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  1. Chewychew1

    Help with next steps

  2. Chewychew1

    Help with next steps

    So I have 2 paid charge off accounts from chase reporting on all three CRA reports. Both accounts have an incorrect last name, address, and phone number. I have called the CRA's and removed all name variations, wrong addresses, and phone numbers. What is the best way to dispute these charge-off accounts now that they aren't linked to any correct names/addresses/phone numbers on my reports?
  3. Chewychew1

    Dispute timeline

    Thanks Mendelssohn
  4. Chewychew1

    Dispute timeline

    I called Equifax to get old addresses removed and just got an email confirmation that they are deleted. How long should I wait before disputing negative tradelines attached to those old addresses that were removed?
  5. Chewychew1

    Chase Charge-Off

    They are 2 years old. I'm in CA and SOL here is 4 years. I'd prefer to settle now than wait it out. Plus I'd like to apply for a mortgage at the end of the year.
  6. I'm curious about this as well.
  7. Chewychew1

    Chase Charge-Off

    Well I spoke to chase today and settled the two accounts for 12% of the original amount. They want my checking account info. Should I instead mail them a cashiers check?
  8. Chewychew1

    What is Alliant CU known to be good for?

    My wife got a car loan from them with a pretty good APR.
  9. Chewychew1

    Best way to build up girlfriends credit

    Yeah I agree definitely add her as an AU on a few accounts.
  10. Chewychew1

    How do I get "hard copy" / Paper credit reports?

    Can you just freeze LN instead?
  11. Chewychew1

    Chase Charge-Off

    So no way to get them removed? If I pay in full will Chase let me back in or am I blacklisted?
  12. Chewychew1

    Chase Charge-Off

    Hi guys, I have two charge-off accounts with Chase that I'd like to PFD. Can anyone who has had success with this please PM me the Chase Exec Office Email address to send my PFD offer? Thank you!

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