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  1. Thank you all for your replies!
  2. Thanks a lot for the info, very useful. BTW, the Credit Issuer is DSRM Bank/Valero Gas card.
  3. Yes I guess you can call it thin! I will get the report from TU as you correctly suggested. Thank you.
  4. Thanks guys for replying back. It is a good account, up to date. I just contacted the credit issuer and they knew exactly what it is! They decided to report monthly file update to only Equifax from Feb, 2019, hence the file removal on TransUnion and probably Experian as he said only "TransUnion! Where & how I get the lost "50" points, I really wouldn't know?
  5. Hi guys, This morning I checked my "Credit Karma" account to check my "TransUnion" credit file & Score but to my total surprise the TransUnion Score dived "50" points ! When investigated, I found out that one of my "Good Standing" Charge accounts(Gas Card)has been "Removed" from my file, hence the 50 points dive! I really don't know how to resolve this, any help, suggestion is much appreciated. Thank you for looking.

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