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  1. This post cause me to try again as well, and I am able to pull now too! Thanks serenity! (no thanks to MPM!)
  2. Ok so WE as consumers have 30 days to respond to them (I think this is what I was thinking about and got it twisted), but once we do that they can take as long as they want to get back in touch with us?
  3. Got a notice from RJM dated 1/22/10 saying I owe something. I DV'ed RJM back in February, and I have proof that they received received it on 2/5/10. Today I get a response form them, postmarked 3/19/10. So since they missed the 30-day mark to get me the information I requested, do they have any further right to continue collection activities? Currently they do not show on my reports.
  4. A rep finally called me back yesterday. Asked me to log in and send her a screenshot of the error. i did and she called me back today indicating that the technicians "fixed" the issue. Sure, I'm thinking. So she asks me to try to log in and see if I can get my report. I do, and LO and BEHOLD! I can't. Yet again. So I send her basically the same screenshot, and I assume that she will be in touch. Back to the drawing board. At least I'll be getting a free month out of this.
  5. A hard inquiry on TU is like a temporary tattoo in a box of Cracker Jack. Well, in the old days at least, lol.
  6. REAL killers: 1. Banks 2. Collection Agencies 3. Lenders 4. Credit bureaus 5. The tooth fairy
  7. Don't feel bad, I'm still in the same boat with you! It's been 24-48 hours and nothing has changed. Same "temporary issue."
  8. Ask GEORGE I think he is very familiar with AMEX blacklisting!! Look 6 posts up...
  9. If it went out of business, you should be able to dispute it and get the TL removed.
  10. HOTiojones? Good one Bob! Tried again this morning, but according to The Secret, what you think and believe will come true. So I didn't think or believe that anything would change, thus it did not. So I guess in the end it is my fault because I did not believe. CCT is flawless, of course. Question: what does everyone do with their reports? Do you print them, or just view them to create bumpage? I print mine to PDF so I can have a record of what clears and when.
  11. BS. He wanted to have the sex change anyway, that was just a lame excuse to justify it to the world.
  12. Just called in, talked with customer service, she is supposed to forward the problem to technical support and her supervisor. There is an obvious issue with my account because: My e-mail address does not appear when I click on the tab I cannot view the report I pulled on the 12th, only the report on the 14th They cannot even pull up my account w/ the member number, only the social [rant] What these people fail to understand is that they are in the customer service business. I for one hate having to give out all of my information to 4-5 different representatives, and at the end of that, they cannot help me. I might as well get paid to log in to their system and find out what's wrong with my account, because you have to explain it to these dimwits like they are in kindergarten. If these companies cannot adequately train reps to do their jobs, or if they don't know what they are doing, they need to find another business to be in. [/rant]
  13. SINCE WHEN IS RE-AGE LEGAL Since the OP sends in -- or wants to send in payments, he will be restarting the clock legally every month. I know you know this G!!
  14. That's awesome! I wonder how much commission he gets off that?? ETA: nevermind, here's the info (I would like to know some examples though):
  15. So you want to re-age your debt by the month??!

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