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  1. Good to know. Here's hoping we're done with them! These two were the last of the medical collections for my husband. I'm looking forward to never having to worry about this business again. I really can't thank you enough for putting together your guide and answering our questions. I know we'll save a ton over the life of our mortgage since his scores have rebounded to the upper 700s...well enough to get some of the best interest rates with our lender. So seriously, thanks!
  2. Okay, so some weird things have happened since my original post. First, I haven't received a letter from Equifax yet, but Credit Karma is reporting the collection has been deleted. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it looks like Why Chat's method worked like a charm for both TU and EQ. Here's where things got weird. Sometime after I started this post, a JDB Phoenix Financial bought up his other old unpaid medical collection for $1129. (They must have bought it up before I did the opting out for this other collection.) DOFD on it was 11/2011. I got the Dunning letter, but then decided to just wait since it hadn't hit the credit bureaus yet. I was thinking maybe they wouldn't bother since it would be removed from the reports this November (as in four months) anyway. Well, wrong, they reported it to all three at end of June. So having already had this original collection deleted off TU, I just went for the quick early exclusion dispute with Transunion and Experian. TU deleted, Experian updated that they would delete in August 2018 (as in next month). Well today, again according to Credit Karma, it shows that Equifax deleted both collections, even though I never disputed the second one (Phoenix Financial). Again, not trying to get my hopes up, but weird that they would just delete without a dispute. I had already prepared the HIPAA letter to send to Equifax for this second one, but I guess now I don't have to. And strangely Experian also appears to have deleted, a week after they updated that they wouldn't delete until August. So I'm not sure what's going on. I guess it's possible that Phoenix sold it again to someone else, but seeing as how they just sent me the Dunning notice, that sure did change hands very quickly. They didn't even get a month's credit reporting out of it. Don't worry, I went back and opted out again after messing with the follow-up online disputes. Either way, our mortgage lender is running our credit a final time in September. I'm praying for no more surprises between now and then.
  3. Just received notification that TransUnion has removed the collection. Thank you, Why Chat! Still waiting on word from Equifax...fingers crossed.
  4. I would have opted-out pre-mortgage if I knew there was such a thing. Honestly I've always had stellar credit, and always paid my bills. I've never had anything go to collections. My husband, however, was not the most responsible person with his credit before we met, so I worked hard to help him clean it up. I had no idea a small medical collection would get passed around like a trading card. But yeah, lesson definitely learned. And since I took over our finances four years ago, there's been nothing new. Looking forward to not having to worry about these issues at all in three more years. I just wanted to make sure we still had a chance with the HIPAA process. I will send out the letters to EQ and TU on Monday, and post back when I have more. Thanks, Why Chat.
  5. My husband and I are building a house, to be completed in December. We already received approval for our mortgage, which has now been underwritten and fully approved. (Just how their preferred lender likes to do it.) They will have to pull new credit reports in late Septemberish. Since our initial application, a medical collection from 2013 that had disappeared from my husband's credit report has reappeared, and has now tanked his mortgage scores by about 65 points. Ouch. We really need it gone to get the good conventional rates we were looking at. After it hit his report, he called and spoke to the collection agency...this would have been about a month ago. He first challenged them saying this was a duplicate collection to one we did a PFD for with another collection agency a month prior. They said it is not (and didn't offer any proof of that assertion, either). He asked if they would do a PFD (It's only $276 and we just wanted it gone), and they refused. All of this happened on the phone. We have not spoken to them since then, have not spoken to the original creditor, and have not filed any disputes with a CRA yet. Can we still use the HIPAA process? I have what...three months before the scores will have to be pulled again, and I want it gone. I'm hoping we still have a chance here.

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