yay!) TU didn't remove any addresses. The updated Exp report I was sent in response to my letter doesn't show any old addresses were removed and, in fact, now contains addresses that were not on the original report I sent in with my letter. (Huh?) Next step? Thank you in advance for your help, WhyChat.
  7. I have a $126 "Paid" collection dated Nov 2013 on my credit reports. If it is relevant, I'm not sure if I paid directly to the CA ("Med Data Sys") or directly to the hospital. I am wanting to know what steps I can take at this point. I've read through WhyChat's links (geez, what an awesome resource!) but I am still unsure exactly what I need to do. It seems like I could send the wrong letters (or in the wrong order) and screw things up. Thanks in advance for any help!

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